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March 1[edit]

March 2[edit]

March 3[edit]

March 4[edit]

March 5[edit]

March 6[edit]

Great Hall of the People

March 7[edit]

The Central Intelligence Agency.

March 8[edit]

The Peruvian flag.

March 9[edit]

Food poisoning in the Philippines

March 10[edit]

Flag of Hong Kong

March 11[edit]

Private airline service begins in China

March 12[edit]

Jesse James Hollywood captured
"Chess is life in miniature. Chess is battles, chess is struggles." - Garry Kasparov

March 13[edit]

Pope John Paul II returns to the Vatican

March 14[edit]


March 15[edit]

"Anti-invasion" laws proposed in Taiwan

March 16[edit]

Gordon Brown (file)

March 17[edit]

Italian parliamentarians call for global summit

March 18[edit]

Broadband penetration increasing in Ireland

March 19[edit]

Emile Lahoud
Texas representative proposes to outlaw 'sexy' cheerleading

March 20[edit]

Lebanon's opposition holds Syria responsible for Beirut explosion
Explosion kills 17 miners in northern China; 52 missing

March 21[edit]

Kofi Annan unveils UN reform plan
DeLorean's namesake car was made famous in the movie Back to the Future

March 22[edit]

U.S. Federal Reserve raises interest rates
Black jaguars are also known to exist.
The school is located in a remote area of Minnesota
India's first moon mission attempt

March 23[edit]

A seal, photo by Jason L. Buberal
Google announced the Code project in San Diego, California.
U.S. federal marshals seize killer beds on behalf of the FDA
NASA's Spitzer space telescope views alien worlds
Gas With a Smile

March 24[edit]

Dublin has the highest level of disposable income in Ireland
Chili was still on the menu as the restaurant closed for the evening.

March 25[edit]

Pope John Paul II unable to lead Good Friday mass in Rome (file)
Massive rally planned for Saturday in Taiwan
Investigation in Brazil

March 26[edit]

Walkout averted in Canada
Tanzania's flag
An F-16 fighter jet, taking off
Scale for human to T-Rex

March 27[edit]

Kyrgyz parliamentary conflict deepens
File image of cricket ball
Was the finger raw or cooked?

March 28[edit]

ISS Zvezda module
NOAA map of quake epicenter
Seven U.S. soldiers have been killed this year in Afghanistan.
New Zealand Labour Party announces 'early election' list

March 29[edit]

Laura Bush takes a quick trip to Afghanistan
Lorry drops thirteen tonnes of fish in British town
Japanese beef consumers have presented a petition to bring back American beef.
Israeli parliament rejects disengagement referendum

March 30[edit]

Taiwan Nationalists leader visits Beijing
New Zealand praised by NATO Secretary General
UN Secretary General Annan cleared of influencing oil-for-food contracts

March 31[edit]

Maine passes gay rights law
Voting in Zimbabwe starts amid accusations of rigged outcome
Dresden city council wants DNA matching for doggy-doo
Pressure building on Myanmar to decline ASEAN chair