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April 1

Bus drivers to strike in Auckland

April 2

Pope John Paul II dies
Australia, NATO enhance ties
Fourth Lebanon bomb rocks shopping mall

April 3

Al Qaeda claims responsibility for attack
Chinese protesters smash up Japanese market
Armed militia gathers on Arizona's Mexico border zone

April 4

MPAA's Valenti signs Betamax tapes for EFF protesters as Grokster case continues in US Supreme Court
13 pilot whales returning to sea, off Western Australia

April 5

Chiang Kai-chek, former President of China and Taiwan died thirty years ago today.
Owner of Wendy's chili finger still not found
UK Prime Minister sets 2005 General Election date
China censors, arrests Catholics in wake of Pope's death

April 6

Guesthouse holding bus passenger burns after attack source: Voice of America
Monaco flag large.png
North American citizens dealt passport requirement
Bomb explodes on historic Kashmir bus route

April 7

Ethiopia plans to expand country's Internet access
Space shuttle Discovery photographed from ISS
In the above file illustration, the long yellow portion at the upper right represents the skyway of the new $1.5 billion Bay Bridge span.
St. Peter's Basilica Facade, Rome, June 2004

April 8

Funeral of Pope John Paul II takes place

April 9

Chinese rioters storm Japanese embassy in Beijing
Bush EPA nominee abandons insecticide-on-children study after Senate hearing
63423main wiggles wave flip h.jpg
Angola: Marburg virus still spreading, 180 dead

April 10

FDA recalls "Mama's" brand smoked salmon
Anti-Japan protests spread to more Chinese cities
Hard drive breaks storage density record

April 11

Sesame Street to promote healthy lifestyles. Image:jam343 on Flickr
Las Vegas 'chili finger' woman has history of lawsuits
Romania's EU accession treaty has been published on the Internet

April 12

US Capitol building
KLM Boeing 737. The flight returned en-route to Mexico was actually a 747.

April 13

Cheaper version of Windows XP launched in Brazil
A new treaty settles long time border disputes between China and India.
The European Parliament approved the Accession Treaties of Romania and Bulgaria
Four Romanian ambassadors recalled by President Băsescu

April 14

China calls Japan's gas drilling plan 'a serious provocation'

April 15

Two astronauts blast off to their new home--International Space Station
Multi-agency team w fugitive.jpg
Food and Drug Administration logo.png

April 16

"Levitra" ads pulled by FDA
Mike griffin.jpg
Wendy's doubles reward for 'chili finger' info to US$100,000

April 17

Chapelle sixtine plafond.jpg

April 18


April 19

Yarra Trams yesterday said it would still consider hiring a 15-year old who allegedly stole two trams over the weeked — once he's old enough. image: Adam Carr of Wikipedia

April 20

Italy-CIA WFB Map.png

April 21

Senator Olympia Snowe, R-Maine
The 15-year-old Australian arrested on Sunday night in relation to alleged theft of a Tram, now faces nine more charges, over prior incidents.
Image: Adam Carr of Wikipedia

April 22

Wendy’s finger pointer gets fingered for crime

April 23

Flag of Estonia

April 24

April 25

Bulgaria and Romania sign their European Union accession treaties
International Space Station

April 26

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

April 27

April 28

April 29

April 30

Gila monster's saliva helps diabetics
Depiction of Hindu god Ram