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Welcome to Wikinews

A nice cup of coffee for you while you get started

Getting started as a contributor
How to write an article
  1. Pick something current?
  2. Use two independent sources?
  3. Read your sources before writing the story in your own words?. Do choose a unique title? before you start.
  4. Follow Wikinews' structure? for articles, answering as many of who what when where why and how? as you can; summarised in a short, two- or three-sentence opening paragraph. Once complete, your article must be three or more paragraphs.
  5. If you need help, you can add {{helpme}} to your talkpage, along with a question, or alternatively, just ask?

  • Use this tab to enter your title and get a basic article template.
    [RECOMMENDED. Starts your article through the semi-automated {{develop}}—>{{review}}—>{{publish}} collaboration process.]

 Welcome! Thank you for joining Wikinews; we'd love for you to stick around and get more involved. To help you get started we have an essay that will guide you through the process of writing your first full article. There are many other things you can do on the project, but its lifeblood is new, current, stories written neutrally.
As you get more involved, you will need to look into key project policies and other discussions you can participate in; so, keep this message on this page and refer to the other links in it when you want to learn more, or have any problems.

Wikipedia's puzzle-globe logo, © Wikimedia Foundation
Wikipedia's puzzle-globe logo, © Wikimedia Foundation
  Used to contributing to Wikipedia? See here.
All Wikimedia projects have rules. Here are ours.

Listed here are the official policies of the project, you may be referred to some of them if your early attempts at writing articles don't follow them. Don't let this discourage you, we all had to start somewhere.

The rules and guides laid out here are intended to keep content to high standards and meet certain rules the Wikimedia Foundation applies to all projects. It may seem like a lot to read, but you do not have to go through it all in one sitting, or know them all before you can start contributing.

Remember, you should enjoy contributing to the project. If you're really stuck come chat with the regulars. There's usually someone in chat who will be happy to help, but they may not respond instantly.

The core policies
Places to go, people to meet

Wiki projects work because a sense of community forms around the project. Although writing news is far more individualistic than contributing to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, people often need minor help with things like spelling and copyediting. If a story isn't too old you might be able to expand it, or if it is disputed you may be able to find some more sources and rescue it before it is listed for deletion.

There are always discussions going on about how the site could be improved, and your input is of value. Check the links here to see where you can give input to the running of the Wikinews project.

Find help and get involved
Write your first article for Wikinews!

Use the following box to help you create your first article. Simply type in a title to your story and press "Create page". Then start typing text to your story into the new box that will come up. When you're done, press "save page". That's all there is to it!

It is recommended you read the article guide before starting. Also make sure to check the list of recently created articles to see if your story hasn't already been reported upon.

Gryllida (talk) 10:56, 5 August 2018 (UTC)Reply


I'm of the view we can be riskier on category images since they can be changed later (and I plan on crafting a simple system of monitoring what has been deleted to keep things updated). But in this case it doesn't really matter because I actually like your choice of image better. BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 20:15, 6 January 2019 (UTC)Reply

@Blood Red Sandman: rolling with things and fixing any errors later: that is Wikipedia's approach, and Wikinews is not Wikipedia. I would rather abstain from adding image than to choose an image which could have possible issues. Surely, you may disagree; but now, it is more like a habit to find those media which would not be deleted. But tell me about the system you would be proposing. (talk) 22:55, 6 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
Nothing complicated (deliberately). We have a category for broken file links, and another for {{missing image}} pages. By combining the data we can view what is in the first but not in the second to determine quickly what the problems are. I'm not sure proposing is the right word; two problems need fixed before I am ready to call it a proposal: 1) How do we know when a new thing needs looked at? Do we need to recheck the page every day? 2) How do we track cases where one image is already marked with {{missing image}} but a second becomes unavailable? Once (or if, sigh) I can answer those I think I'll have something ready. BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 00:46, 7 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
Well, I'm no further forward on those issues, but the page is still potentially very useful, so I've created it: Wikinews:Pages with broken file links. That gives us most of the hitherto hidden backlog up and ready to work through. @Pi zero: You'll likely also find that of interest. BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 18:45, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
...Except that I've made a mistake, somewhere, and it isn't working as intended. Ah well. Fingers crossed somebody can find my error; I'm not very technically minded, myself. BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 18:50, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
@Blood Red Sandman: what went wrong? (talk) 23:16, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
PiZ fixed it. A single character I'd missed. :P BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 23:18, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply

how about protecting the page? (talk) 23:23, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply

Probably not needed, as yet; worth keeping an eye on the possibility should it become more high-profile or important. At present it's just something I threw together in the hopes it'll be helpful. BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 23:43, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
@Blood Red Sandman: Note that Category:Pages with missing-image template calls has two DPLs on the category page to aid maintenance, one of pages that could use the template but don't, and one of (so it claims) pages that do but don't have to. --Pi zero (talk) 23:48, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply


I notice you've been making rude and sarcastic comments like "Don't you know how to read" and "Why don't you put the whole article in one paragraph?" Please stop that. If you keep doing that, I will ask the admins to block you. Darkfrog24 (talk) 04:34, 1 November 2018 (UTC)Reply

Go ahead, @Darkfrog24:, ask them to. (talk) 07:32, 1 November 2018 (UTC)Reply
I've got to say, they all seem to be aimed at the one person and never when signed in. We all (I hope) welcome criticism for ourselves, even if we don't personally agree with it, but this seems to be getting personal instead of constructive. Any worthwhile meanings are being lost to vitriol. I like both of you; I don't like what is becoming of relations between you, and I don't think the way you're treating DF is fair. BRS (Talk) (Contribs) 00:51, 7 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
It would be aimed at one person if they are the only ones providing terribly flawed reasons for justifying their actions. Maybe instead of getting triggered, if they were to assess their past actions, that would help them. It is very important to reflect on the past and see what one has become. (talk) 23:20, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply
If the intent is to convince them to reconsider their position, provocative phrasing is likely to be counterproductive. --Pi zero (talk) 23:41, 21 January 2019 (UTC)Reply

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