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The Newsroom is the hub of operations of Wikinews; a place to see what articles are being written and what you can do to help write them, connect with the Wikinews community or find the tools and resources you need to write for Wikinews. Additionally, new users can also find some Help.

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Steven Spielberg

International row after Spielberg quits 2008 Beijing Olympics

The U.S. film director stepped down as artistic adviser saying that China, which has close links to the Sudanese government, should do more to address the Darfur situation.
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Jaslene Gonzalez (Image credit: Kevin Sinclair for Elite Model Management)

'Top Model' winner Jaslene Gonzalez on her career and being a Latina role model

Wikinews talks with America's Next Top Model's first Puerto Rican winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, about her childhood, what makes her a strong individual, and what television show her abuela would want her to go on. This is also the first time one of our interviews can also be read in Spanish at Wikinoticias.
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Talk:Dhaka court sentences former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia to five years on corruption charges
Talk:Poland: Thousands of far-right nationalists gather in Warsaw to march for white supremacy, anti-liberalism, and anti-Islam on Polish independence day
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