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Welcome to the Newsroom

The Newsroom is the hub of operations of Wikinews; a place to see what articles are being written and what you can do to help write them, connect with the Wikinews community or find the tools and resources you need to write for Wikinews. Additionally, new users can also find some help.

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Articles marked as ready for publishing

Articles in development

Articles in dispute

Proposed articles

Proposed articles can now be found on the requested articles page.

Note: Instead of requesting articles, Write a quick brief. It is much easier to write briefs, but if you feel that you have the time, we still encourage full length news articles.

Start a new article

See Wikinews:Naming conventions/style guidelines for writing headlines; and the list of newly created articles first.

Collaboration requests

Wikinews:Story preparation

(Stories prepared ahead of time for events that have not yet occurred.)


Images and media

Gallery of new files
Wikinews Audio and Print edition
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Other issue autolists

Wikinews community

The Water cooler is the place Wikinewsies get together, to ask for assistance, offer proposals, discuss policies, technical stuff or anything else.

Wikinews news

Check out these selected goings on here at Wikinews!

Wikinews News
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See also Wikinews:Wikinews Bulletin.

Flagged discussions

Wikinews Resources

Wikinews reporter resources

Policies and guidelines

Neutral point of view (NPOV)Cite sourcesContent guideStyle guide


Wikinews:Reference deskNews sources on wikipediaWikinews:Template messagesWikinews:Article flagsWikinews:Breaking newsBabel system for Language TranslationFair use on WikinewsOriginal reporting

Technical information

The Mediawiki softwareRequests and bug reportsBrowser notesUser styles (customizing your display with CSS)MultimediaBots

Community information

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Wikinews Help

Help for new users

Getting startedHelpAsk for help

Frequently asked questions

FAQWhat Wikinews isWhat Wikinews is not

Ways to communicate

Water coolerDiscussion pagesMailing listsIRC chat
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