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Policies and guidelines and the Style guide contain or link to most of the current en.Wikinews policies and guidelines, however policy is based on the accepted practices of the day on Wikinews, often these might not be written down. This section of the Water cooler focuses on discussions regarding policy issues.

You may wish to check the archives to see if a subject has been raised previously.

Inactive checkuser[edit]

Hello, according to the global policy, Brian meets the inactivity criteria for CheckUsers and will soon have his access removed on those grounds. I will also notify the user, but I wanted to give some indication to the community that this will happen as well. Thanks, Ajraddatz (talk) 20:28, 15 March 2016 (UTC)

ArbCom elections[edit]

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I propose the same dates, rules, procedures as in 2015. (See WN:Water cooler/policy/archives/2015/July#ArbCom elections, Wikinews:Arbitration Committee/2015 election.)

The community must agree on all election procedures by July 1, and election committee members by July 10.
The deadline for nominations is 2000 UTC July 17.
Voting will take place from 2000 UTC July 18 to 2000 UTC July 30. Questions and comments may be made during that time period.
Since the incumbent members' seats expire on August 3, the election committee will declare the winners on about July 31, and the new term begins after declaration. Should any case be before the ArbCom at election time, the current committee continues to sit after turnover on cases that started under the current committee. Any new case after turnover is for the new committee.

As worked well for the past several years, I strongly recommend the committee not create a page for "questions for all candidates"; questions for each candidate should be located under that candidate. This is the way things have been done in all but two previous elections; once there was no place for questions at all (the undesirability of this is obvious, I hope), and once, six years ago, we had a page for questions for all candidates, and it turned into a political circus and an ordeal for the nominees (en.wn ArbCom is a judicial body, so should be scrupulously apolitical). I'm not the only one who experienced the circus six years ago and came away from it with a powerful conviction it should not be allowed to happen again.

We need at least two people for the election committee. Volunteers? --Pi zero (talk) 02:27, 20 June 2016 (UTC)

OK with both the rules and the note about placement of questions for all candidates.
I may be able to volunteer as a member of election committee, given someone else gives me enough guidance on the tasks that need to be done.
Thank you. --Gryllida 04:17, 24 June 2016 (UTC)
I am okay with the procedure.
acagastya 14:25, 26 June 2016 (UTC)