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  1. Talk:Community of Christ sues over RLDS church name/Comments
  2. Talk:Court decision means Floyd Landis loses Tour de France title/Comments
  3. Talk:Court papers filed on behalf of God respond to lawsuit by Nebraska Senator/Comments
  4. Talk:Craig Stebic named person of interest in wifes disappearance/Comments
  5. Talk:Creationism dangerous in education: Council of Europe resolution/Comments
  6. Talk:Cuba asks to re-open negotiations with United States/Comments
  7. Talk:Cuban dissidents hold rare public meeting/Comments
  8. Talk:Cuban leader Fidel Castro congratulates Hugo Chavez/Comments
  9. Talk:Dan Rather files lawsuit against CBS/Comments
  10. Talk:Disney theme parks to rid trans fats internationally/Comments
  11. Talk:Dissident meeting held in Cuba/Comments
  12. Talk:Dow Jones closes at all-time record high/Comments
  13. Talk:Downing Street welcomes new resident cat/Comments
  14. Talk:Dr. Joseph Merlino on sexuality, insanity, Freud, fetishes and apathy/Comments
  15. Talk:Drew Carey to replace Bob Barker as host of "The Price is Right"/Comments
  16. Talk:Drug-resistant staph deaths surpass AIDS in the United States/Comments
  17. Talk:Drunk coach driver arrested after crash injures at least 30/Comments
  18. Talk:Dutch MP advocates proscription of Koran/Comments
  19. Talk:Dwarf gets penis glued to vacuum cleaner/Comments
  20. Talk:English Wikinews publishes 10000th article/Comments
  21. Talk:European Commission might impose an embargo on chinese products/Comments
  22. Talk:Evo Morales wins presidential elections in Bolivia/Comments
  23. Talk:Experimental AIDS vaccine fails; volunteers now infected/Comments
  24. Talk:Explosion reported near New York City train station/Comments
  25. Talk:FEMA employees pose as fake reporters during press conference/Comments
  26. Talk:Fears grow about U.S. dollar stability/Comments
  27. Talk:Federer wins fifth Wimbledon title/Comments
  28. Talk:Finland scrambles fighter jet to respond to Russian aircraft/Comments
  29. Talk:Fire kills six, badly injures seven in Croatia/Comments
  30. Talk:First Airbus A380 delivered/Comments
  31. Talk:Fish consumption by New Yorkers has led to high blood mercury levels/Comments
  32. Talk:Flooding in Slovenia leaves six dead/Comments
  33. Talk:Ford offers US$78 million for Romanian auto plant/Comments
  34. Talk:Former Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau criticised in new book "Brian Mulroney: Memoirs 1939-1993"/Comments
  35. Talk:Former US First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson dead at 94/Comments
  36. Talk:Four jackpot winners confirmed in US 'Mega Millions' lottery drawing/Comments
  37. Talk:Four killed as helicopter escorting Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf crashes/Comments
  38. Talk:Four young girls killed in Zambia wall collapse/Comments
  39. Talk:Fox News security hole exposes 1.5 million users' personal information/Comments
  40. Talk:France warns of war with Iran/Comments
  41. Talk:Fred Thompson to make Presidential announcement on The Tonight Show/Comments
  42. Talk:Fred Thompson: Iraq had WMD in 2003/Comments
  43. Talk:Fresh pictures of Castro and Chavez shown in Cuban media/Comments
  44. Talk:Fugitive Cuban soldiers in failed skyjacking/Comments
  45. Talk:Furry fans flock to Further Confusion 2007/Comments
  46. Talk:Garuda Indonesia Flight 200's pilot's marital problems may have affected judgement/Comments
  47. Talk:Gay Talese on the state of journalism, Iraq and his life/Comments
  48. Talk:Gay World Cup begins in Buenos Aires/Comments
  49. Talk:Geelong wins AFL Grand Final against Port Adelaide/Comments
  50. Talk:General Petraeus: 30,000 troops may be able to leave Iraq by next summer/Comments
  51. Talk:German man arrested for selling screws worth $155,000/Comments
  52. Talk:German police arrest three in imminent terrorist plot/Comments
  53. Talk:Germany's minister of defence proposes to shoot down hijacked planes/Comments
  54. Talk:God responds to lawsuit by Nebraska Senator/Comments
  55. Talk:Gordon Brown becomes Prime Minister of the United Kingdom/Comments
  56. Talk:Half of life could go extinct by century's end, warn eminent biologists/Comments
  57. Talk:Hamas begins to use force to release Alan Johnston/Comments
  58. Talk:Hamas preparing for Israeli 'incursion' into Gaza
  59. Talk:Hamilton County CSEA Steal Support from Four Year Old/Comments
  60. Talk:Heart specialist suffers heart attack in front of thousands of colleagues/Comments
  61. Talk:Highway bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapses/Comments
  62. Talk:Home video captures alleged UFOs in Haiti/Comments
  63. Talk:Hugo Chavez meets Iran's Imam Khamenei/Comments
  64. Talk:Human Rights Watch implicates 600 in war prisoner abuse/Comments
  65. Talk:Hundreds of monks arrested in monastery raids; continue protests/Comments
  66. Talk:Hurricane Dean forecasted to become "catastrophic" Category 5 storm/Comments
  67. Talk:Hurricane Felix now Category 5/Comments
  68. Talk:Immigration raid at Ohio poultry plant/Comments
  69. Talk:Interview with Sue Gardner of the Wikimedia Foundation/Comments
  70. Talk:Interview with musician John Vanderslice/Comments
  71. Talk:Iran unveils part of its nuclear program/Comments
  72. Talk:Iran warns disruption of oil may be a consequence of U.S. "wrong moves"/Comments
  73. Talk:Iranian President Ahmadinejad speaks at Columbia University/Comments
  74. Talk:Iraq's President supports U.S. Senate plan to decentralize Iraq/Comments
  75. Talk:Iraqi authorities demand that U.S. sever all contracts with Blackwater/Comments
  76. Talk:Iraqi peace talks to begin in Finland within days/Comments
  77. Talk:Israel declares Gaza Strip 'enemy entity'; preparing for military incursion/Comments
  78. Talk:Israeli website reports speculation over U.S. attack on Iran in April/Comments
  79. Talk:Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe resigns/Comments
  80. Talk:Japanese man retains title at Air Guitar World Championship in Finland/Comments
  81. Talk:John Howard announces $560 million for medical research/Comments
  82. Talk:John Vanderslice plays New York City: Wikinews interview/Comments
  83. Talk:Jon Stewart to host 2008 Oscar telecast/Comments
  84. Talk:Large earthquake rattles Indonesia; Seventh in two days/Comments
  85. Talk:Laura Bush in Saudi Arabia to promote breast cancer awareness/Comments
  86. Talk:Law banning same sex marriages in Iowa 'unconstitutional' says judge/Comments
  87. Talk:Libertarianz discusses a free state with Wikinews/Comments
  88. Talk:Libya frees foreign HIV medics/Comments
  89. Talk:Litvinenko murder suspect running for MP/Comments
  90. Talk:Locals claim to have witnessed multiple UFOs over north London/Comments
  91. Talk:MLB: Rangers score 30 runs against Orioles in first game of doubleheader/Comments
  92. Talk:Man with grenades arrested outside US embassy in Austria/Comments
  93. Talk:Maoists quit joint-government in Nepal/Comments
  94. Talk:Mass suspensions and relief of duties after US B-52 flew with armed nuclear missiles/Comments
  95. Talk:Materazzi reveals slur he uttered at 2006 FIFA World Cup/Comments
  96. Talk:McGuinty wins re-election in 2007 Ontario, Canada general election/Comments
  97. Talk:Meteorite blamed for mysterious illness in Peru/Comments
  98. Talk:Movie 'The Assassination of Jesse James' leaked on the internet/Comments
  99. Talk:Myanmar protesters beaten by police/Comments
  100. Talk:NASA prepares to launch mission to nearby asteroids/Comments
  101. Talk:NASA says star system contains 'earth-like planet' in the making/Comments
  102. Talk:NBA: Minnesota ready to trade Kevin Garnett to Boston/Comments
  103. Talk:NHL: Vancouver Canucks showcase new uniform/Comments
  104. Talk:Nail bomb explodes beneath UK teacher's car/Comments
  105. Talk:National Football League: Quarterback Brett Favre breaks record for touchdowns/Comments
  106. Talk:Nauru to hold parliamentary elections/Comments
  107. Talk:Neola North wildfire in Utah blamed for three deaths/Comments
  108. Talk:Nepal: CPN-Maoists quit government/Comments
  109. Talk:New England Patriots Top New York Jets/Comments
  110. Talk:New York City homeless man allegedly torched by teenagers/Comments
  111. Talk:New Zealand Marilyn Manson concert evacuated due to fire scare/Comments
  112. Talk:New audiotape attributed to Osama bin Laden released/Comments
  113. Talk:New bill will ban Muslims from wearing veils at polls/Comments
  114. Talk:New doubt over Shakespeare's authorship/Comments
  115. Talk:New species of dart frog discovered in Colombia/Comments
  116. Talk:Nine Firefighters Killed In South Carolina Blaze/Comments
  117. Talk:Nine firefighters killed in South Carolina blaze/Comments
  118. Talk:No evidence of dead terrorists in US bombed Pakistan village/Comments
  119. Talk:Nobel laureate Doris Lessing: 9/11 'wasn't that terrible' compared to IRA attacks/Comments
  120. Talk:Noel Cox talks to Wikinews about New Zealand's constitutional monarchy/Comments
  121. Talk:Nokia Inc. announces plans for iPhone rival/Comments
  122. Talk:North Korea agrees to disable its main nuclear reactor/Comments
  123. Talk:North Korea to dismantle nuclear facilities this year/Comments
  124. Talk:North Korea wants light-water reactors/Comments
  125. Talk:North and South Korea sign peace pact/Comments
  126. Talk:O.J. Simpson arrested for assault and other charges/Comments
  127. Talk:O.J. Simpson named suspect in robbery/Comments
  128. Talk:O.J. Simpson posts bail in alleged robbery/Comments
  129. Talk:Obesity and the Fat Acceptance Movement: Kira Nerusskaya speaks/Comments
  130. Talk:Obesity rates rise across most of the U.S./Comments
  131. Talk:Oil prices at new high on fears of Turkish attack in Iraq/Comments
  132. Talk:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Blaise Thompson, St. Paul's/Comments
  133. Talk:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Family Coalition Party candidate Joel Kidd, Beaches-East York/Comments
  134. Talk:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Green candidate Mark Grenier, Welland/Comments
  135. Talk:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with NDP candidate Paul Johnstone, Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound/Comments
  136. Talk:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Progressive Conservative candidate Jim Chapman, London-Fanshawe/Comments
  137. Talk:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Progressive Conservative candidate Penny Lucas, Kenora—Rainy River/Comments
  138. Talk:Opera singer Luciano Pavarotti dies at age 71/Comments
  139. Talk:Opium production in Afghanistan reaches record highs/Comments
  140. Talk:Opposition leader takes early lead in Sierra Leone presidential run-off elections/Comments
  141. Talk:Osama bin Laden to release message to US on 9/11/Comments
  142. Talk:Osama bin Laden to release message to US on six year anniversary of 9/11/Comments
  143. Talk:Over 30 killed in Mexico dynamite truck explosion/Comments
  144. Talk:Party video game banned in UK for having offensive word/Comments
  145. Talk:Peace activists propose 'Fast for Freedom'/Comments
  146. Talk:Peace talks between Sunnis and Iraqi Shi'ites begin in Finland/Comments
  147. Talk:Pelicans held on suspicion of being drunk/Comments
  148. Talk:Pelé cries as his son admits to marijuana addiction/Comments
  149. Talk:Penguin swims ashore in Peru/Comments
  150. Talk:Peruvian crater caused by meteor/Comments
  151. Talk:Pet parrot saves owners lives/Comments
  152. Talk:Pittsburgh playwrights pen furry musical, invite Anthrocon attendees to observe reading/Comments
  153. Talk:Plane from Los Angeles to London diverted/Comments
  154. Talk:Plotter of USS Cole attack freed from prison/Comments
  155. Talk:Police called to investigate after tenant draws swastikas in landlord's house/Comments
  156. Talk:Police station attacked by car bomb in Basque Country, two officers injured/Comments
  157. Talk:Police station attacked following illegal rave/Comments
  158. Talk:Pope to lift restrictions on Latin Mass/Comments
  159. Talk:Prayers on TV mandatory in Iran/Comments
  160. Talk:President Bush defends U.S. interrogation tactics/Comments
  161. Talk:Press conference to be held Thursday on new 'Star Trek 11' movie/Comments
  162. Talk:Putin promises to complete Iran's nuclear reactor/Comments
  163. Talk:Queues form outside struggling UK bank; calm urged/Comments
  164. Talk:Registered sex offender arrested for luring MySpace teenager to meeting/Comments
  165. Talk:Reports: Parents of missing girl Madeleine McCann are suspects in her disappearance/Comments
  166. Talk:Reports: US to label Iran's Revolutionary Guard as 'terrorist organization'/Comments
  167. Talk:Residents in Seattle, Washington will soon ride the 'S.L.U.T.'/Comments
  168. Talk:Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science officially deemed a charity/Comments
  169. Talk:Riot at Guantanamo Bay detention camp/Comments
  170. Talk:Riyo Mori is crowned Miss Universe as Japanese after 48 years' absence/Comments
  171. Talk:RuPaul speaks about society and the state of drag as performance art/Comments
  172. Talk:Rudy Giuliani embraces "missile diplomacy"/Comments
  173. Talk:Rumors false about Britney Spears on Sesame Street/Comments
  174. Talk:Rumors say US to remove North Korea from list of terrorist nations/Comments
  175. Talk:Rumsfeld calls Afghanistan a 'big success'/Comments
  176. Talk:Russia claims North Pole by planting flag on seabed/Comments
  177. Talk:Russia tests 'world's biggest non-nuclear bomb'/Comments
  178. Talk:Russian polar submarine TV footage faked/Comments
  179. Talk:Russian prime minister resigns at President Vladimir Putin's request/Comments
  180. Talk:Satirist Stephen Colbert runs for U.S. President/Comments
  181. Talk:Scandinavian Airlines System landing gear failures prompt grounding of Bombardier Q400s/Comments
  182. Talk:Scientists uncover oldest known DNA on Earth/Comments
  183. Talk:Scientists: appendix has purpose/Comments
  184. Talk:Search for Steve Fossett continues/Comments
  185. Talk:Second grader suspended from school after drawing disturbing picture/Comments
  186. Talk:Second video of Osama bin Laden surfaces/Comments
  187. Talk:Security camera records 'unexplainable' object in Sante fe, New Mexico/Comments
  188. Talk:Settlers steal Palestinian water in the West Bank/Comments
  189. Talk:Seven caves found on Mars: NASA/Comments
  190. Talk:Shinzo Abe's LDP suffers set-back in Japanese elections/Comments
  191. Talk:Silent protest in Athens over recent fires/Comments
  192. Talk:Singer Britney Spears faces hit and run charges/Comments
  193. Talk:Singer Britney Spears loses custody battle/Comments
  194. Talk:Smoking ban in England comes into force/Comments
  195. Talk:Smoking in public places banned in France/Comments
  196. Talk:Some Gaza Strip students to go without textbooks/Comments
  197. Talk:Soprano Beverly Sills dies at age 78/Comments
  198. Talk:Source of UK foot-and-mouth outbreak discovered/Comments
  199. Talk:South African reggae star Lucky Dube shot dead in attempted hijacking/Comments
  200. Talk:South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun to meet with Kim Jong-il/Comments
  201. Talk:Space Shuttle Endeavour to return to Earth on Tuesday/Comments
  202. Talk:Spain arrests entire leadership of the Basque Separatist Party: 22 detained/Comments
  203. Talk:Sprint Nextel customer service rep. harasses client; Sprint cancels his account/Comments
  204. Talk:Squirrel banned from Finnish supermarket/Comments
  205. Talk:Student arrested over "art" shirt with exposed wiring at Boston Airport/Comments
  206. Talk:Student questioning Senator Kerry is tasered/Comments
  207. Talk:Student who put feet on chair walks free/Comments
  208. Talk:Students pass out forcing Michigan school to evacuate/Comments
  209. Talk:Studies: raw fish risky/Comments
  210. Talk:Study links breast cancer to high meat consumption/Comments
  211. Talk:Study says CO2 levels rising faster than anticipated/Comments
  212. Talk:Study says CO² levels rising faster than anticipated/Comments
  213. Talk:Study says carbon dioxide levels rising faster than anticipated/Comments
  214. Talk:Supergerm deaths soar, surpass AIDS in the United States/Comments
  215. Talk:Supporters of Canadian youth held in Guantanamo gather, demand action/Comments
  216. Talk:Surveillance cameras in New South Wales schools cause alarm/Comments
  217. Talk:Survey: Denmark, Finland are world's least and Myanmar, Somalia are world's most corrupt countries/Comments
  218. Talk:Survey: Finland is the world's greenest country/Comments
  219. Talk:Suspected poisonous gas found in New York/Comments
  220. Talk:Suspicious package found outside South Carolina coffee shop/Comments
  221. Talk:Syria fires on Israeli fighter planes/Comments
  222. Talk:"Dr Dino" gets 10 years in prison after failure to pay taxes/Comments
  223. Talk:''7th Heaven'' television series comes to an end/Comments
  224. Talk:'Guantanamo'-style detention facility under construction on Australian Island/Comments
  225. Talk:13-year-old shot dead by Brazilian police in mock-up of hijacking situation/Comments
  226. Talk:2007 Cricket World Cup - 1st Semi-Final: Sri Lanka vs New Zealand/Comments
  227. Talk:2007 Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh vs Australia/Comments
  228. Talk:2007 Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh vs New Zealand/Comments
  229. Talk:2007 Cricket World Cup: Sri Lanka vs West Indies/Comments
  230. Talk:33 dead, 15 injured in Virginia Tech shootings/Comments
  231. Talk:380 million year old fossilized trees found in New York, USA/Comments
  232. Talk:Abby Cadabby debuts at Sesame Place today as a walkaround character/Comments
  233. Talk:Aboriginal Sovereignty Day Declared/Comments
  234. Talk:Adult-only TLD rejected by Internet body/Comments
  235. Talk:Ahmadinejad to free British navy personnel/Comments
  236. Talk:Alarm sounded over US honey bee die-off/Comments
  237. Talk:Anaheim Ducks win Stanley Cup/Comments
  238. Talk:Ancient code desiphered in the Rosslyn Chapel/Comments
  239. Talk:Anti-junta demonstrations grow in Bangkok/Comments
  240. Talk:Australia's High Court rules mod-chips are legal/Comments
  241. Talk:Basel's railway station shut down after shoot-out/Comments
  242. Talk:Bill Gates to receive honorary degree from Harvard University/Comments
  243. Talk:Blue Angels navy plane crashes in South Carolina/Comments
  244. Talk:Bob Barker retires as US host of "The Price is Right"/Comments
  245. Talk:Bomb blasts in Iraq kill nearly 200/Comments
  246. Talk:British Prime Minister Tony Blair to resign on June 27/Comments
  247. Talk:British sailors detained by Iran "to be tried for espionage"/Comments
  248. Talk:Bush defends immigration reform bill/Comments
  249. Talk:CBC's new show The One sparked some controversy over simulcast/Comments
  250. Talk:California Senator Carole Migden says medication may have caused car crash/Comments
  251. Talk:California senator opposed to cell-phones involved in cell-phone related crash/Comments
  252. Talk:Canada, U.S. to tighten security between 'cross-border' library/Comments
  253. Talk:Canadian Press speculates on special forces role in Iraq/Comments
  254. Talk:Canadian university students would prefer MP3 players over car radios/Comments
  255. Talk:Children's program on Palestinian TV propagates Islamic world leadership/Comments
  256. Talk:Church of England threatens legal action over PS3 game/Comments
  257. Talk:Computer professionals celebrate 10th birthday of A.L.I.C.E./Comments
  258. Talk:Controversy-plagued Element 118, the heaviest atom yet, finally discovered/Comments
  259. Talk:Cutty Sark ablaze, fire treated as 'suspicious'/Comments
  260. Talk:DUP and Sinn Féin make gains in Northern Ireland Assembly election/Comments
  261. Talk:Dutch TV kidney reality show was a hoax/Comments
  262. Talk:Earthquake in China kills three, injures hundreds/Comments
  263. Talk:Earthquake strikes Kent, England/Comments
  264. Talk:Ebola outbreak in Congo/Comments
  265. Talk:Egyptian-Canadian sentenced to 15 years for espionage/Comments
  266. Talk:Evangelist Hovind found guilty for tax fraud/Comments
  267. Talk:Ex-CIA Director George Tenet's memoir published/Comments
  268. Talk:Ex-Thai PM Thaksin's assets are frozen/Comments
  269. Talk:Exclusive video interview with New Zealand Opposition leader, John Key/Comments
  270. Talk:Extra-solar planet possibly Earth-like found/Comments
  271. Talk:Felipe Massa wins 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix/Comments
  272. Talk:Fifth-graders have sex in class, charged with obscenity/Comments
  273. Talk:Final Harry Potter book's cover art released/Comments
  274. Talk:First Guantánamo Bay prisoner sentenced/Comments
  275. Talk:Five members of US patrol killed; Three missing in Iraq/Comments
  276. Talk:Fixed election dates to become law in Canadian federal elections/Comments
  277. Talk:Flickr faces user revolt over German censorship row/Comments
  278. Talk:Florida man charged with stealing WiFi/Comments
  279. Talk:Football: Roma defeats Inter 3-1 in Milan/Comments
  280. Talk:Former "crossover" Canadian MP leaves politics/Comments
  281. Talk:Former Arizona Governor says he saw a UFO during the 1997 Phoenix Lights/Comments
  282. Talk:French Space Agency CNES releases UFO files/Comments
  283. Talk:Fugitive Cuban soldiers attempt to hijack airplane headed for the US/Comments
  284. Talk:Gay not an option on MySpace profiles/Comments
  285. Talk:German man invents 'cat cam'/Comments
  286. Talk:Google buys DoubleClick for $3.1 billion/Comments
  287. Talk:Halle Berry denies pregnancy rumours/Comments
  288. Talk:Heat protection system on Space Shuttle Atlantis damaged during liftoff/Comments
  289. Talk:Iran Foreign Minister: Britain must admit to trespassing before soldiers are released/Comments
  290. Talk:Iran typifies Islamic justice, says chief judicial official/Comments
  291. Talk:Iran's Supreme Leader wants religious army/Comments
  292. Talk:Iran: Detained British troops do not need to go to trial/Comments
  293. Talk:Iran: The British Royal Navy sailors confessed to illegal entry into Iran's waters/Comments
  294. Talk:Iran: We will also take 'illegal actions' if UN imposes sanctions/Comments
  295. Talk:Iranian Supreme Leader seeks worker justice/Comments
  296. Talk:Iranian minister eschews un-Islamic dress at Sharm al-Sheikh/Comments
  297. Talk:Iraqi school children killed in US air strike/Comments
  298. Talk:Israeli company converts radioactive waste into clean energy/Comments
  299. Talk:Italian senators lobby for ice cream/Comments
  300. Talk:Jimbo Wales to lead development of 'code of conduct' for bloggers/Comments
  301. Talk:Judge orders Paris Hilton to return to jail/Comments
  302. Talk:Judge rules court hearing in Vaughan, Ontario, votes disputed/Comments
  303. Talk:Keith Richards denies reports that he snorted his father's ashes/Comments
  304. Talk:Keith Richards reported to have 'snorted' his father's ashes/Comments
  305. Talk:Khamenei criticizes "materialistic values" for mistreatment of workers/Comments
  306. Talk:Khamenei denounced US presence in Middle East, praises martyrdom operations/Comments
  307. Talk:Khamenei denounces US 'bullying', praises martyrdom operations/Comments
  308. Talk:Last British volume car manufacturer closes down/Comments
  309. Talk:Liberal Party of Canada makes deal with Green Party leader/Comments
  310. Talk:Lordi to star in horror movie/Comments
  311. Talk:Malaysian court rules Christian woman can't remove Islam from ID/Comments
  312. Talk:Man cuts off his own penis in UK restaurant/Comments
  313. Talk:Man eats dog to protest animal cruelty/Comments
  314. Talk:Marble slab falls off skyscraper in Toronto/Comments
  315. Talk:Mass wedding held against racism in Belgium/Comments
  316. Talk:McDonald's petitions Oxford English Dictionary to remove the word McJob/Comments
  317. Talk:Michael Moore's new film 'Sicko' leaked via P2P/Comments
  318. Talk:Michael Nutter wins Philadelphia mayoral primary/Comments
  319. Talk:Mick Jagger claims to have seen a UFO/Comments
  320. Talk:Microsoft claims 235 patent breaches by open source software/Comments
  321. Talk:Microsoft claims open source software breaches its patents/Comments
  322. Talk:Microsoft claims some open source software breaches its patents/Comments
  323. Talk:Microsoft patent to make ads disable computer/Comments
  324. Talk:Missing boy from Glynn County, Georgia found dead/Comments
  325. Talk:Monster Pig killed by eleven-year old boy/Comments
  326. Talk:Monster pig killed by eleven-year old boy/Comments
  327. Talk:Motorsport: A1GP Shanghai, China results/Comments
  328. Talk:Mouse makes nest in cash machine, eats money/Comments
  329. Talk:Muslims told not to wear veils when they vote in Quebec/Comments
  330. Talk:NASCAR's Earnhardt Jr Signs 5-year Contract with Hendrick Motorsports/Comments
  331. Talk:NCAA Football: Three Gopher players arrested following rape allegations/Comments
  332. Talk:NHL: Sabres keep Islanders at bay to take series 2-1 series lead/Comments
  333. Talk:NSW anti-cannabis campaign to target teens/Comments
  334. Talk:New York couple keeps Indonesian women as slaves/Comments
  335. Talk:New Zealand PM drops in on Microsoft/Comments
  336. Talk:New rocky planet discovered in orbit around nearby star/Comments
  337. Talk:New video of captured British troops aired; protests at UK embassy in Tehran/Comments
  338. Talk:Newfoundland government launches seal hunt website/Comments
  339. Talk:Newly discovered extra-solar planet may be Earth-like/Comments
  340. Talk:No un-Islamic hairdo, makeup, or ties for Iranian men/Comments
  341. Talk:Norton AntiVirus cripples thousands of PCs in China/Comments
  342. Talk:Norway purchases Canadian oil sands company/Comments
  343. Talk:Object that fell through roof of New Jersey home not a meteorite/Comments
  344. Talk:Ontario may adopt new voting system/Comments
  345. Talk:Outage leaves tens of thousands of New Zealanders without Internet/Comments
  346. Talk:Over 1000 illegal immigrants arrived at Canary Isles this weekend/Comments
  347. Talk:Owner wants $10 million for Flight 93 crash site land/Comments
  348. Talk:PDPC President Rob Levin has died/Comments
  349. Talk:Pakistan: Explosion rocks provincial town/Comments
  350. Talk:Panama: Eleven years of a conflict between PPC and ex-workers of Port Authority/Comments
  351. Talk:Plants on other planets may not be green/Comments
  352. Talk:PlayStation 3 banned in British prisons/Comments
  353. Talk:Police arrest roof-climbing graduate of high school in Hopkinton, Massachusetts/Comments
  354. Talk:Polish Archbishop resigns after spying revelations/Comments
  355. Talk:Previously unknown Indian tribe discovered in Brazil/Comments
  356. Talk:Prince Harry prohibited from going to Iraq/Comments
  357. Talk:Pupils in detention forced to wear orange overalls/Comments
  358. Talk:Rapper Proof (D12) shot and killed outside Detroit nightclub/Comments
  359. Talk:Report claims that Pakistani cricket coach Bob Woolmer was poisoned/Comments
  360. Talk:Reports: Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq killed/Comments
  361. Talk:Research In Motion comments on BlackBerry outage/Comments
  362. Talk:Russia threatens to point nuclear missiles at European cities/Comments
  363. Talk:Several US universities ban Wikipedia as primary source/Comments
  364. Talk:Shots fired by employee in Texas NASA building/Comments
  365. Talk:Smoke from massive warehouse fire in Buffalo, New York USA can be seen 40 miles away/Comments
  366. Talk:Space tourist returns to Earth after 14 day trip/Comments
  367. Talk:Strong earthquake near Solomon Islands, tsunami reported/Comments
  368. Talk:Sydney councils pay investigators to have sex with prostitutes/Comments
  369. Talk:Sydney holds voluntary one hour blackout/Comments
  370. Talk:Taliban resurgent in Pakistan on enforcement of Sharia law/Comments
  371. Talk:Tamil Nadu film 'Sivaji: The Boss' expectations peak/Comments
  372. Talk:Tamil Nadu film 'Sivaji: The Boss' may have a delayed release in Kerala/Comments
  373. Talk:Televangelist Jerry Falwell dies at age 73/Comments
  374. Talk:Ten dead on Minnesota Indian reservation after school shooting/Comments
  375. Talk:Tensions between the U.S. and Russia flare before the G8 Summit/Comments
  376. Talk:Thai puppeteer Sakorn Yang-keawsot dies at 85/Comments
  377. Talk:Thailand bans YouTube over videos insulting king/Comments
  378. Talk:The Governator marks three day visit to Canada/Comments
  379. Talk:Top ranking UK chat site suspected by users of having paedophiles/Comments
  380. Talk:Turkey's Constitutional Court invalidates first round in presidential elections/Comments
  381. Talk:U.S. anti-war mom calls it quits/Comments
  382. Talk:UK freezes business arrangements with Iran; detained sailors and marines shown on TV/Comments
  383. Talk:UK naval crew describe their capture and detention by Iran/Comments
  384. Talk:UK prepared to go 'into different phase' if sailors and marines not released by Iran within days/Comments
  385. Talk:UK sailors captured at gunpoint by Iranians/Comments
  386. Talk:US President George W. Bush caught driving without a seatbelt/Comments
  387. Talk:US State Department accuses Iran of being top state sponsor of terrorism/Comments
  388. Talk:US senator Joseph Lieberman suggests attacking Iran base/Comments
  389. Talk:US tuberculosis patient moved to Denver hospital/Comments
  390. Talk:US: Melamine from contaminated pet food enters human food chain/Comments
  391. Talk:Video released with demands for exchange of BBC correspondent/Comments
  392. Talk:Virginia Tech shooter identified, witness reports emerge/Comments
  393. Talk:Virginia dangerous dog law bill ready for Assembly debate/Comments
  394. Talk:Virginia law bans mobile phone use by teen drivers/Comments
  395. Talk:Wal-Mart accused of workers rights violations/Comments
  396. Talk:White House discussing troop withdrawals of up to 50% in Iraq/Comments
  397. Talk:Wikinews Shorts: April 17, 2007/Comments
  398. Talk:Woman charged with offering her child for sex/Comments
  399. Talk:Women's groups promote "Equal Pay Day" in Belgium/Comments
  400. Talk:Tammy Faye Messner, 65, dies after long battle with cancer/Comments
  401. Talk:Teacher sexual misconduct rampant in American schools, says AP/Comments
  402. Talk:Telephone network access on iPhone unlocked by teen/Comments
  403. Talk:The Chaser breaches APEC security/Comments
  404. Talk:The Raveonettes on love, death, desire and war/Comments
  405. Talk:The final Harry Potter book goes on sale/Comments
  406. Talk:Thief force-fed fifty bananas to retrieve necklace/Comments
  407. Talk:Third US soldier charged in investigation into murder of Iraqi civilians/Comments
  408. Talk:Thousands flee renewed violence in Congo/Comments
  409. Talk:Thousands more evacuated in California, USA/Comments
  410. Talk:Threats of school shootings at the University of Winnipeg/Comments
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  412. Talk:Three killed in Utah coal mine rescue/Comments
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  417. Talk:Turkey launches airstrikes against Kurdish rebels/Comments
  418. Talk:Turkey outraged over U.S. Armenian genocide resolution/Comments
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  420. Talk:Two US soldiers killed, one wounded in Bahrain/Comments
  421. Talk:Two new cases of West Nile Virus reported in Indiana/Comments
  422. Talk:Two shot and killed in UK bank robbery/Comments
  423. Talk:Two students shot at Delaware State University/Comments
  424. Talk:U.S. Airways makes bid on Delta/Comments
  425. Talk:U.S. Criticized for lack of supervision of biohazards in labs/Comments
  426. Talk:U.S. General David Petraeus accuses Iran of fueling war in Iraq/Comments
  427. Talk:U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter introduces bill to cut federal funding for Columbia University/Comments
  428. Talk:U.S. Sen. Larry Craig resigns over sex scandal/Comments
  429. Talk:U.S. Senator Larry Craig to resign/Comments
  430. Talk:U.S. Senators call for Idaho Senator Larry Craig to resign/Comments
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  441. Talk:US President George Bush to reduce amount of troops in Iraq/Comments
  442. Talk:US Senate says no to pullout of US troops from Iraq/Comments
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  448. User talk:Symode09/Comments/Comments
  449. User:Symode09/Comments
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