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File:Oscar deriv.png "Sunshine", "Queen" in the spotlight as 79th Annual Academy Award nominations announced
File:Oscar icon by reiartur.png 'Aviator,' 'Baby' dominate 2005 Academy Awards
File:Son-osmanli.jpg 'Last Ottoman' dies at age 97
File:Lakota Freedom Delegation conference 1.jpg 'No treaty withdrawal', says Lakota elder
File:Coffins.jpg 18-year US media ban on covering return of fallen soldiers lifted
File:Oscar5.jpg 2006 Oscars handed out at Kodak Theatre
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Australia vs West Indies
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Bangladesh vs Ireland
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: England vs Ireland
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: England vs West Indies
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Ireland vs Australia
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Ireland vs South Africa
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Ireland vs Sri Lanka
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: New Zealand vs Ireland
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Pakistan vs Ireland
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: South Africa vs West Indies
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Sri Lanka vs West Indies
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs Bangladesh
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs Ireland
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs Ireland
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs New Zealand
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs Pakistan
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: West Indies vs Zimbabwe
File:Flag of Ireland cricket team.svg 2007 Cricket World Cup: Zimbabwe vs Ireland
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Twenty20 World Championship: West Indies vs Bangladesh
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg 2007 Twenty20 World Championship: West Indies vs South Africa
File:2008TaipeiGameShow Day3 Microsoft Xbox360 2006KusoVersion.jpg 2008 Taipei International Book Exibition: United Daily News makes good promotion on e-books launch
File:Grand Sports Arena of Luzhniki Stadium.jpg 2008 UEFA Champions League Final: Manchester United vs. Chelsea F.C.
File:Santarchy new zealand.jpg 40 alleged drunken Santas accused of running amok
File:Itajai floods.jpg 44 dead and over 300,000 homeless after flooding in Brazil
File:Tasmanian tiger.gif AU$1.25M reward offer for proof of living Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
File:Phoenix aerial Arizona USA1.jpg Abused girl in Arizona found with 100 wounds
File:Flag of the African Union.svg African Union Summit ends in Accra
File:Yves Leterme campagne foto.jpg After 9 months, Belgian coalition delivers government
File:Ayman al Zawahiri.jpg Al-Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, calls for 'strikes against Jewish and American interests'
File:Gov Togiola Tulafono speech.jpg American Samoa asks again to be removed from U.N. colonies list
File:Angela Merkel Joh.jpg Angela Merkel elected new German chancellor
File:021018 bali bombing.jpg Another Jemaah Islamiyah leader captured in Indonesia
File:WWDC 2.JPG Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs gives opening keynote to WWDC 2005
File:WWDC 3.JPG Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs gives opening keynote to WWDC 2005
File:IPhone 3GS display.jpg Apple announces two billionth download from App Store
File:CostaRica.AbelPacheco.01.jpg Approval down for President Pacheco
File:Flag of the League of Arab States.png Arab summit comes to an end
File:Arena auf schalke gelsenkirchen germany.JPG Argentina thrash Serbia and Montenegro in Group C
File:Katrina damage.jpg At least 55 killed by Hurricane Katrina; serious flooding across affected region
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg Australia capture 2006 ICC Champions Trophy
File:Nauru-airphoto.jpg Australia to detain Burmese boatpeople on Nauru
File:BaxterGate.jpg Australian Immigration denies issuing banned drug
File:New Zealand money.jpg Australians and News Zealanders increasingly support shared currency
File:Carole james.jpg BC election writ drops; referendum campaigns underway
File:Fakhruddin.png Bangladesh elects new Prime Minister
File:Antonio-fazio.jpg Bank of Italy governor, Antonio Fazio, presents resignation today
File:Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.jpg Body of Sheikh Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan found in Moroccan lake
File:Schafik handal con fidel.jpg Bolivia's Evo Morales wins referendum on a new leftist constitution
File:Bolivia.CarlosMesa.01.jpg Bolivian Congress refuse president's resignation
File:U.S. soldier in Kirkuk.jpg Bomb blast kills 27 in Iraq
File:Lula-chaves-alliance-2005.jpg Brazilian President Lula met Chavez, military and economic cooperation
File:8-fsp.jpg Brazilian President party received money from FARC, say documents
File:Britney-Spears082.jpg Britney Spears fired by management company
File:Burj dubai palms.jpg Burj Dubai becomes world's tallest tower
File:Nwhi - French Frigate Shoals reef - many fish.jpg Bush proclaims Northwestern Hawaiian Islands a National Monument
File:HouseofRepsSchiavo3.jpg Bush signs historic Schiavo bill into law
File:Noga36.jpg Bush signs law to build fence at US-Mexico border
File:George Bush sees tornado damage in Tennessee Feb 8, 2008George Bush sees tornado damage in Tennessee Feb 8, 2008 (Image 2).jpg Bush visits Tennessee, sees tornado damage
File:Gold ingots.jpg Business Brief for December 14, 2005
File:Stephen Harper voa.jpg Canadian Conservatives vow to defend Arctic sovereignty
File:Bill Graham Chile 2003.jpg Canadian MP Bill Graham to step down, Rae seeks his Toronto riding
File:Segolene royal.jpg Canadian PM rebukes France's Ségolène Royal on Quebec sovereignty
File:CAN Loonie.jpg Canadian dollar reaches parity with US dollar
File:Bill Graham Chile 2003.jpg Canadian liberals unhappy with PM's performance at APEC summit
File:Canupa Gluha Mani sings.jpg Canupa Gluha Mani speaks about Lakota Oyate, Lakota freedom
File:20050805 v080505db-0546copyj-1-515h.jpg Cheney meets with King Abdullah in Riyadh
File:NRA Logo -3.jpg Chicago approves new handgun regulations
File:Hu Jintao Portrait.JPG Chinese quake death toll nears 32,500, as a major aftershock occurs and mourning begins
File:Tõnismäe monument 1999.jpg Clashes over World War II monument in Estonia continue
File:Coca.jpg Coca growth up in Bolivia, Peru, claims U.S. State Department
File:Melanie Betancourt 2007 x.JPG Colombia ends Chávez-FARC mediations
File:Colombia narino02162005.ogg Colombia releases official notice in response to Venezuela
File:Pr032206a 2.jpg Colombian police claim that Venezuelan government paid FARC rebels $300 million
File:Bible braile.JPG Complaints about Bible surge after HK student paper classified as indecent
File:Stephen Harper voa.jpg Conservative party wins minority government in Canada
File:Columnas de humo del accidente aéreo de Madrid-Barajas (2008).jpg Controversy after leak of preliminary report into Spanair disaster
File:Marinho correios escandalo.jpg Corruption endangers Brazilian government
File:Roberto Jefferson.jpeg Corruption endangers Brazilian government
File:Waldomiro Diniz.jpg Corruption endangers Brazilian government
File:PolanskiIFFKV.jpg Court rejects Polanski bid to have child sex charges dismissed
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Custody of Saddam Hussein given to Iraq, to be executed 'today or tomorrow'
File:1 Euro coin Mt.gif Cyprus and Malta adopt the euro
File:Arena auf schalke gelsenkirchen germany.JPG Czech Republic coast to 3-0 win over USA in Group E
File:Iraq-oil-power.jpg Denunciations of Scandals Threaten UN
File:Anti-Sarah Palin Rally Sept 13 2008 52.jpg Despite threats, "Alaska Women Reject Palin" rally held
File:Anti-Sarah Palin Rally Sept 13 2008 55.jpg Despite threats, "Alaska Women Reject Palin" rally held
File:Anti-Sarah Palin Rally Sept 13 2008 64.jpg Despite threats, "Alaska Women Reject Palin" rally held
File:LSD blotter paper.jpg Drug website surveys LSD users and culture
File:GeertWilders.jpg Dutch MP advocates proscription of Koran
File:Angela Merkel SJ8.jpg EU adopts renewable energy measures
File:Berlaymont 557 AL.jpg EU launches channel on YouTube
File:Segolene royal.jpg Economy center stage in French elections
File:GutierrezMarcello2.jpg Ecuador's ousted President granted asylum in Brazil
File:Arena auf schalke gelsenkirchen germany.JPG Ecuador beats Poland, 2-0 in Group A
File:ProfessorAngelopoulos88.jpg Ecumenical Hellenism program's representatives visited U.S.A.
File:Urne DSCN1426.JPG Electronic voting disputed in France
File:European Parliament in Strassburg.jpg European Parliament approves accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU
File:Gropius Athens.JPG Explosion at the U.S. embassy in Athens
File:FBI-pedophile-symbols-416.jpg FBI document reviews symbols used by pedophiles
File:Busca voo Air France 447 1.jpg False dawn for Air France flight; debris not from crash, search continues
File:Jacko's death dominating the front pages!.jpg Fans mourn death and celebrate life of Michael Jackson around the world
File:02gaza.jpg Fatah assaults European Union office
File:Felipe Massa 2007.jpg Felipe Massa will start from pole of 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix
File:Felipe Massa 2007 Bahrain.jpg Felipe Massa wins 2007 Spanish Grand Prix
File:T3 concourse day.jpg First international flight lands at Delhi airport's new Terminal 3
File:Elitexc-heat-kimbo-slice-vs-seth-petruzelli-300x214.jpg Florida officials investigating controversial MMA fight
File:Map333.jpg Forest fire in Chalkidiki peninsula causes political tension in Greece
File:At the Landfill.jpg FormerNewYorkCityPoliceCommissionerBernardKeriksentencedtofouryearsinprison
File:3c19965vCROP.jpg Former Prime Minister of Senegal Mamadou Dia dies
File:Milosevic-1.jpg Former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic found dead in his cell
File:Dominique villepin.jpg France to ban smoking in public places
File:Bernard Kouchner.gif France warns of war with Iran
File:Zvonareva.jpg French Open 2007: Zvonareva withdraws
File:Fariba-iran-evin1.jpg French teacher returns home after being held in Iran for ten months
File:MALIKIBUSH.jpg George Bush discusses Iraq 5 years after invasion
File:Mazher Mahmood2.jpg George Galloway exposes News of the World 'fake sheikh'
File:BND 01.jpg German intelligence participated in U.S. bombing of Iraq, media alleges
File:AnibalAcevedoVila.jpg Governor of Puerto Rico indicted in campaign finance probe
File:Güney Kıbrıs Rum Kesimi haritası.png Greek-Cypriots vote for President
File:Lansana Conte VOA.jpg Guinea's PM fired by President
File:UN Haiti - MINUSTAH.jpg Haitian earthquake: in pictures
File:Stephen Harper voa.jpg Harper to recognize Quebec as nation within Canada
File:Flood on the main road near Pallippadi Bridge in a mansoon 2008.jpg Heavy rainfall creates huge traffic jams across Delhi, India
File:Flag of Hezbollah.svg Hezbollah leader alleges prior Israeli-US planning of current conflict
File:Flag of Hezbollah.svg Hezbollah network Al-Manar available to wider international audience
File:Flag of Hezbollah.svg Hezbollah strengthening, according to Israeli Defense Minister
File:Lord Ram.jpg Hindu mythological theme park planned for banks of Ganges
File:007.jpg Hotel development proposal could displace Buffalo, NY business owners
File:HD149026Corecomparison.jpg Hottest planet to date found in the constellation Hercules
File:HouseofRepresentatives.jpg House votes to limit Patriot Act
File:IMG 2090.JPG Hundreds of SUNY New Paltz students demonstrate, storm administration building
File:1945sattelite.jpg Hurricane Dean makes second landfall; weakens to Category 1 storm
File:Hurricane Katrina Predicted Path.jpg Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida, kills seven
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Hussein trial judge submits resignation
File:Huygen probe-decent nasa.jpg Huygens moon probe to land on Titan
File:000 0038.jpg In depth: Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal controversy
File:India facilities.gif India and U.S.A. work toward nuclear fuel agreement
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg India wins the cricket series against West Indies by 3-1
File:Fotopresdn.jpg Indonesia ferry sinks near Majene, more than 260 people missing
File:Anna Mikkola.jpg Interview with Anna Mikkola, Finnish Left Alliance candidate for European Parliament
File:Pslv-pad.jpg Israeli spy satellite launched by Indian rocket
File:1euro 2007.jpg Italian biggest win at Italian Lottery Superenalotto
File:G8-genes-2001-02.jpg Italian officials found guilty of abusing G8 protestors
File:SELENE.jpg Japan's lunar probe performing 'smoothly' after successful launch
File:P1030255.jpg Jimmy Wales accused of editing Wikipedia for donations
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Judging the Courts: Wikinews interviews Prof. Lawrence Douglas
File:Kimi Raikkonen 2007 2b.jpg Kimi Räikkönen wins 2007 Belgian Grand Prix
File:Kimi Raikkonen 2007 2b.jpg Kimi Räikkönen wins 2007 British Grand Prix
File:Kimi Raikkonen 2007 2b.jpg Kimi Räikkönen wins 2007 French Grand Prix
File:BushseniorSaudiArabia.jpg King Fahd of Saudi Arabia announced dead
File:KurdishUbuntuSplash.png Kurdish Linux launched in Turkey
File:Kwik-E-Mart - Banner Sign.jpg Kwik-E-Mart promotion drawing thousands of visitors
File:Dessin-abbe-pierre.jpg L'Abbé Pierre dies at 94 in France
File:Ca nl-nn.gif Labrador's Inuit sign land claims agreement
File:Russell Means press conference.JPG Lakota Freedom Delegation says spokesman Russell Means 'hijacked' organization
File:800px-US SSM Laws.png Law banning same sex marriages in Iowa 'unconstitutional' says judge
File:Al-masri.jpg Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq arrested
File:Tony Abbott.png Liberal Party of Australia win Bradfield, Higgins by-elections
File:Charrest.jpg Liberal minority government elected in Quebec
File:Lindsaylohangfdl.jpg Lindsay Lohan surrenders to police
File:Bush Embassy photo.jpg Live grenade thrown at George Bush in Georgia
File:David beckham and his son.jpg Major League Soccer: Beckham will miss game against Toronto
File:IMAG00502.jpg Major snowstorm sweeps across Eastern US
File:Abdullah Badawi.JPG Malaysian Prime Minister dissolves Parliament, makes way for elections
File:Sag actor 2006.jpg Many SAG Awards presenters announced
File:Dsc07940.jpg March against new French copyright law
File:Blobfish.jpg Marine scientist says Australia's blobfish faces extinction
File:MAESTRO ANDRES HENESTROSA MORALES.jpg Mexican senator Andrés Henestrosa dies at 101
File:Arena auf schalke gelsenkirchen germany.JPG Mexico lose 1-2 to Portugal but still qualify in Group D
File:2007Xbox360TaiwanHalloweenSpecial Xbox360Console TheSimpsonsMovie.jpg Microsoft Taiwan will bring on high-definition AV-media Market in Taiwan after Xbox360 will support HDMI interface
File:Vista-folder windows.png Microsoft says no delay for European launch of Vista Mike Tyson set to retire after loss
File:5centcoin.jpg Millions of old New Zealand coins still to be handed in
File:Marcel Marceau.gif Mime Marcel Marceau dies at age 84
File:New Zealand money.jpg Minimum wage to be increased in New Zealand
File:MoldovaEU.jpg Moldovan government proposes awareness-raising strategy on EU integration
File:Hawaii Eddie Aikau competition surf.jpg Monster waves make way for rare surfing competition
File:HuffPo American Foundation for Children with AIDS 1.jpg Mountaineers 'Climb Up' for AIDS funding
File:HuffPo Mount Kilimanjaro.jpg Mountaineers 'Climb Up' for AIDS funding
File:Habitable zone-en.svg NASA says star system contains 'earth-like planet' in the making
File:Evgeni Malkin2.jpg NHL: Detroit wins the 2008 Stanley Cup
File:RAAF-Roundel.svg Names of Australians killed in helicopter crash released
File:Jarkko Ruutu.jpg National Hockey League news: March 28, 2008
File:Netscape Navigator 2.JPG Netscape Navigator support ceases today
File:RandyMoss Celebration.jpg New England Patriots go 17-0
File:Eli Manning.jpg New York Giants upset New England Patriots' quest for perfect season
File:5centcoin.jpg New Zealand's new small change
File:New Zealand money.jpg New Zealand dollar hits new high versus the United States dollar
File:Gliese 581 c in the habitable zone.svg Newly discovered extra-solar planet may be Earth-like
File:Audio Wikinews Brief 2007-11-19.ogg News briefs:November 19, 2007
File:Audio Wikinews Brief 2007-10-29.ogg News briefs:October 29, 2007
File:Nick Clegg MP.jpg Nick Clegg is new leader of UK Liberal Democrat party
File:Aeroflot-Nord VP-BKO Boeing 737-500.jpg No evidence of engine fire at Aeroflot-Nord Flight 821 crash site
File:ROKS Cheonan (PCC-772).jpg North Korea denies involvement in sinking of South Korean warship
File:European parliament with flags.jpg Northern Ireland MEP Jim Allister resigns from DUP
File:Bob-McDonnell sm.jpg Obama's first State of the Union speech focuses on economy, jobs
File:Tõnismäe monument 1999.jpg One killed in clashes over World War monument in Estonia
File:TrialSaddam.jpg One of Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers thrown out of court
File:Columnas de humo del accidente aéreo de Madrid-Barajas (2008).jpg Over one hundred die in Madrid plane crash
File:Peta White Plains 20070711-5.jpg PETA protests Burberry in White Plains, NY
File:Pslv-pad.jpg PSLV rocket launches ten satellites
File:FK Partizan.png Partizan Belgrade kicked out of 2007/08 UEFA Cup
File:Ed Rendell.jpg Pennsylvania lost 41,000 jobs in February, a 13-year high
File:Pluto Earth size comparison.jpg Pluto loses planet status
File:Arena auf schalke gelsenkirchen germany.JPG Portugal taken to penalties; beat England and reach historic semi-final
File:Josesaramago.jpg Portuguese writer José Saramago dies at 87
File:BaxterGate.jpg Protesters arrive at Baxter detention centre in Australian desert
File:BaxterPipe.JPG Protesters arrive at Baxter detention centre in Australian desert
File:BaxterProtesters.jpg Protests continue at Baxter detention centre
File:Charrest.jpg Quebec's Liberal premier Jean Charest wins third term
File:1980b.jpg Reactor at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant shuts down
File:Gliese 581 c in the habitable zone.svg Recent 'Earth-like planet' found in April 'too hot' for life say some scientists
File:New Zealand R. Driver Licence.JPG Record low amount of organs donated in New Zealand
File:Liberal Party of Australia.png Report details British billionare donations to Australian political party
File:Plastic bag stock sized.jpg Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags
File:Tom Delay old pix.jpg Representative Tom DeLay not seeking future Majority Leader position
File:Gropius Athens.JPG Reward against terrorists in Greece
File:European Parliament in Strassburg.jpg Romanian president meets with EU officials in Bucharest
File:Britney-Spears082.jpg Rumors false about Britney Spears on Sesame Street
File:Oscar the grouch at smithsonian.jpg Rumors false about Britney Spears on Sesame Street
File:Rumsfeld portrait.jpg Rumsfeld Skips Munich Security Conference
File:Aeroflot-Nord VP-BKO Boeing 737-500.jpg Russian Boeing 737 crashes with 88 aboard
File:Tupolew Tu 160 sideview.jpg Russian commander: Tu-160s penetrate US airspace undetected
File:Sag actor 2006.jpg SAG Awards handed out
File:Barzan ibrahim.jpg Saddam's co-defendant decapitated while being hanged
File:Barzan ibrahim.jpg Saddam's co-defendants to be executed Thursday
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Saddam Hussein 'forced' back to trial
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Saddam Hussein admits to requesting trials
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Saddam Hussein sentenced to death for Dujail killings
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Saddam Hussein to learn his fate in October
File:Sathyasaibaba.jpg Sai Baba upsets Telangana activists
File:Sam's Club Lerdo.jpg Sam's Club recalls beef patties nationwide following reported illnesses
File:MayorNewsom.jpg San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom to run for governor of California
File:Francois fillon1.jpg Sarkozy appoints François Fillon as Prime Minister of France
File:UreyMillerExperiment.jpeg Science academies urge teaching of evolution
File:Anonmyous protesters pose for group picture.JPG Scientology protest group celebrates founder's birthday worldwide
File:Sag actor 2006.jpg Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations released
File:Sag rosenberg.jpg Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations released
File:Al-masri.jpg Senior al-Qaeda leaders in Iraq killed
File:Sergey Mikhalkov.jpg Sergey Mikhalkov, Russian writer, dies at 97
File:GuessingGame01.jpg Simon's Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with 'Imitation Game' experiment
File:PICT4422.jpg Simon's Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with 'Imitation Game' experiment
File:Brunei 2006 circulating coins.jpg Singapore and Brunei issue joint banknote
File:Britney-Spears082.jpg Singer Britney Spears faces hit and run charges
File:Britney-Spears082.jpg Singer Britney Spears loses custody battle
File:Terry Wogan.jpg Sir Terry Wogan announces his departure from BBC Radio 2 breakfast show
File:1euro 2007.jpg Slovakia on track to adopt euro in 2009
File:Northern Snakehead face.jpg Snakehead fish appear in large numbers near Potomac River
File:Segolene royal.jpg Socialist Ségolène Royal launches campaign for French presidency
File:Academy Award Oscar.jpg Song by indie artists, used in small movie, wins Oscar
File:Za-coa.png South African spies suspended
File:GovernorSanford- OfficialPortrait.jpg South Carolina governor resigns GOP post, explains disappearance
File:1937urss.jpg Soviet statue returns to Moscow
File:Worker and Kolkhoznitsa.jpg Soviet statue returns to Moscow
File:Amos2.jpg Soyuz rocket launches GIOVE-B satellite
File:Spacexdragon.jpg SpaceXlaunchesfirstFalcon9rocket
File:125750main in-flight-lg.jpg Space shuttle Discovery back in Florida
File:Galvez Isaac.jpg Spanish cyclist Isaac Gálvez dies after crash in Ghent, Belgium
File:Mahinda Rajapakse.jpg Sri Lankan president declares victory over rebels
File:Mahinda Rajapakse.jpg Sri Lankan president promises to end war in 48 hours
File:Steve Fossett 04.jpg Steve Fossett breaks record for longest nonstop flight, lands safely
File:Wembley Panorama-England Vs Italy U21s.jpg Stevenage Borough win 2007 FA Trophy at Wembley Stadium
File:En-Stock markets worldwide fall dramatically.ogg Stock markets worldwide fall dramatically
File:Grammar-v-NCC-05.JPG Sunshine Coast Grammar 1st XV win last round, qualify for semi finals
File:Misza 1980.jpg Support strong to bring back 1980 Soviet mascot for the 2014 Olympics
File:PolanskiIFFKV.jpg SwitzerlandsetsPolishfilmdirectorRomanPolanskifree
File:Air France Flight 447 Empennage removal 2.jpg Tail from Air France jet recovered from Atlantic Ocean
File:Sag actor 2006.jpg Television actors acknowledged by SAG Awards nominations
File:Embracing texas-hood.jpg Texans vote online for new license plate
File:Abhisit Vejjajiva Korat Post 2007.gif Thai opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva elected as new Prime Minister
File:Furby.JPG The Onion: An interview with 'America's Finest News Source'
File:Bolivia.CarlosMesa.01.jpg The President of Bolivia resigns
File:Flag of Hezbollah.svg Three killed during Hezbollah-led protest
File:240-dogFighting.jpg Three men arrested under suspicion of organising dog fights in southern Finland
File:Dulmatin.jpg Three rebels in Indonesia killed in raids
File:Tdalton.jpg Timothy Dalton to voice a character in Toy Story 3
File:Tom Delay old pix.jpg Tom DeLay will not seek re-election; to resign from Congress
File:Air Canada Center.jpg Toronto Maple Leafs name Fletcher interim GM
File:Steegmans.jpg Tour de France: Gert Steegmans wins stage 2
File:Tour de france 2005 20th stage 06.jpg Tour de France: Levi Leipheimer wins stage 19
File:Whereabouts-form.jpg Tour de France: Yellow jersey Rasmussen withdrawn
File:TragediaKatowice06.jpg Trade hall roof collapses in Poland
File:TrialSaddam.jpg Trial of Saddam Hussein to be televised
File:Pacific highway south of buladelah.jpg Truckies could foot the bill for NSW Pacific Highway upgrade
File:December 2007 bombing of northern Iraq.jpg Turkish planes bomb PKK targets in northern Iraq
File:Saparmurat Niyazov 9may2005.jpg Turkmenistan President Niyazov dies of heart condition
File:LocationIndia.png Twenty-seven die as bus falls into gorge in Kashmir
File:Phoenix aerial Arizona USA1.jpg Two news helicopters crash in Phoenix, Arizona
File:Triomphant img 0394.jpg Two nuclear submarines collide in the Atlantic Ocean
File:Donald Rumsfield 2005-06-27.jpg U.S. Pentagon conference says weapons entered Iraq from Iran
File:20040419-3 d041904-5-515h.jpg U.S. envoy selected as top intelligence officer
File:Tom Delay old pix.jpg U.S. house majority leader DeLay indicted, steps down temporarily
File:Bill Threlked.jpg U.S. immigrant worker debate taken up by Virginia township
File:McCain-Bush-050321.jpg U.S. senators reach compromise on use of filibuster
File:JoeBiden.gif U.S politician Joe Biden makes controversial remark about Indian-Americans
File:Platini.jpg UEFA president Platini confirms Euro 2012 to be hosted in Poland and Ukraine
File:G-string-example.jpg UKresearchindicatesbigbumsarehealthy
File:Kop ynwa banner.jpg UK's Liverpool FC unveils plans for new stadium
File:TrialSaddam.jpg UN inquiry finds mismanagement and failure of oversight
File:FA-22 Raptor.jpg US Air Force suspends most F-15 operations following crash
File:HouseofRepresentatives.jpg US House of Representatives passes India nuclear bill
File:General Stanley A McChrystal 01.jpg US army commander in Afghanistan asks for more troops in leaked report
File:North korean leader.jpg US prisoner in North Korea 'attempts suicide'
File:Touched by His Noodly Appendage.jpg US state of Kansas in battle over "Intelligent Design" in education
File:Joseph Kony (296444792).jpg Ugandan government, rebels agree to ceasefire
File:Wiktor Juschtschenko.jpg Ukraine: media riddles around the phosphorous cloud
File:Malhaz Djaparidze.jpg Ukraine refused Moldova in extradition of Malhaz Djaparidze and liberated him
File:Wiktor Juschtschenko.jpg Ukrainian president to visit Romania
File:Darrell Hair.jpg Umpire Darrell Hair offers to quit ICC elite panel for $500,000
File:D-day battle order.jpg VE Day 60th anniversary commemorated across Europe & USA
File:Venezuelan FV101 Scorpion 90.jpg Venezuelan army on high alert after Chávez cuts diplomatic ties with Colombia
File:Virginians in a queue for iBooks.jpg Virginians melee at used Apple iBook sale
File:Visa-electron-Poland-new-logo.jpg Visa seeks to issue largest IPO in US history
File:Vyacheslav Tikhonov 1963 photo.jpg Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Russian actor most famous for Stirlitz, dies at 81
File:Wales flag large.png Wales win Grand Slam, RBS Six Nations and the Triple Crown
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies cricket team in England 2007-1st Twenty20
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies cricket team in England 2007 - 1st ODI
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies cricket team in England 2007 - 2nd ODI
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies cricket team in England 2007 - 2nd Twenty20
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies cricket team in England 2007 - 3rd ODI
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies will play 2006 ICC Champions Trophy final against Australia
File:West Indies Cricket Board Flag.svg West Indies wins the third match of the cricket series against India
File:BACC.jpg Wikimania jury chooses Alexandria for 2008 location
File:Gumby and Pokey - Bendable Figures.jpg WikinewsShorts:January10,2010
File:Kasparov arrested.jpg Wikinews' overview of the year 2007
File:1 Euro coin Mt.gif Wikinews' overview of the year 2008
File:LegolandCaliforniaUSCapitol.jpg Wikinews Shorts: January 13, 2009
File:Thai money.jpg Wikinews Shorts: June 13, 2007
File:DS (pixel art).png Wikinews Shorts: May 17, 2007
File:Metropolitan Police Flag.gif Wikinews Shorts: November 29, 2008
File:IPhone Release - Seattle.jpg Wikinews Shorts: November 9, 2007
File:S3700186.jpg Wikinews international report: "Anonymous" holds anti-Scientology protests worldwide
File:Joe schriner.jpg Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate
File:Schriner.jpg Wikinews interviews Joe Schriner, Independent U.S. presidential candidate
File:MesplayEarthDay2008.JPG Wikinews interviews Kent Mesplay, Green Party presidential candidate
File:Premier serveur Web.jpeg Wikinews interviews World Wide Web co-inventor Robert Cailliau
File:DSC02502 modified.jpg Wikipedia's Wales is considering a "stable" version
File:Kaltura Logo.png Will Wikimedia "run on Sun"?
File:Bernard Kouchner.gif With pressure from France, Chad and Sudan open door to possible troop deployment
File:Palasport-Olimpico-Turin.jpg World University Games 2007 opened in Turin
File:XBox360 (pixel art).png Xbox 360 console sales surge in America
File:Cannes FF Palace.jpeg Yemen's first-ever feature film to be screened at Cannes Festival
File:Wiktor Juschtschenko.jpg Yushchenko sworn in
File:Airportwcpo (2).jpg 49 dead after Comair regional jet crashes in Kentucky
File:Fire in Vladivostok.jpg At least eight people die in office fire in Vladivostok, Russia
File:Fire in Vladivostok2.jpg At least eight people die in office fire in Vladivostok, Russia
File:Fire in Vladivostok3.jpg At least eight people die in office fire in Vladivostok, Russia
File:Nguyen Tuong Van.jpg Australian man to be executed in Singapore
File:Carole james.jpg BC election writ drops; referendum campaigns underway
File:Veja-Tentaculos-46.jpg Brazilian Abin director: no proof linking FARC money to PT
File:Veja-Tentaculos-49.jpg Brazilian Abin director: no proof linking FARC money to PT
File:Ferias torto f2.jpg Brazilian President son's photoblog causes polemic
File:Pic20071127 1.jpg Dr. Joseph Merlino on sexuality, insanity, Freud, fetishes and apathy
File:Tigger on Digg video page.jpg Full video of Tigger incident reveals different story
File:AttackLebanon2006.jpg Hezbollah-Israel war continues for a third day
File:Huygens probe descending.png Huygens probe lands on Saturn's moon Titan, returns pictures
File:Palestine girl with flag-284x358.png International community marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
File:Nicola Calipari.jpg Italy seeks indictment of U.S. marine
File:Mus Musculus-huismuis.jpg Main Page/Archive16
File:Veja-wikipedia.jpg Main Page/Archive2
File:Wikinews MSIE dynamic content.png Main Page/Archive 14
File:Wikipedia MSIE dynamic content.png Main Page/Archive 14
File:Rss smaller.gif Main Page/Archive 7
File:Orbiting Carbon Observatory launch from Vandenburg.jpg Rocket carrying NASA carbon dioxide satellite crashes into ocean
File:Taurus-3110 OCO 2.jpg Rocket carrying NASA carbon dioxide satellite crashes into ocean
File:Coat of arms of Thailand.png Thai king endorses October 15 general election rerun
File:IR RALLY.jpg Thousands of Australian workers set to rally against IR reform
File:DSC02265.JPG Times Square shuts down due to suspicious vehicle
File:Cos-bear-san-diego-police-department.jpg Tulsa media erroneously reports San Diego Comic Con Pedobear was 'registered sex offender'
File:Stopwatch.jpg Veteran sergeant accounts US torture coverup
File:OHL-Plymouth-Walers-Brett-Bellemore-Injured.jpg Whalers upset Spirit in opening game for Ontario Hockey League
File:Questionaire on the situation in Korea (en).sxw Wikinews interviews South Koreans about relations with North Korea
File:Questionare on Korean situation (kr).sxw Wikinews interviews South Koreans about relations with North Korea
File:Wiki-sep11.png Axezz
File:Order of Smile.png Bawolff/Sandbox/Column-test/Image/external
File:Order of Smile.png Bawolff/Sandbox/Column-test/Image/float
File:Order of Smile.png Bawolff/Sandbox/Column-test/Image/width-try
File:Order of Smile.svg Bawolff/pict/2006/7
File:Nl-SjablonenSubstitueren.ogg Bawolff/sandbox/wiktSampleNL
File:Senior picture.jpg Beano
File:Bowser mp7.jpg Bowser Koopa
File:Nash.jpg Chama
File:Barnstar-printedition.jpg Chiacomo
File:Barnstar-printedition.jpg Cspurrier
File:...... Cspurrier/popups.js
File:LocationIndia.png DL+1613/testarea3
File:1980b.jpg DragonFire1024/Articles
File:Lakes on Titan.jpg DragonFire1024/Articles
File:Elmo.JPG DragonFire1024/archiveApril2007
File:JohnInman.jpg DragonFire1024/archiveMarch-April07
File:Palestine girl with flag-284x358.png DragonFire1024/archive November-December 2008
File:EthanMug.jpg Ethan (unsurp)
File:Foobar.png Flewis/morebits.js
File:Esinhower.jpg Go Diegiosinminigraph
File:Foobar.png Griffinofwales/morebits.js
File:Cafe Lipstick.jpg I18n
File:Test user IlyaHaykinson.jpg IlyaHaykinson/Image replacement test
File:...... IlyaHaykinson/popups.js
File:Symbol comment.png J/userstatus
File:Symbol deferred.png J/userstatus
File:Tednpad-icon.gif J/userstatus
File:Symbol comment.png J/userstatus/doc
File:Symbol deferred.png J/userstatus/doc
File:Tednpad-icon.gif J/userstatus/doc
File:Microsoft Windows XP wordmark.PNG JackPotte
File:Spyhunter2-small.jpg JaymzSpyhunter
File:En-Stock markets worldwide fall dramatically.ogg Kamnet/Audio
File:Good2 color crop.jpg Kevin Baas
File:GradHat.gif Mariano Anto Bruno Mascarenhas.J
File:...... Markie/Broken images
File:0.999.png Markie/Broken images
File:17October2005.pdf Markie/Broken images
File:20060617134408iran-1.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:25October2005.sxw Markie/Broken images
File:7014.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Airportwcpo (2).jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Amicus brief naic text.pdf Markie/Broken images
File:AndorraLaVella.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Arcetri torre de gallo.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Atmos struct imaging.png Markie/Broken images
File:Aus C 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:BJ StevenGreer 800x600.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:BR-logo.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Barnstar-printedition.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Bling-Bling by David Shankbone.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Bottom tabs position corrected.png Markie/Broken images
File:Bottomlinks.png Markie/Broken images
File:Bowser mp7.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Campo dei Miracoli overview.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Canadian PM with Pres. Bush.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Cat-greeneye.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Cbs5earthqcobb.png Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-2.0 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-2.5 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-nc-nd-2.0 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-nc-nd-2.5 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-nc-sa-2.0 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-nc-sa-2.5 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-nd-2.0 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-nd-2.5 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-sa-2.0 Markie/Broken images
File:Cc-by-sa-2.5 Markie/Broken images
File:China - 2000 - Beijing - 02 - Forbidden City - 1024x768.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:China - 2000 - Guizhou - 07 - Landscape - 1024x768.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Columbia SEAS.GIF Markie/Broken images
File:Commonplacetext.png Markie/Broken images
File:Elmo.JPG Markie/Broken images
File:EthanMug.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Eur C 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Example Markie/Broken images
File:Fergalicious Product Placement.JPG Markie/Broken images
File:Ferias torto f2.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Fire in Vladivostok.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Fire in Vladivostok2.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Fire in Vladivostok3.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Flag of Tri-Cities.svg Markie/Broken images
File:Flower hmong bac ha 1999.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Former Army soldier Steven D. Green.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Frederik kaiser.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Google Print.gif Markie/Broken images
File:GradHat.gif Markie/Broken images
File:HPK.gif Markie/Broken images
File:Hiii Markie/Broken images
File:Honor Star.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Http:// GR4s, 617 Squadron 2006.jpg/250px-Tornado GR4s, 617 Squadron 2006.jpg [[{{{page}}}]]|page=Markie/Broken images}}
File:Huygens probe descending.png Markie/Broken images
File:IR RALLY.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:ImageThatDoesn'tExist.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Incoming .jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Index catalogue.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Jacobsonmemo.pdf Markie/Broken images
File:JohnInman.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:JuergenLogo.png Markie/Broken images
File:Kitty wee.gif Markie/Broken images
File:LeSophisticate.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:ME C 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Map of USA highlighting US State.png Markie/Broken images
File:Mark Hacking Police Photo.jpeg Markie/Broken images
File:Market Data Index SETI on 20050425 105527 UTC.png Markie/Broken images
File:Mrao ami lba.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:NA C 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Najib Mikati.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Nash.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Neutralglobe.png Markie/Broken images
File:Nguyen Tuong Van.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Nicola Calipari.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Nobel prize medal.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Nuvola important icon.png Markie/Broken images
File:OCtagon-warning.png Markie/Broken images
File:Order of Smile.png Markie/Broken images
File:Order of Smile.svg Markie/Broken images
File:Palatul Parlamentului.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Paul martin Markie/Broken images
File:Pchart.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Peoples army of vietnam.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:PonchTrilYawn.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Princeofwales5.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Ro-journ-iraq-kidnapped.png Markie/Broken images
File:Rounded corners.png Markie/Broken images
File:Rowyn.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Rss icon.png Markie/Broken images
File:SEA C 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Santa arrest.JPG Markie/Broken images
File:Self Markie/Broken images
File:Sg mrob.ogg Markie/Broken images
File:Shack hartmann.png Markie/Broken images
File:So.gif Markie/Broken images
File:SoapboxMSNVideo Screenshot.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Speckle aperture masking.png Markie/Broken images
File:Spyhunter2-small.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Stopwatch.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Template messages/Image namespace Markie/Broken images
File:Test user IlyaHaykinson.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Tram pic.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Trusted reporter.png Markie/Broken images
File:Universal Remote Clicked stolen.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Veja-Tentaculos-46.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Veja-Tentaculos-49.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Veja-wikipedia.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Video play Markie/Broken images
File:Vlbi data playback.gif Markie/Broken images
File:Vlbi data record.gif Markie/Broken images
File:WNN-Composite.png Markie/Broken images
File:Wendy Finger DOE CALIF.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Wiki-sep11.png Markie/Broken images
File:WikiNews-Logo.svg Markie/Broken images
File:WikiNewsSkin-Apr17.png Markie/Broken images
File:Wikinews john key.ogg Markie/Broken images
File:Wikipedia3fnlc1.svg Markie/Broken images
File:Wolfowitz paul.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:World C 29May2007at1100UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:World F 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Markie/Broken images
File:Wl-editor-mail.png Merriam/Wikileaks:Writer's Kit
File:James Monroe.jpg Mikiuwaminisodpback
File:Poop.jpg Mikiuwaminisodpback
File:Superstar.jpg Mikiuwaminisodpback
File:WNN-Composite.png Mrmiscellanious/Sandbox/WNN/Composite
File:Hiii Mukund wiki
File:Skull1.squarejpg.jpg Neutralizer/Opinions
File:EN-AWNB-2009-07-27.ogg NicholasTurnbull/WNNB Jul2708
File:PonchTrilYawn.jpg Ohnoitsjamie
File:ImageThatDoesn'tExist.jpg Orgullomoore/sandbox
File:...... RadioKirk/popups.js
File:Arcetri torre de gallo.jpg Rnt20
File:Atmos struct imaging.png Rnt20
File:Campo dei Miracoli overview.jpg Rnt20
File:Flower hmong bac ha 1999.jpg Rnt20
File:Frederik kaiser.jpg Rnt20
File:Mrao ami lba.jpg Rnt20
File:Nobel prize medal.jpg Rnt20
File:Peoples army of vietnam.jpg Rnt20
File:Shack hartmann.png Rnt20
File:Speckle aperture masking.png Rnt20
File:Vlbi data playback.gif Rnt20
File:Vlbi data record.gif Rnt20
File:Ballymorecupfinal07.ogg RockerballAustralia/Ballymore Cup finals
File:Universal Remote Clicked stolen.jpg RollercoastercoryRoberts88/Images
File:Rowyn.jpg Rowyn Arther I
File:World F 29May2007at2130UTC.jpg Ryan524/Sandbox
File:Krinkle RTRC.js Skenmy/vector.js
File:Sterkebak.jpg SterkeBak
File:JuergenLogo.png Stevertigo
File:Incoming .jpg Swatjester
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File:Homeimg.png Symode09/Soapbox
File:New Zealand AOS 01.jpg TheFearow/mainpage2
File:EUR 1 (2007 issue).png The wub/Quiz
File:ViperSnake151/CCambox ViperSnake151/CCambox
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File:Dnipro-Dnipropetrovsk.png WeBuriedOurSecretsInTheGarden/sandbox
File:Flag of ?.svg WeBuriedOurSecretsInTheGarden/sandbox
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File:AngryParsley.png Wikieat
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File:Paul martin Amgine/Archive2
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File:Tram pic.jpg Booksworm
File:Santa arrest.JPG Brian/Archive 7
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File:Vlaams Belang election brochure.png Brian McNeil/Archive 05
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File:Barnstar-printedition.jpg Chiacomo/Archive 1
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File:Barnstar-printedition.jpg Cspurrier/Archive1
File:Santa arrest.JPG Cspurrier/Archive2
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File:Santa arrest.JPG DragonFire1024/Archive until February 3, 2007
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File:Amicus brief naic text.pdf Emil zola redux
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File:7014.jpg 2005/April
File:BaxterGate.jpg 2005/April
File:China - 2000 - Beijing - 02 - Forbidden City - 1024x768.jpg 2005/April
File:China - 2000 - Guizhou - 07 - Landscape - 1024x768.jpg 2005/April
File:Cookie.jpg 2005/April
File:Index catalogue.jpg 2005/April
File:Lord Ram.jpg 2005/April
File:Mark Hacking Police Photo.jpeg 2005/April
File:Najib Mikati.jpg 2005/April
File:Ro-journ-iraq-kidnapped.png 2005/April
File:Voa mcculloch canada election paul martin 150 eng 27jun04.jpg 2005/April
File:Wiktor Juschtschenko.jpg 2005/April
File:Cookie.jpg 2005/April/11
File:BaxterGate.jpg 2005/April/12
File:China - 2000 - Guizhou - 07 - Landscape - 1024x768.jpg 2005/April/14
File:Mark Hacking Police Photo.jpeg 2005/April/16
File:China - 2000 - Beijing - 02 - Forbidden City - 1024x768.jpg 2005/April/17
File:Index catalogue.jpg 2005/April/17
File:Najib Mikati.jpg 2005/April/17
File:Wiktor Juschtschenko.jpg 2005/April/19
File:Voa mcculloch canada election paul martin 150 eng 27jun04.jpg 2005/April/22
File:7014.jpg 2005/April/26
File:Ro-journ-iraq-kidnapped.png 2005/April/27
File:Lord Ram.jpg 2005/April/30
File:125750main in-flight-lg.jpg 2005/August
File:125750main in-flight-lg.jpg 2005/August/21
File:Ca nl-nn.gif 2005/January
File:Romania flag 300.png 2005/January
File:Romania flag 300.png 2005/January/18
File:Ca nl-nn.gif 2005/January/23
File:BaxterGate.jpg 2005/March
File:Cat-greeneye.jpg 2005/March
File:Romania flag large.png 2005/March
File:Wolfowitz paul.jpg 2005/March
File:Wolfowitz paul.jpg 2005/March/18
File:Romania flag large.png 2005/March/22
File:BaxterGate.jpg 2005/March/25
File:Cat-greeneye.jpg 2005/March/28
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File:EN-Article Name.ogg Audio Wikinews/Cheat Sheet
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File:Link title "Twilight" DVD sells 3 million copies in first day
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File:Spiderman joke.jpg New bill will ban Muslims from wearing veils at polls; Canada
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