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  1. New Beta Version of MSN Search Service from Microsoft released
  2. 2004 Commonwealth Judo Championships
  3. President of China lunches with Brazilian President
  4. Brazilian delegation returns from Arafat funeral
  5. Palestinians to elect new president on January 9
  6. Iran Close to Decision on Nuclear Program
  7. Hearing begins over David Hookes death
  8. Iran Agrees to Suspend Uranium Conversion
  9. Brazilian soccer player's mother has been kidnapped
  10. High-speed train derailment in central Queensland (Australia)
  11. Latin American Drug dealer Beira-Mar's lawyers arrested
  12. Pope John Paul II meets Iraq's Ambassador
  13. Big Linux Beta 3 released
  14. Hari Kostov resigns as prime minister of Macedonia
  15. Colin Powell Resigns as U.S. Secretary of State, Rice Likely Successor
  16. Florida's Walt Disney World launches revamped attractions
  17. Senator Harry Reid elected Democratic minority leader
  18. Majority of Dutch parliament against accentuation of anti-blasphemy article
  19. Firefox 1.0 Internet Browser released by Mozilla Foundation
  20. British-Iraqi careworker Margaret Hassan reportedly killed
  21. Russian Tatars not allowed to use Latin alphabet
  22. Longhorn for 2006, according to Gates
  23. Saddam Hussein profited roughly 1B by taking funds from UN program
  24. President of Brazil meets Vietnamese President
  25. British white paper on public health
  26. Australians talk tough ahead of Brisbane test match
  27. Japan to reduce aid to China
  28. CRS analyses al Qaeda statements
  29. Sharon considered temporary Israeli coup in 1967
  30. Kmart to buy Sears for US$11 billion
  31. South American 2004 World Cup Qualifiers (11th)
  32. Brazilian Landless Workers Movement invades city hall
  33. Barroso names new European Union Commissioners
  34. Chinese submarine enters Japanese waters
  35. Speculation arises as North Korean media drops Kim Jong Il's title
  36. Israeli army kills three Egyptians in border incident
  37. Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi in custody
  38. Kyoto Treaty becomes legally binding on February 16
  39. World's Most-Spammed Man
  40. New Band Aid music video is launched
  41. US reporter convicted for not revealing source
  42. Knight to Leave Nike Top Job
  43. Brazilian President meets President of South Korea
  44. Sudanese parties sign peace pledge
  45. Beheaded bodies found as fighting continues in Mosul
  46. Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) invades in Bahia
  47. Spanish tourist fatally shot in Rio de Janeiro
  48. 19 Burmese political prisoners released; more to come
  49. Brazilian economist Celso Furtado dies
  50. Four NBA players suspended indefinitely for brawl
  51. Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) attacked in Minas Gerais
  52. Bulk of Iraqi debt to Paris Club to be forgiven
  53. President of Brazil meets President of Russia
  54. Activists protest against School of the Americas
  55. Dan Rather resigns as anchor, to stay on as correspondent
  56. Internal emails expose Boeing-Air Force contract discussions
  57. Ukraine election results delayed by court
  58. Australia in a good position after first day of Adelaide test match
  59. 170 workers trapped in Chinese mine after explosion
  60. Researchers discover high temperature enables more efficient hydrogen generation
  61. USL v. BSDi settlement agreement unsealed
  62. Ukrainian opposition leader calls for police and army to join revolution
  63. Ruling party ahead in Romanian elections
  64. World's Largest Ball of Twine Turns 50
  65. Lycos launches screensaver to increase spammers' bills
  66. Valech Report released
  67. Gusenbauer reelected as Austrian Social Democrat Party leader
  68. China and South East Asian nations to create the world's largest free trade area
  69. Hopes rise for breakthrough in Northern Ireland Peace Process
  70. US president Bush visits Canada
  71. US Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge resigns
  72. Blog declared Word of the Year
  73. ITMS Canada launched
  74. Ukraine parliament sacks government
  75. Kerik nominated as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
  76. Federally-funded abstinence programs fraught with problems: Report
  77. Arrested Marxist leader Apablaza charged in Chile
  78. Dem. Republic of Congo prepares to confront Rwanda
  79. House of Flying Daggers (Movie review)
  80. ETA bombs five gas stations in Madrid
  81. Mozambique elections: Frelimo ahead, abstention levels could reach 80%
  82. Tommy Thompson steps down as Secretary of Health and Human Services
  83. Humans may have contributed to 2003 European heatwave
  84. Twin bombings hit Baghdad's Green Zone
  85. MST attack in Rondonia kills one man
  86. Napster founder Shawn Fanning introduces new file-sharing project
  87. Thai government drops origami cranes as message of peace
  88. Police deactivate explosive device in Andalucía, Spain
  89. United States anti-drug efforts in Latin America criticized by WOLA report
  90. User:Earl Andrew
  91. Vanuatu PM accused of assaulting envoy
  92. E.C. President does not advise Portuguese referendum in light of current crisis
  93. Rumsfeld to remain in Bush administration
  94. Calvin Murphy acquitted of molestation charges
  95. Lycos Europe ends its anti-spam campaign
  96. Hamid Karzai takes office as first elected president of Afghanistan
  97. Thunderbird 1.0 mail user agent released by Mozilla Foundation
  98. Man missing after an explosion in central Stockholm
  99. Criminal charges filed in Nov. 19 NBA brawl
  100. NASA van rolls off California mountain
  101. Soldiers question U.S. Defense Secretary on issues during Kuwait visit
  102. U.S. negotiator calls Kyoto Treaty "not based on science"
  103. Veteran sergeant accounts US torture coverup
  104. Blair wishes to cooperate with the United States to reduce climatic change
  105. Indigenous Australians told to "wash for fuel"
  106. Former Pantera-guitarist Dimebag Darrell killed on stage
  107. Mike Tyson arrested for jumping on car hood
  108. National Academy of Sciences recommends manned Hubble repair
  109. Final match of the Chappell-Hadlee trophy washed out in Brisbane
  110. Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Kenyan environmental activist
  111. Kerik withdraws from nomination
  112. Ukraine opposition candidate Yushchenko is suffering from a Dioxin intoxication, doctors say
  113. Taiwan Voters Move Away From Chen's Agenda
  114. Portuguese government resigns
  115. Coalition talks between Israeli Likud and Labour parties underway
  116. Delta 4 Heavy rocket poised for maiden launch
  117. Suicide car bomb attack in Baghdad
  118. Jury suggests the death penalty for Scott Peterson
  119. George W. Bush nominates EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt as health secretary
  120. Puerto Rico's election for governer contested
  121. Google begins massive effort to make books available online
  122. Police raid filesharing resources
  123. Man bites dog, charged with animal cruelty
  124. UK terror suspects win appeal
  125. EU sets date for membership talks with Turkey
  126. Students Gain Early Access to 2004 HSC Results
  127. Draw for Champions League round of 16 made
  128. Brazilian soccer player's mother freed by kidnappers
  129. International Anti-Smoking Treaty to Take Effect Soon
  130. The Deadliest Fall
  131. Cuba erects billboards depicting Abu Ghraib prisoners and swastika in response to U.S. billboard
  132. American teenage girl charged with murder of her mother
  133. Battle of the Bulge reenacted in Belgium
  134. Department of Defense report lambasts communication failure in US War on Terror
  135. Thieves carry out biggest bank robbery in British history
  136. SEALs say US officer's cover-up was reported by fake SEAL
  137. European Union Council to accept software patent directive
  138. 16 Foot Asteroid Passes Between Earth and Satellites
  139. Mozambique's ruling party retains control in elections
  140. US army gives medical assistance to Iraq school
  141. Zambian government launches a new agricultural policy
  142. Former Indian PM Narasimha Rao passes away
  143. Near-Earth asteroid 2004 MN4 reaches Torino Scale hazard rating 4
  144. Mumbai officials demolish 39K shanties; 200K homeless.
  145. Australians fast over 2004 Xmas in empathy with detainees
  146. Major earthquake jolts Bangladesh, centered in Nicobar Islands
  147. Indian Ocean Earthquake
  148. Yushchenko claims victory in re-run
  149. U.S. and U.K. governments warn citizens against travelling to areas hit by tsunamis
  150. Drug-dealers war in Rio de Janeiro
  151. Asian earthquake toll nears 60,000
  152. Connecticut Serial Killer Competent- Waives Further Appeals
  153. Former First Lady of Taiwan dies at age 88
  154. Security firm identifies United States as world's top spamming country
  155. Time Warner, Sprint close to mobile pact
  156. Tsunami toll passes 80,000 people as relief effort continues
  157. Republicans Subpoenaed in Ohio Recount
  158. MN4 2004 asteroid now considered safe
  159. India issued tsunami warning, nothing happened
  160. Democrats ask GAO for election review
  161. Gregoire wins Washington state's closest ever governor's race
  162. Double car bombing attack in Mosul kills 26
  163. BitTorrent tracker site sued by movie studios, will mount defense
  164. Linux fifth most searched tech word on Google in 2004
  165. Exeem Annonunced To Be Successor Of Suprnova
  166. 'Fockers' set to meet another weekend title
  167. NASA: Hopes raised for shuttle flights to resume soon
  168. Kenyans win International Race of São Silvestre
  169. Americans contribute to relief effort
  170. Actor Jerry Orbach dead at age 69
  171. Tsunami deaths mount to more than 120,000
  172. Republicans seek to reduce ethics rules
  173. DirecTV tunes out Trio, network in limbo
  174. Australian National Archives release Loans Affair documents
  175. Aid pledges rise; Japan promises 500,000,000 USD
  176. UK freedom of information acts come into effect
  177. Idi Amin offered to act as peacemaker in NI
  178. Radical Group declares Tsunami punishment from God
  179. UN 'optimistic' on tsunami aid effort
  180. Indian Sensex reaches a New All-time High
  181. Bush to Propose Major Overhaul of Social Security Benefits
  182. Billionaire Mark Cuban asks President Bush to cancel inauguration parties
  183. Two women strangled in further political violence in Honduras
  184. Nias Yet to Receive Aid 10 Days After Quake
  185. IMF Offers Special Loan for Tsunami-Hit Countries
  186. Australia to deport asylum seekers to Tsunami Zone
  187. Pinochet arrested after Supreme Court ruling
  188. Life discovered in extreme environment
  189. Brazilian President son's photoblog causes polemic
  190. Astronomer proposes Hubble replacement
  191. 'Noise' takes on 'Fockers' in weekend box office race
  192. Discovery of the most powerful explosion in the Universe
  193. Heavy Lift Delta IV Rocket Launches
  194. MST will not leave invaded area in Minas Gerais
  195. 2005/01/08 Tsunami aid donations in 2005 deductible for 2004 in the U.S.
  196. Heavy lift Delta IV rocket launch problems
  197. US Navy Los Angeles-class attack submarine runs aground near Guam
  198. First unvaccinated survivor of rabies discharged from hospital
  199. Key HIV gene discovered
  200. Extraordinary feature found on Saturn's moon Iapetus
  201. Severe storm hits United Kingdom in the early morning
  202. Peace agreement signed in Sudan
  203. News Briefs: January 9, 2005
  204. Voting underway for successor to Yasser Arafat
  205. One dies in submarine accident
  206. Palestinian election ends, exit polls give Abbas lead
  207. NASA schedules launch date for comet-chasing probe
  208. Torture and mass arrests of Christians in Vietnam
  209. News Briefs: January 10, 2005
  210. Wells Fargo and Barclay's rumoured to be in merger talks
  211. Abbas wins election, offers Israel 'hand of peace'
  212. UK New Year's Day murder suspect jumps from seventh floor window
  213. Radiobras Brazilian news agency moved to Free Software
  214. Guatemala nominates Rigoberta Menchú for OAS Secretary General
  215. CBS fires four in fake Bush story fallout
  216. News Briefs: January 11, 2005
  217. Mamdouh Habib to be released from Guantanamo Bay without charge
  218. Jobs unveils new products after cloud of secrecy and lawsuits
  219. Bush nominates Chertoff for new Secretary of Homeland Security
  220. Third case of BSE reported in Canada
  221. News Briefs: January 12, 2005
  222. Spanish trawler missing, three die in UK as storms hit northern Europe
  223. Nine die in bush-fires in South Australia
  224. United States trade deficit reaches all time high
  225. UK mounts rescue operation for Spanish trawler in distress in North Atlantic storm
  226. IBM Releases 500 patents to open source community
  227. Iraqi violence may restrict elections
  228. US government stops looking for weapons of mass destruction
  229. Amrish Puri no more
  230. Huygens moon probe to land on Titan
  231. News Briefs: January 13, 2005
  232. Thatcher Pleads Guilty in Coup Plot
  233. Mexican candidate confident of winning OAS leadership race
  234. Honduras deploys 8,000 troops to ensure peaceful elections
  235. Third in line to British throne dresses as Nazi
  236. Suicide attack at Karni crossing between Gaza Strip, Israel
  237. Jefferson Airplane drummer dies at 66
  238. Brazilian deputies meet Ramallah Abbas
  239. Bush pressured Israel to seize Chinese aircraft
  240. 'Electra'-fying competition faces 'Fockers'
  241. News Briefs: January 14, 2005
  242. El Salvador presents Flores as OAS candidate
  243. Viacom delays launch of gay cable channel
  244. Prado Dam area evacuated
  245. Beijing plans $242B freeway link to Taiwan
  246. Long Island-sized iceberg to ram Antarctic coast
  247. Huygens probe lands on Saturn's moon Titan, returns pictures
  248. Suspects arrested in Brazilian kidnapping case
  249. Capture of FARC member creates crisis between Venezuela and Colombia
  250. Graner found guilty of mistreatment at Abu Ghraib
  251. News Briefs: January 15, 2005
  252. Finland, Canada named among world's most-fit nations
  253. Man is waiting for 139 days in front of theater for "Star Wars" movie
  254. Ariel Sharon gives 'free hand' to military for crack-down
  255. Japan plans defense against Chinese invasion
  256. Purged Chinese leader Zhao Ziyang dies at 85
  257. U.S. reported to mount covert operations in Iran
  258. Mars lander website opens
  259. News Briefs: January 17, 2005
  260. Woman aged 66 gives birth
  261. Colombia releases official notice in response to Venezuela
  262. Safe house in the Underground Railroad to be torn down
  263. Hong Kong Makes First File-Sharing Arrest
  264. Marxist intellectuals support arrested FARC leader
  265. Romania plans to send more troops to Iraq
  266. Latham quits as Australian Labor leader
  267. Romanian president to visit United Kingdom
  268. Deadliest Year Ever for Journalists?
  269. Deadliest year ever for journalists?
  270. Romanians raise 395,000 euro for tsunami victims
  271. Airbus launches world's largest passenger plane
  272. Archbishop kidnapped in Iraq released unharmed
  273. New tsunami could hit soon
  274. Chile's candidate convinced of enough votes to become OAS chief
  275. White rhinos fly to safety
  276. News Briefs: January 18, 2005
  277. First ever corruption conviction of public official in Honduras
  278. Swedish doctor prosecuted for refusal to hand over patient data
  279. 2005/01/19 Pacific Northwest soaked with "Tropical Punch"
  280. Romanian economy booms in 2004
  281. Bucharest to host its first ever CowParade
  282. Heart attack kills brother of Brazilian president
  283. Video details tortures by Saddam’s soldiers
  284. Annual Islamic pilgrimage takes place
  285. Washington state lawmaker looks to outlaw handheld cell phones while driving
  286. Yahoo triples its quarterly profit on strong advertising revenue
  287. Research demonstrates GM crops can benefit wildlife
  288. UK soldiers go on trial for abusing Iraqi prisoners
  289. 500 policemen seek drug dealers in Rio
  290. Bush inaugurated for second term
  291. Bucharest Metro operator to purchase more modern trainsets
  292. Russian diplomats operated string of brothels in Finland
  293. Romanian artists auction off their works for tsunami victims
  294. Condoleezza Rice confirmed as next U.S. Secretary of State, pending full Senate vote
  295. Brazilian President meets President of Colombia
  296. Swedish pastor appeals hate-crime conviction for antigay sermon
  297. Rover finds meteorite on Mars
  298. Mars Rover’s Basketball-Shaped Discovery Stirs Controversy
  299. UN proposes world-wide natural disaster warning system
  300. Actress Virginia Mayo dies
  301. China Plans Next Manned Space Mission
  302. Brazilian kidnapped in Iraq
  303. JP Morgan apologizes for slavery
  304. Beazley may face challengers for leadership
  305. Music Video with More Than 100 Children's TV Characters Attacked by Anti-Gay Activists
  306. Romanians to pay power bills via SMS
  307. Romanian band to hold concert for tsunami victims
  308. Bob Jones III to retire
  309. Romanian president warns of high-level corruption
  310. Conference discusses the credibility of blogs
  311. Methane Rain in Titan's Rivers
  312. Unrest in Belize
  313. News Briefs: January 21, 2005
  314. NASA's Swift detects possible birth of black hole
  315. Jan Nowak-Jezioranski Dies
  316. Palestinians Fighting Terrorism
  317. TeliaSonera Sweden introduces major improvements
  318. Spanish government to hold ISPs responsible for web content
  319. Security Measures Increasing In Iraq
  320. FBI Probes Into Boston Terror Suspect Case
  321. Chinese Hostages Freed in Iraq
  322. Labrador's Inuit sign land claims agreement
  323. 15,000 attended memorial for Zhao Ziyang
  324. Online purchases boom in Romania
  325. Militants of Palestine Deny Recent Ceasefire Claim
  326. Romanian nuclear plant reports record-high production
  327. Yushchenko Sworn In
  328. Venezuela-Colombia crisis continues
  329. Relativity turns 100
  330. Romanian PM visits Brussels
  331. Woman appointed as Bucharest prefect
  332. Romanian Social Democrats criticise flat tax
  333. Lithuania plans to adopt euro in 2007
  334. Northeast US blizzards create havoc
  335. Top Zarqawi ally captured
  336. Militant group declares war on Iraq poll
  337. Report: The Pentagon's new powers
  338. Google plans free Internet phone service
  339. Taiwan's cabinet resigns
  340. China hands stiff sentences to 27 farmers over land seizure protest
  341. Rumsfeld Skips Munich Security Conference
  342. Mars Rover tracks viewed from orbit
  343. Google launches Video Search
  344. Pentagon to explain, or deny, new spy plan
  345. FBI places limitation on public viewing of files
  346. Academy Award Nominees Announced
  347. City of São Paulo celebrates 451 years of existence
  348. Lab creates petrified wood
  349. Frank Hsieh named new Taiwanese premier
  350. Don Brash at Orewa: 'Whatever happened to personal responsibility?'
  351. MST creates Marxist school in Brazil
  352. News Briefs: January 26, 2005
  353. The British referendum question is published today
  354. Sharon to open discussion with Abbas
  355. Bush requests $80bn to pay for on-going military operations
  356. Expedition 10 completes first spacewalk
  357. White House cuts Hubble from budget
  358. Iraq: Marines killed in helicopter crash
  359. People killed as three trains crash in Los Angeles
  360. Rice new Secretary of State
  361. Sun donates Solaris operating system, 1,600 patents to community
  362. Distributed computing climate change model gives bleak results
  363. ESA's Smart-1 takes its first close-up images of the Moon
  364. Condoleezza Rice confirmed as U.S. Secretary of State by Senate vote
  365. Talk:2005 World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
  366. China commutes Tibetan monk's death sentence
  367. Zhao Ziyang's funeral scheduled for Saturday
  368. 2005 World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
  369. News Briefs: January 27, 2005
  370. Saskatchewan town asks for return of "accidental" tsunami donation
  371. Driver who caused Los Angeles train crash charged with murder
  372. Row intensifies between Sinn Féin & the Irish Government
  373. Report: British serial killer murdered 250
  374. One hundred dead after air raid in Darfur, Sudan
  375. New York radio station apologises after 'humorous' tsunami song
  376. Palestinian Authority bans citizens from carrying weapons
  377. 2005 World Social Forum-Brazil coverage
  378. 28 alleged Putin insulters freed from police custody
  379. China detains and beats mourners for Zhao Ziyang
  380. CNN founder Ted Turner calls Fox News Bush's propaganda machine
  381. News Briefs: January 28, 2005
  382. P&G to acquire Gillette for US$57 billion
  383. Telekom Austria could take-over Romanian mobile telephony giant
  384. Honduras' Head of Congress illegally standing for President
  385. Man convicted of murdering wife 28 years ago
  386. French goat is found to have BSE
  387. Hamas takes victory in Gaza elections
  388. Annan invites Iraqis to exercise democratic rights
  389. Taiwan-China flights begin
  390. US Navy chooses US-Europe US101 helicopter to be next Marine One
  391. Iraqi elections kept low-key, but secure, in Paris
  392. Official figures didn't show 60% of dead Iraqi civilians were killed by coalition forces, says BBC
  393. Chinese airlines agree purchase of Boeing 787 Dreamliners worth US$7.2bn
  394. Ephraim Kishon dies at 80
  395. Zapatero builds left axis in South America
  396. Ex UK Minister Chris Smith was HIV Positive for 17 years
  397. First free Iraqi election begins; insurgents strike
  398. Habib back in Australia, thankful to supporters
  399. Protests at New York's Hamilton College over controversial professor
  400. Report into 2003/2004 New South Wales (Australia) hospital safety released
  401. Slovak escapes from avalanche using urine
  402. Vandals deface Australia's Myall Creek memorial
  403. MetLife to acquire Travelers Life and Annuity from Citigroup
  404. Virgin of Suyapa visits Honduran suburb devastated by massacre
  405. RAF Hercules crashes north of Baghdad killing ten
  406. Kofi Annan notes high turnout in 2005 Iraq elections
  407. Survey reveals US student apathy for freedom of speech
  408. US guards kill four in Iraqi prison riot
  409. Iraqis vote in massive numbers
  410. Mother of first Australian soldier killed in Iraq expresses anger
  411. Nepal’s King Gyanendra dismisses the government, claims power for himself
  412. Poll shows Romanians are optimistic about current government
  413. Blair says Iraq election was blow against global terrorism
  414. Colombia releases detailed report about the FARC
  415. Venezuela-Colombia crisis:Castro intervenes, Chavez and Uribe scheduled to meet
  416. Brazil forbids previous release of statistical data
  417. Microsoft releases new MSN Search
  418. Australian Prime Minister to visit Aceh
  419. Human rights group critical of US opposition to ICC in Darfur
  420. Pope John Paul II has flu, taken to hospital
  421. Australian churches begin campaign against late-term abortion
  422. Nepal's King names new cabinet
  423. New drugs listed on Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  424. Australian PM arrives in Aceh
  425. Man run over by train near Adelaide, loses both legs
  426. Paedophile forced to flee Australian town
  427. Girl killed by falling tree
  428. British Incapacity Benefit due to be overhauled today
  429. Brazilian Ministry of Education defends external control over Universities
  430. Law center helps defend open source
  431. Foreign troops should stay, says Iraqi President
  432. Swift satellite goes fully on-line
  433. George Bush delivers State of the Union address
  434. FARC attack: 16 Colombian soldiers dead
  435. Eastern Australia hit by severe storms
  436. China forbids 50 electronic games
  437. Short-tailed bats to be transfered to Kapiti Island, New Zealand
  438. Beslan siege organiser speaks
  439. PM of Georgia dies of gas poisoning
  440. European Union rejects software patents; starts new process
  441. UN IIC report faults former "Oil-for-Food" director
  442. Cambodian opposition leader stripped of immunity, flees country
  443. In several German cities students demonstrate against study fees
  444. Cuba restores relations with European Union
  445. Chandra telescope finds missing baryonic matter
  446. Iraq Election: Partial tally report shows support for Shiite candidates
  447. BBC unveils plans for new Britain only iMP player
  448. ConocoPhillips announces $1bn share repurchase
  449. Grey Wolves are Still Protected by the Endangered Species Act
  450. New York court rules in favor of same-sex marriage
  451. Uribe-Chavez meeting postponed
  452. Australian immigration detains Aussie flight attendant for 10mths, and maltreats her
  453. Java creator criticizes .Net
  454. GNU Hurd operating system: first user program run using L4 microkernel
  455. Missing Afghan jet found; 104 believed dead
  456. G7 announce debt relief plan
  457. UN says no genocide in Darfur
  458. Brazil receives Cuban Foreign Minister
  459. UN board supported Saddam Hussein's regime, says Iraq's ambassador
  460. Bob Marley birthday celebrations marked by dispute over possible reburial
  461. Sports footwear companies progress towards eliminating sweatshops
  462. Coup in Togo after President dies
  463. Twenty-seven die as bus falls into gorge in Kashmir
  464. New London police commissioner blames middle-class cocaine users for violence in Colombia and on British housing estates
  465. Tropical cyclone Meena strikes Cook Islands
  466. Brazilian Carnival season is opened
  467. Inquiry to be held into Australian immigration detention of Australian woman
  468. List of Communist spies leaks on the internet
  469. American Indian Movement protests against Professor Ward Churchill
  470. Thaksin Shinawatra leads party to stunning victory in Thailand
  471. Shi'a leaders call for religious state
  472. Chinese New Year to be celebrated in Bucharest for the first time
  473. Sibiu International Airport to be modernised
  474. Pirates killed 30 sailors in 2004
  475. EasyJet passenger figures rise almost 24%
  476. Ellen Macarthur sets round the world solo sailing record
  477. Cocaine smugglers robbed while fleeing authorities in Honduras
  478. Michael Jackson pre-trial starts
  479. Romania, 14th most attractive country for business relocation
  480. Romanian agricultural head sent to prison for corruption
  481. Production of GM soy crops surges in Romania
  482. Hubble Space Telescope to be burnt up; Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter cancelled
  483. Abbas, Sharon declare truce at Middle East summit
  484. Microsoft to buy antivirus firm Sybari Software
  485. Tiny planet discovered in mini solar system
  486. India tops list of top offshoring locations
  487. Danish Elections have endorsed the current Centre-Right Coalition
  488. Brazil dismisses English language skills on Diplomatic career admission
  489. FARC surround Colombian town
  490. Star ousted from galaxy by black hole
  491. Carly Fiorina ousted from HP
  492. Hamas dampens Palestinian-Israeli truce
  493. FBI Investigates 250 thousand poisoned U.S. dollars
  494. Israel-Palestine ceasefire begins with violence
  495. Explosion in Madrid; Basque separatists blamed
  496. Kobe commemorates earthquake victims
  497. $158 billion missing in U.S. Medicare drug benefit cost estimate
  498. Togo's new leader promises elections, but doesn't say when
  499. Google releases test of mapping service
  500. North Korea declares it has nuclear weapons; cancels talks
  501. Prince Charles to marry Camilla Parker Bowles
  502. Pope to leave hospital
  503. Colombian army and FARC in combat, 28 dead
  504. Saudis vote in first municipal elections in the Kingdom
  505. Iranian President vows to maintain nuclear program
  506. Rallies against Feb. 1 royal coup in Nepal
  507. Brazil opens XIV International Fair of Books in Cuba
  508. Shakidor Dam bursts in Pakistan after heavy rain
  509. Canadian PM Martin testifies before sponsorship scandal inquiry
  510. Arthur Miller dies, aged 89
  511. French television authority stops broadcasts of Iranian station for antisemitic content
  512. Michael Smith foundation gifted by BC government
  513. U.N. reports Afghan opium production is up again
  514. Estonia becomes European leader in Internet usage
  515. Fans jumping for Juno tickets
  516. AIDS 'super bug' diagnosed in New York
  517. New Zealand Recorded Crime Statistics available online
  518. French economy picks up but falls short of government's hopes
  519. California public school requires RFIDs on students
  520. Former Google employee says he was fired because of blog comments
  521. Hamas considers ceasefire talks after Abbas meeting
  522. Pfizer and Microsoft team up against Viagra spam
  523. Somalians protest against deployment of African Union troops
  524. Chicago chef invents edible menu
  525. Howard Dean elected chairman of U.S. Democrats
  526. UN troops accused of rape in Congo; UN staff suspended due to Iraq Oil-for-Food corruption
  527. New Ariane 5 ECA rocket launch a success
  528. Shiites win dominating role in Iraq
  529. The Aviator and Vera Drake scoop top prizes at the 2005 Orange BAFTA Film Awards
  530. Gunman opens fire at upstate New York shopping mall
  531. Brazilian Medicine Council against Cuban privileges
  532. U.S. drones reported in Iranian airspace
  533. Severe weather warning issued for Samoa
  534. Madrid skyscraper devastated by fire
  535. Iran rejects EU nuclear reactor offer
  536. Passenger ship Voyager radios SOS in the Mediterranean
  537. WestJet Airlines retires 18 aircraft
  538. Best Buy signs leases for 28 new stores
  539. Large explosion in Beirut kills many including former prime minister
  540. 'Baby 81's parents confirmed
  541. American nun murdered in Brazil
  542. Chinese mine blast kills over 200
  543. Yahoo chooses Dublin as location of new European Headquarters
  544. Conservative White House reporter using pseudonym gains access to Presidential press briefing and classified documents
  545. Wikinews profiled in news report
  546. User talk:
  547. Lack of facts no hindrance to speculation about Google, Wikipedia
  548. Colombia-Venezuela meeting in Caracas to end crisis
  549. A policeman is killed and another one is tortured in MST camp, in Brazil
  550. 'The Gates' opens in New York City
  551. Altered HIV a potential cancer treatment?
  552. Mayor of London compares reporter to Nazi prison guard
  553. Another body found in Brazil near U.S. nun murder scene
  554. Kyoto Protocol comes into effect
  555. Chinese researchers crack major U.S. government algorithm used in digital signatures
  556. Wal-mart way to be revised
  557. U.S. 2004 tax rates lower for those earning over $10 million, Tax Policy Center says
  558. Google offers to help Wikipedia
  559. Countryside Alliance lose legal case on UK fox hunting ban
  560. Study claims to show difference between male and female brains
  561. Thorpe to miss 2005 World Swimming Championships
  562. Microsoft announces new security software, new version of Internet Explorer
  563. Israeli parliament approves final step before implementation of Gaza disengagement plan can begin
  564. NHL season canceled amid player pay cap dispute
  565. Funeral held for the former Lebanese Prime Minister
  566. Brazilian President Lula met Chavez, military and economic cooperation
  567. Oldest human fossils dated as 200,000yrs old
  568. Chubu International Airport opens
  569. Five hundred cattle die of neglect on West Australia property
  570. Brazil: occupied area conflict, 2 deaths
  571. Second U.S. anti-missile defence system test fails
  572. Armstrong will compete in 2005 Tour de France
  573. Boeing unveils long-range 777
  574. China overtakes U.S. as world's largest consumer
  575. Foreigners buy record number of Canadian securities
  576. United Iraqi Alliance win slight majority
  577. Former Paraguayan President's daughter found dead
  578. Cricket: Australia defeats NZ in Twenty20 international
  579. U.S. envoy selected as top intelligence officer
  580. Robot 'learns' to walk like a toddler
  581. Italian government criticizes Swedish television broadcaster
  582. Millions found by Irish police in raids
  583. Protests in Colombia after children killed by landmine
  584. Togo's Faure Gnassingbé says elections will be held in 60 days
  585. Russia negotiating missile sale with Syria
  586. Reporters can be jailed, Appellate Court says
  587. Earthquake stirs panic in Indonesia
  588. Bus crash in Germany kills 1 injures 7
  589. Australian reserve bank warns of slowing economy
  590. North Korea has no further interest in negotiations with United States
  591. Airlines fight new EU passenger compensation legislation
  592. Hundred of thousands march in Rome to demand freedom for kidnapped reporter
  593. PSNI confirms Northern Bank notes are from Northern Bank Robbery
  594. Cricket: Australia defeats New Zealand in series opener
  595. China steps up anti-gambling campaign
  596. Disturbances after football match in Liverpool
  597. Spain to vote on EU constitution
  598. US and Japan offend Beijing over Taiwan
  599. David Beckham's new son, Cruz is born
  600. Starburst across galaxy impacts Earth's ionosphere
  601. Plague kills scores in Democratic Republic of Congo
  602. Ex-priest Shanley sentenced to 12-15 years for child rape
  603. Professional cyclist fired for breaking contract through anti-doping statements
  604. Thirty hospitalised after Melbourne airport gas leak
  605. Author Hunter S. Thompson found dead
  606. Romania plans its next privatisation initiatives
  607. Bucharest boasts largest cinema complex in Southeastern Europe
  608. New research reveals a more emotional and troubled President Abraham Lincoln
  609. Five hundred Palestinian prisoners released by Israel
  610. University of Southern California spit test predicts cavities
  611. Kashmir avalanches kill at least 100
  612. Spain says Yes to EU constitution
  613. 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits Iran
  614. Canada's next ambassador to U.S. instigates outrage over missile defense
  615. Australian government commits more troops to Iraq
  616. European Commission approves the accession of Bulgaria and Romania
  617. Romanian leu continues to surge
  618. Dark matter galaxy discovered
  619. Effort on to eradicate Polio from Asia in 2005
  620. Mysterious power failure takes down Wikipedia, Wikinews
  621. Illegal dye found in British food
  622. Feverfew compound gets at leukemia roots
  623. Palestinian legislators approve new cabinet for Abbas
  624. Finnish-French MEP criticise Finnish President and Foreign Minister
  625. Toothpaste fills cavities without drilling
  626. Pope in hospital again
  627. Yukos loses Chapter 11 bid
  628. Several UN troops killed in Congo ambush
  629. Mutant gene predicts common Parkinson's
  630. British Iraq abuse case soldiers jailed
  631. The British minimum wage goes up in October
  632. Explosion in central Tel Aviv nightclub
  633. Bacteria thrive deep under sea floor
  634. Suspect in BTK killings arrested after 25 years in hiding
  635. Princeton media class discusses Wikinews
  636. Founder of Amnesty International dies, aged 83
  637. Montserrat refugees to be deported from U.S.
  638. Romania announces 18 percent increase in tourists in 2004
  639. Ireland beat England 19-13 in the RBS Six Nations
  640. Two-headed baby has second head removed
  641. Nine rescued from roof of blazing Taiwanese skyscraper
  642. Pope John Paul II makes surprise appearance at window of his hospital room
  643. Bank of America declares 1.2 million account records "lost"
  644. Cambridge Planning Board approves new science building at Harvard
  645. 'Aviator,' 'Baby' dominate 2005 Academy Awards
  646. Construction for Romania-Italy pipeline to start in 2007
  647. Romanian VAT to remain at 19 percent
  648. Three Romanian ports closed due to heavy fog
  649. Gene switch turns stem cells into cancer killers
  650. Rare antibody yields AIDS vaccine insight
  651. Lebanese Government resigns amid protests
  652. Bomb blast kills Iraqi police, army recruits
  653. New version of Firefox web browser released
  654. New flood warning system introduced in Romania
  655. British investors are increasingly interested in Romania
  656. Jermaine Pennant jailed for drink-driving
  657. Controversial melatonin supplements confirmed as sleep aid
  658. Green tea component protects heart cells
  659. U.S. Supreme Court: Death penalty for juveniles is unconstitutional
  660. Elan; Biogen withdraw multiple sclerosis drug after death
  661. Britain unveils flu pandemic preparedness plan, buys 14m courses of treatment drug
  662. Ernst Zündel expelled from Canada
  663. Bucharest to be 'rebranded' for 800 million euro
  664. Blair rejects anti-terror bill compromise
  665. Federal Suit Filed Against Rumsfeld For Prisoner Abuse
  666. Bill Gates receives honourary knighthood
  667. Martin firm on missile defence results in chilly response from White House
  668. Green paper asks for the BBC's Board of Governors to be scrapped
  669. Steve Fossett attempts a record flight around the world
  670. New Zealand elects first female Speaker
  671. Proposal to ban VoIP in Costa Rica
  672. Ex-Ontario Premier Harris to deny Ipperwash allegations
  673. Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly solo, non-stop around the world
  674. First Swahili office suite released in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  675. Take-Two Interactive profits surge 74%
  676. Martha Stewart released from prison
  677. Former Ukrainian minister found dead
  678. Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena freed
  679. Sunflower oil saves at-risk newborns from infection
  680. New York Public Library opens collection of 275,000 digital images
  681. World-wide measles deaths drop 40% over last five years
  682. Report finds Afghanistan is on the verge of becoming a narcotics state
  683. US military developing non-lethal pain weapon
  684. Irish unemployment rate steady at 4.2%
  685. David Blunkett is not the father of Kimberly Quinn's son
  686. Italian journalist wounded after release in Iraq, security officer dead
  687. Four Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers killed in raid
  688. Boeing allowed to bid for U.S. space launch contracts again
  689. China plans anti-secession law for Taiwan
  690. US and France ask Syria to leave Lebanon
  691. GAA: Westmeath beat Donegal by narrowest of margins
  692. Freed hostage Sgrena, says shooting "no accident"
  693. Fisichella wins Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
  694. CIA sending suspects overseas for "rendition"
  695. Deutsche Börse quits LSE takeover
  696. Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe passes away at age of 98
  697. Insulin levels tied to Alzheimer's
  698. British Airways CEO set to step down in the summer
  699. Peruvians sue Newmont Mining Company over mercury poisoning
  700. The President of Bolivia resigns
  701. Invisibility shield gets blueprint
  702. China declares "the state shall employ nonpeaceful means"
  703. Premature aging disease reversed in cells
  704. British Airways announces new CEO
  705. Chechen leader killed by Russian Special Forces
  706. Syria begins withdrawing troops from Lebanon
  707. Ash and steam reported over Mount St. Helens
  708. Brazilian physicist who discovered the pion dies
  709. Children poisoned by tainted cassava in the Philippines
  710. Trial of alleged Brazilian "chainsaw massacre" deputy begins
  711. Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags
  712. Google releases Final version of Desktop Search
  713. Son of slain Chechen rebel Maskhadov vows to continue father's work
  714. Ancient neanderthal protein sequenced
  715. Italian PM rejects US version of shooting
  716. Cyclone Ingrid crosses Far North Queensland Coast
  717. Microsoft Considering Backport of WinFS to Windows XP
  718. Bush calls Romania a special ally of the US
  719. Flat tax boosts average Romanian salaries
  720. Selgros Cash and Carry to open two new stores in Transylvania
  721. US Pulls Out of Optional Protocol to Vienna Convention
  722. Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa officially resigns
  723. Blogshine Sunday pushes for government sunshine online
  724. Colombia extradites guerrilla to the USA
  725. Investigation over Finnish Defence images
  726. Bolivian Congress refuse president's resignation
  727. Bulgarian government says U.S. killed Bulgarian soldier in 'friendly fire' incident
  728. United Nations passes Declaration on human cloning
  729. Six-year development framework for Sudan released by UN
  730. China launches its first private airline
  731. BBC's political show makes special edition from Shanghai
  732. Many infertile American women want sex selection
  733. Judge threatened Michael Jackson with jail
  734. UK "terror bill" passed after standoff
  735. US may not have known of Sgrena rescue operation
  736. Defendant shoots Judge, three others at Atlanta courthouse
  737. Atlas V rocket launches with Inmarsat satellite
  738. Meath/Kildare by-election turnout between 20-30%
  739. Garry Kasparov retires from professional chess
  740. Comedian Dave Allen dies aged 68
  741. 3 dead as man on trial for rape escapes
  742. Criminals kidnapping mother of soccer players, in Brazil
  743. Canadian airline Jetsgo ceases operations; 17,000 stranded
  744. US Senate passes new bankruptcy bill
  745. British 13-year-old given life for rape of teacher
  746. FBI suspect Jesse James captured in Rio after five years on the run
  747. User:IlyaHaykinson/DateSandboxTest
  748. Bin Laden banished from Islam in Iberia
  749. Suspect in Georgia courtroom slayings caught
  750. Gay play about Jesus Christ to open in Brazil
  751. Bright object falls from sky over northwest United States
  752. France beat Ireland in RBS Six Nations
  753. GAA: Dublin too strong for Westmeath
  754. Pope John Paul II leaves hospital
  755. German supermarket chain uses fingerprint ID for payment
  756. Syria affirms withdrawal intentions
  757. Romania to cancel trains on major line due to road works
  758. Slovakia on track to adopt euro in 2009
  759. Dutch member of Parliament proposes to abolish the Cabinet
  760. Padraig Harrington wins first PGA Tour event; The Honda Classic
  761. Israeli General Refused NZ Visa
  762. Protesters rally in Beirut
  763. Cookbook is free reference work community's most active project
  764. Brazilian President party received money from FARC, say documents
  765. Judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban in California
  766. Beijing cracks down on manhole cover thefts
  767. Taiwanese political parties propose "anti-invasion" laws
  768. China enacts historic "anti-secession" law
  769. Ex-WorldCom Chief found guilty of all charges
  770. Former WorldCom chief found guilty of all charges
  771. Suspect in Atlanta courthouse shooting appears at hearing
  772. Mother of the Detroit Tigers baseball player Urbina was kidnapped by FARC leader
  773. UK Chancellor of the Exchequer makes 2005 Budget speech
  774. Vodafone buys Connex and Oskar
  775. Suspect in Atlanta courtroom shooting gets hearing
  776. Brazil defends China against human rights violation charges in UN
  777. Mars studies find water
  778. The Woodcraft Folk loses subsidy
  779. Mao-style suits fading away in China
  780. 50 Italian parliamentarians call for global summit for "a new financial architecture"
  781. Cuba defends China-Taiwan reunification
  782. Flexible displays soon to be in production
  783. Actor Robert Blake acquitted
  784. Dog owner to face felony charge
  785. McCartney campaign changing minds about IRA
  786. Sci-fi and fantasy author Andre Norton dies
  787. Chechnya chopper crash kills 15
  788. Tibetans demand that China release Panchen Lama boy
  789. Maradona honored with the keys to Cartagena
  790. Brazilian Abin director: no proof linking FARC money to PT
  791. Robot Zoe detects life in Atacama Desert
  792. Wolfowitz picked for top spot at World Bank
  793. Tsunami exposes ancient ruins in India
  794. No talks until IRA "criminal activity" dealt with
  795. Drinking habits tied to genes
  796. Irish mobile penetration rate hits 94%
  797. English Wikipedia passes 500 thousand article milestone
  798. Fireball generated in U.S. laboratory resembles black hole
  799. Pakistan test fires nuclear-capable missile
  800. Cassini discovers Saturn moon atmosphere
  801. Wales win Grand Slam, RBS Six Nations and the Triple Crown
  802. Europe marks second Iraq invasion anniversary
  803. Texas representative proposes to outlaw 'sexy' cheerleading
  804. Lebanese President to skip Arab Summit
  805. Rice pushes for fresh nuclear talks with North Korea
  806. Japan will not shoot down missiles headed for allies
  807. Communists protest arrest of FARC chancellor Rodrigo Granda
  808. Explosion kills 42 miners in northern China; 27 missing
  809. Powerful earthquake rocks southern Japan, tsunami warnings issued
  810. Explosion kills 35 in Pakistan; many injured
  811. Explosion injures 11 in Beirut
  812. Explosion injures at least 14 in Colorado
  813. Explosion kills Briton in Qatar; dozens injured
  814. Explosion kills four policemen in Kirkuk; eight injured
  815. South American channeled apple snail discovered in Georgia
  816. The man who died in explosion in Qatar is named
  817. Search engine Google sued by Agence France Presse
  818. Lebanon's opposition holds Syria responsible for Beirut explosion
  819. Driftwood crucifix listed on eBay for $25,000
  820. Anti-war march in London
  821. Violent protests break out in Kyrgyzstan over allegedly rigged parliamentary elections
  822. Bush signs historic Schiavo bill into law
  823. Car maker DeLorean dies at 80
  824. Kofi Annan unveils UN reform plan
  825. EU concerned about Microsoft compliance, $5 million daily fine possible
  826. Yahoo! snaps up Flickr
  827. Possible black hole created in US
  828. U.S. jury deliberates immigrant smuggler case
  829. Bank of Ireland to axe 2,000 jobs
  830. David Suzuki to Visit University of Toronto
  831. Kyrgyz president orders election probe as protesters seize control of second city
  832. Noted stamp engraver Czeslaw Slania dies at 83
  833. American Thom Mayne snags Pritzker architecture prize
  834. Volunteers endure bed-rest study
  835. India and Europe team up for moon mission
  836. project launched to provide global repository of "grassroots media"
  837. U.S. TV networks look to past for future programming
  838. Ten dead on Minnesota Indian reservation after school shooting
  839. Romanian Commercial Bank to launch smart cards in early April
  840. Romanian Visa card transactions increase by 60 percent in 2004
  841. Romanian mobile phone giant Connex to launch 3G network
  842. Romanian defense minister to visit Bulgaria
  843. Internet through electrical power network introduced in Bucharest
  844. EU looks set to continue arms embargo on China
  845. Texas baby removed from life support against mother's wishes
  846. Large creature loose in London suburb
  847. HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco is in Intensive care
  848. Creationist sentiments affect Imax business strategy
  849. US interest rates rise to 2.75%
  850. Train derailed by collision with semi in Saskatchewan, Canada
  851. Symbian licenses email technology from rival Microsoft
  852. Cambridge, MA, landmark "Gas With a Smile" requests waiver in conversion to Hess Express
  853. Mother of another Brazilian soccer player kidnapped
  854. Kyrgyz government declares elections valid, refuses to declare state of emergency as opposition cements control of the south
  855. NASA's Spitzer space telescope views alien worlds
  856. Icelandic parliament grants Bobby Fischer full citizenship
  857. Australian Govt to lessen numbers of immigrants detained indefinitely
  858. Minuteman bike path iced out through Arlington after 4th snowiest winter on record
  859. AU$1.25M reward offer for proof of living Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
  860. Google launches Google Code project, showcasing open source code, APIs
  861. UN Reform: China, South Korea question seat for Japan on Security Council
  862. Explosion near Beirut kills three, injures five
  863. India signs on to chemical patents to comply with WTO order
  864. U.S. federal marshals seize killer beds
  865. 96 dead of Ebola-like Marburg virus in Angola
  866. Parker shown the door as Gap spokeswoman
  867. Chess legend avoids 10 year prison term
  868. Kazaa Trial concluding
  869. New Kyrgz interior minister says force may be used, riot police clash with protesters in Bishkek
  870. Harp seal hunt approved by Canada, activists call for boycott of Canadian seafood
  871. Ground broken on Northpoint development in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  872. John Couey confessed to police in 1991 to molesting his stepdaughter; Never prosecuted
  873. Bush, Martin, Fox hold summit, sign SPP accord
  874. Explosion at Texas refinery kills 14, injures more than 100
  875. Woman finds human finger in bowl of chili at Wendy's restaurant
  876. Iraqi, American forces raid insurgent training camp, killing 85
  877. New company to research artificial brain
  878. Arab summit comes to an end
  879. New figures released on Irish income distribution
  880. User:Edbrown05/Ode to Hunter S. Thompson
  881. Canada set to rule on U.S. Army refugee
  882. PBS cancels 'Wall $treet Week' after 35 years
  883. Entrepreneur's RFID chip implant to open doors, start car
  884. Akayev flees Kyrgyzstan as protesters seize control of Bishkek
  885. Sony's PlayStation Portable is launched in North America
  886. Tsunami death toll updated
  887. FARC and Brazilian Workers' Party:the general didn't tell the truth, says former Abin superior to Veja
  888. Expo 2005 opens in Aichi, Japan
  889. UN Security Council approves peacekeepers for Sudan
  890. Yahoo adds Creative Commons search for locating reusable content
  891. US dog attack owner charged with involuntary manslaughter
  892. Protesters arrive at Baxter detention centre in Australian desert
  893. Five dead, over 200 injured as looting continues in Bishkek
  894. Kidnapped Italian journalist refutes American government claims
  895. Terri Schiavo's father makes appeal to have feeding tube reinserted
  896. Canada considers Copyright Act changes
  897. Taiwan Democratic Alliance for Peace plans massive rally on Saturday
  898. Jerry Springer joins U.S. liberal radio network
  899. Ruling forbids RadioShack brand in Canada
  900. NRA official suggests arming teachers to prevent school shootings
  901. U.S. willing to sell F-16s to Pakistan, India
  902. Scientists discover soft tissue in dinosaur bones
  903. US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld visits Brazil
  904. Morogoro Plastic, funded by Barclays, to open $2m network of recycling plants in Tanzania
  905. India to build aircraft carrier by 2012
  906. Protests continue at Baxter detention centre
  907. Land conflict mars Good Friday in Jerusalem
  908. Pilgrims journey to Jerusalem for Good Friday
  909. U.S. unveils plans to help India become a "major world power"
  910. Deep Impact cruising for comet crash
  911. Gender imbalance in Tsunami deaths
  912. Pope John Paul II unable to lead Good Friday services
  913. Zimbabwe's Mugabe: Vote for us or starve
  914. Hundreds of thousands march in Taipei
  915. Hundreds of thousands protest anti-secession law in Taiwan
  916. Police, militia confront looters in Bishkek, leaders say city now calm
  917. Fire in Tema, Ghana threatening oil refinery
  918. Chinese government to safeguard old Beijing
  919. Multiple parliaments meet in Kyrgyzstan, legitimacy uncertain
  920. Conservatives plan to reject budget over newly introduced Kyoto amendment in Canada
  921. NCAA men's division I basketball tournament reaches "Elite Eight" round
  922. Massive star cluster found in Milky Way
  923. Mozilla Foundation rolls out second security update for Firefox browser
  924. Dick, Spielberg among Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees
  925. Canadian union, railway reach last minute accord
  926. Former British Prime Minister James Callaghan dies aged 92
  927. Harvard's Berkman Center blog group develops blogging tutorials
  928. IBM releases freeware for visualizing document histories
  929. Lebanon yields to opposition tide
  930. Guards uncover 600-foot escape tunnel at US prison in Iraq
  931. New Kyrgyz election scheduled after lightning coup
  932. Wendy's sales down in Northern California
  933. Chili finger may have been raw
  934. Togo opposition wants election delayed
  935. Five wounded, two killed in Lebanon blast
  936. Cricket: Sehwag dominates, but India trails
  937. Report reveals Top 10 most-confusing tech buzzwords
  938. Kulov declares newly elected parliament legitimate, Kyrgyz parliamentary conflict deepens
  939. Doctor Who returns as UK Saturday night timeslot lord
  940. India may rise as regional power
  941. Four Americans die from mine impact in Afghanistan
  942. Risk of major US shipyard Bath Iron Works closure termed "substantial" by Maine Congressman
  943. Bobby Fischer sues US Government from new Icelandic home
  944. Pakistan admits scientist sold nuke tech to Iran
  945. Motive in Wisconsin church murder-suicide a mystery
  946. Sri Lanka accepts 'One China' policy
  947. New Zealand Labour Party announces 'early election' list
  948. Australia silent on UN racism committee condemnation
  949. Zimbabwe church leader calls for uprising against Mugabe
  950. Harvard women's hockey loses NCAA title to Minnesota for second straight year
  951. Stanford women's basketball knocks three-time champion Connecticut out of NCAA tournament
  952. China and Taiwan react to "326" rally
  953. IRS goes after eBay sellers
  954. First bird flu case reported in North Korea
  955. Crowded House drummer found dead
  956. Magnitude 8.7 earthquake hits Northern Sumatra, Indonesia
  957. Space station crew perform successful spacewalk
  958. Tsunami fears rise after latest Indonesian temblor
  959. Freak wave drags funeral party out to sea
  960. Foreign governments move to aid earthquake region
  961. Ireland's smoking ban a success after first year
  962. New Kygryz parliament backs Bakiyev, lower house of former parliament steps down
  963. Another arrest in Minnesota school shooting
  964. Cure for cat allergies may be close, with help from some mice
  965. Britain's Howard-Flight controversy continues
  966. Past Jackson abuse claims to be used in court
  967. Surgeons reattach boy's three severed limbs
  968. Congressional dems visit to Iraq encourages support of Bush $81B "reconstruction" plan
  969. Sudan preemptively rejects Security Council resolution on war crimes extradition
  970. Israeli parliament rejects disengagement referendum
  971. US Transportation Security Administration "made inaccurate statements" about passenger privacy, says Department of Homeland Security report
  972. Australians more concerned by global warming than terrorism, says Lowy report
  973. Upper house of former Kyrgyz parliament steps down, Bakiyev pledges to fight corruption
  974. Japan asks "Where's the beef?"
  975. Sleepiness: A yawning chasm for working Americans
  976. Lorry drops thirteen tonnes of fish in British town
  977. Canadian Football League to test Atlantic expansion with exhibition game
  978. California State University, Chico fraternity suspended for making frat house porno flick
  979. Laura Bush takes a quick trip to Afghanistan
  980. Irish scientists had predicted further Sumatran earthquake
  981. Monday night's Indonesian quake toll appears less than first feared
  982. Woman sells name on eBay
  983. UN Secretary General Annan cleared of influencing oil-for-food contracts by Volcker report
  984. Three Romanian journalists abducted in Iraq
  985. German retail giant Rewe to open Penny Market stores in Romania
  986. New Zealand praised by NATO Secretary General
  987. School dinner costs just 49p in Wales
  988. Falwell's condition upgraded to "stable"
  989. British computer magazine discovers electricity cost of running computers
  990. Taiwan Nationalists leader visits Beijing
  991. Egyptians protest against President despite ban
  992. Fox TV executive takes reins at Paramount studios
  993. Charlottetown, P.E.I. residents rally to support restaurant
  994. Pope gets feeding tube through nose
  995. EU nabs US$300 million illegal trafficking in Spain
  996. U.S. Supreme Court hears MGM v. Grokster
  997. Brazilian president defends Chavez and criticizes US
  998. Akayev willing to resign as president of Kyrgyzstan
  999. New York Times finds flight logs that back Canadian's claim of kidnapping by US government
  1000. Pressure building on Myanmar to decline ASEAN chair
  1001. New Doctor Who quits series, BBC searches for replacement actor
  1002. Dresden city council wants DNA matching for doggy-doo
  1003. UN Report: Earth ecosystem in peril
  1004. Man attempts to foil breathalyzer by eating feces
  1005. Voting in Zimbabwe starts amid accusations of rigged outcome
  1006. Chlorine spill in China's Jiangsu province kills 28, injures hundreds
  1007. Terri Schiavo dies
  1008. Palestinian security chief quits, says too little is being done to curb lawlessness
  1009. Maine passes gay rights law
  1010. Metal press crushes Illinois worker
  1011. Harvard hosts conference on technological future of news media
  1012. Google starts prefetching top search results for Mozilla and Firefox browsers
  1013. EU, Canada impose duties on some US goods in retaliation for Byrd Amendment
  1014. Pope in medical crisis
  1015. US lowers bar in age discrimination suits
  1016. Iraq: Uneven voter turnout elects women who push sharia law while anti-woman violence rages
  1017. Minutemen gather to patrol US-Mexican border in April
  1018. The Vatican: Pope suffers from congestive heart failure
  1019. Wikipedia victim of onslaught of April Fool's jokes
  1020. Zimbabwe election victory for Mugabe
  1021. Bus drivers to strike in Auckland
  1022. Parents of Terri Schiavo to sell list of supporters to marketing firm
  1023. Rural African school goes to Sweden for environment award
  1024. MS-13 gang threatens the Arizona "minutemen"
  1025. Witnesses saw truck "rev up and race" before recent Texas oil refinery blast
  1026. FBI: Death of the Georgian Prime Minister was an accident
  1027. Pope John Paul II dies
  1028. China releases 'Human rights report' on U.S.
  1029. Flora springing into Spring in Mid-Atlantic coastal region, USA
  1030. Ted Koppel to step down from 'Nightline'
  1031. Fourth Lebanon bomb rocks shopping mall
  1032. Violence in Rio ends in 30 deaths
  1033. Abbas fires security chiefs for failure to curb lawlessness
  1034. American comedian Mitch Hedberg dies on tour at 37
  1035. Australia, NATO enhance ties
  1036. SBC teams with Scientific-Atlanta for cable TV rollout in 13 US states
  1037. Telescope takes first image of planet outside our solar system
  1038. Vatican releases statement on health of Pope
  1039. Australian Treasurer told to 'try harder on welfare'
  1040. Australian rescue helicopter crash in Indonesia: nine dead
  1041. Google doubles Gmail storage, adds text formatting
  1042. Iraqi insurgents attack Abu Ghraib
  1043. Inspectors close Chicago landmark Healthy Food restaurant after finding dead mouse in cooler
  1044. Abbas orders more security reforms, hundreds of security officers to be forced to retire
  1045. World Bank to tighten security belt for Wolfowitz arrival
  1046. Gmail 1st Birthday; Storage capacity increased to 2GB
  1047. United States helped Kyrgyz pro-democracy programs
  1048. Volunteers gather to help patrol Arizona's border with Mexico
  1049. Losses almost double for 3, a mobile phone company
  1050. Time for North Americans to spring ahead one hour
  1051. Marketing blitz begins for final 'Star Wars' film
  1052. Speculation abounds on future pope
  1053. Two Newcastle football players fight each other, both sent off
  1054. Names of Australians killed in helicopter crash released
  1055. Archbishop Desmond Tutu calls for African Pope
  1056. Chinese protesters smash up Japanese market
  1057. Tartan Day festivities April 6 in New York
  1058. Web site claims Abu Ghraib attack for Al Quaida
  1059. Annual rich list shows Ireland now has six billionaires
  1060. Akayev signs resignation agreement
  1061. Alex Sanchez suspended for drugs
  1062. Lebanese-Syrian meetings reach full withdrawal accord
  1063. NASA prepares to roll orbiter Discovery to launch pad
  1064. Hunter S. Thompson obituary spawns "murder" theory
  1065. Venezuela buys more weapons, now from Spain
  1066. India and China to discuss energy: cooperation or competition?
  1067. MPAA's Valenti signs Betamax tapes for EFF protesters as Grokster case continues in US Supreme Court
  1068. HBO plans expansion of TV channels in Asia
  1069. Funeral of Pope John Paul II will be Friday 8 April at 10.00
  1070. US blocks use of mapping technology in China
  1071. Desmond Tutu calls for election of African pope
  1072. Voyager space probes face shutdown
  1073. Talks held to avert Nigerian oil production strike
  1074. Royal wedding delayed as Prince plans for Pope's funeral
  1075. Legendary Canadian football coach Frank Clair has died
  1076. Terri Schiavo cremated
  1077. User:David Vasquez/SampleStory
  1078. User:David Vasquez/SampleStory2
  1079. Al Gore-owned cable news channel to relaunch August 1 with viewer-created content
  1080. Advocacy groups complain about sex-ed website
  1081. India-China border talks resume
  1082. UK Prime Minister sets 2005 General Election date
  1083. Maiyo and Romanova triumph in Charleston's Cooper River Bridge Run
  1084. China censors, arrests Catholics in wake of Pope's death
  1085. Nigerian Housing Minister fired in anti-corruption drive
  1086. Abu Ghraib prison camp struck by tractor bomb
  1087. Triple limb-reattachment fails - boy loses foot
  1088. Owner of Wendy's chili finger still not found
  1089. China to sell warships to Pakistan
  1090. Arinze and Tettamanzi equal favorites as new Pope
  1091. China responds to US plan for import quotas
  1092. Talk-therapy can make a difference in early treatment of severe depression
  1093. 2005 National Conference in the Norwegian Centre Party
  1094. 2005 National Conference in the Norwegian Socialist Left Party
  1095. Miles-long queue to view Pope John Paul one last time
  1096. Jeter saves the day for the Yankees
  1097. Taiwan’s Blue Camp pays respects on the thirtieth anniversary of the passing of Chiang Kai-shek
  1098. Catholic Church prepares for papal election conclave
  1099. US Highway Administration releases interim report on Boston's Big Dig: press release claims tunnel safe, but report does not
  1100. Google Maps incorporates satellite images
  1101. 'Great' title for John Paul?
  1102. ACLU: Gen. Sanchez possibly perjured himself at 2004 Senate inquiry
  1103. Dmitri Young hits three home runs in Tigers' opener
  1104. Bomb explodes on historic Kashmir bus route
  1105. Harvard University divests $4.4m of PetroChina stock
  1106. NASA's Mars rovers exceed all expectations
  1107. 51 suspects named by UN for war crimes in Darfur
  1108. Brazil organizes Summit of South American and Arab Countries
  1109. British journalists on trial in Zimbabwe
  1110. First female boxing death occurs in US sanctioned match
  1111. North American citizens dealt passport requirement
  1112. Businesses shy to adopt Windows XP SP2
  1113. Study: cognitive therapy as good as medication, but lasts longer
  1114. Cricket: India beat Pakistan in Visakhapatnam ODI
  1115. ABC to move Internet news network back to U.S. TVs
  1116. Nigeria destroys illegal small arms
  1117. Toronto transit union threatens strike for Monday
  1118. Swift mission measures distance to star explosions
  1119. Prince Rainier III of Monaco has died
  1120. Militants attack Kashmir bus route safe house
  1121. Iraq elects Kurdish president, Saddam said to be shaken
  1122. Canada presses Iran for an international investigation into Kazemi death
  1123. Space Shuttle Discovery resumes rollout to launch pad
  1124. Japan announces moon program
  1125. 16 dead after U.S. helicopter crashes in Afghanistan
  1126. University of North Carolina wins 2005 basketball tournament
  1127. Tech heavyweights unite to offer $100 laptops to poor nations
  1128. U.S. Baseball: Delgado starts off well with Marlins
  1129. Italy urges pilgrims to avoid Rome city centre for Pope funeral
  1130. ABC News anchorman Peter Jennings diagnosed with lung cancer
  1131. Hackers crack Sony PSP to allow Internet chat, web surfing
  1132. Bitmover ends free Bitkeeper, replacement sought for managing Linux kernel code
  1133. Western Australia apologises to abused wards-of-state
  1134. FBI starts investigation of charges of shoddy work on new SF Bay bridge
  1135. Separatists fail to stop re-opening of Kashmir bus service
  1136. Australia appeals for no execution in Indonesian drug case
  1137. Space shuttle Discovery photographed from ISS
  1138. At least four killed by bomb thrown from motorcycle in Cairo
  1139. US House committee approves daylight saving time amendment
  1140. FDA mandates "black box" for Celebrex, pulls Bextra off market
  1141. Ethiopia plans to expand country's Internet access
  1142. First Iraq Medal of Honor recipient receives memorial headstone at Arlington
  1143. Iranian opposition group declares all acts of current government void
  1144. Brazilian cardinal criticizes President after inquired about Brazilian Pope
  1145. Wikimedia announces Yahoo! support
  1146. Sex, mental and physical exercise, fight dementia
  1147. Police search home of Las Vegas woman who found finger in her chili at Wendy's
  1148. Bill Clinton to visit Romania
  1149. Romanian president meets with EU officials in Bucharest
  1150. Romanian PM and Siemens discuss Electroputere privatisation
  1151. Funeral of Pope John Paul II takes place
  1152. Cairo blast kills 3
  1153. Spam mailer gets 9 year jail sentence
  1154. Music promoter Mean Fiddler sold for almost £38m
  1155. Eric Rudolph pleads guilty to avoid death sentence
  1156. Future British monarch Prince Charles marries Camilla Parker Bowles
  1157. MSN Encarta introduces wiki-like enhancements
  1158. Hundreds arrested following pro-democratic rally in Nepal
  1159. UN forced to cut food rations to a million Sudanese
  1160. Pope's Brazilian cousins lament his death
  1161. Angola: Marburg virus still spreading, 180 dead
  1162. Bush EPA nominee abandons insecticide-on-children study after Senate hearing
  1163. Who's the richest entertainer in Australia? The Wiggles of course!
  1164. Mozilla Foundation prepares third Firefox security update
  1165. Time Warner/Comcast bid to snap up Adelphia cable service
  1166. Drug-resistant infections on the rise in American hospitals
  1167. Toronto prepares for Monday transit strike
  1168. U.S. Postal rate increase proposed
  1169. Chinese rioters storm Japanese embassy in Beijing
  1170. Gaza cease fire rocked by latest killing of youths
  1171. Cambridge, Mass., city council recommends construction firm W. R. Grace remain under DEP supervision for asbestos contamination
  1172. Maine, USA, Land Use Regulatory Commission approves reconstruction of camps on protected Allagash River
  1173. Hard drive technology breaks storage density record
  1174. Thousands march on Baghdad in anniversary protest
  1175. Australia unemployment at 30-year low, but under-employed also at 5.1%
  1176. Panic in Sumatra after new earthquake
  1177. South African former apartheid party dissolves
  1178. China anti-textbook protests grow larger
  1179. Scientists proudly display oldest crystal on Earth
  1180. FDA recalls "Mama's" brand smoked salmon
  1181. German Wikipedia DVD sells out first 10,000-copy run
  1182. Israeli president shakes hands with leaders of Syria, Iran at Pope's funeral
  1183. EU accession treaty for Romania published on the Internet
  1184. Runners, fans prepare for 109th Boston Marathon
  1185. Romanian government to strengthen laws against tax evasion
  1186. Romanian investor kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is safe
  1187. Arsenic and Thalidomide may be used to fight cancer
  1188. Las Vegas 'chili finger' woman has history of lawsuits
  1189. Sesame Street to promote healthy lifestyles
  1190. German Wikipedia DVD on P2P networks
  1191. NASA announces daily video feed for new Discovery mission
  1192. 'Sahara' opens as top film in U.S., Canada
  1193. User:Pingswept/SVGbox
  1194. Visiting students detained in Louisiana, USA, while photographing ExxonMobil chemical plant
  1195. SciScoop changes ownership
  1196. Death toll mounts in Nepal civil conflict
  1197. Tom DeLay raises Republican hackles as ethics charges dominate news
  1198. Child killed by family dog
  1199. Australian Immigration denies issuing banned drug
  1200. Australian man arrested at U.S. Capitol building
  1201. KLM flight to Mexico sent back by U.S. Homeland Security, inquiry follows
  1202. New top-level domain names created
  1203. Cloned cattle's milk and meat seem safe, according to new study
  1204. Irish Enterprise Exchange Launched in Dublin
  1205. Eritrea plans to vaccinate 500,000 children
  1206. US trade deficit soars to new high of US$61.04 billion
  1207. Liberal Democrat Party pauses to welcome Donald James Kennedy
  1208. Labour attack Tory economic policy
  1209. Britney Spears announces she is pregnant
  1210. NZ Prime Minister In Mid-Air Emergency
  1211. IBM and National Geographic to launch DNA database project
  1212. Four Romanian ambassadors recalled
  1213. New industrial area to be created in Arad county, Romania
  1214. Torvalds codes temporary replacement for Bitkeeper
  1215. India-China border-treaty hoped to improve ties, facilitate trade
  1216. TAROM cancels all Bucharest-Arad flights
  1217. Romania to adopt euro between 2012 and 2014
  1218. European Parliament approves accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the EU
  1219. Survey finds Spam tolerance growing
  1220. Indiana businessman held hostage in Iraq
  1221. Tory candidate in election gaffe
  1222. NASA rethinks abandoning Hubble
  1223. Blair launches third and final manifesto
  1224. Police investigate new lead in 'Chili Finger' case; Ayala abandons lawsuit
  1225. Britons urged not to vote by post
  1226. Sit-in at Washington University, St. Louis enters ninth day
  1227. Microsoft releases low-cost Windows XP Starter Edition in Brazil
  1228. Unions ballot to "shut down the BBC"
  1229. Conservative Party launches manifesto
  1230. German cannibal seeks review of manslaughter conviction
  1231. Major 'Spiritual Life of College Students' study released by UCLA
  1232. Chinese authorities question genetically altered rice allegation
  1233. Lib Dems launch manifesto
  1234. Killer virus sent worldwide
  1235. Lawsuits filed against students accused of illegally sharing files over the Internet2
  1236. When the dog bites the hand of a stranger
  1237. U.S. Federal Agents arrest two Houston men in UN Oil for Food scandal
  1238. China calls Japan's gas drilling plan 'a serious provocation'
  1239. Slime-mold beetles named for Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld
  1240. U.S. Federal Judge overturns ephedra ban
  1241. Romanian economy predicted to maintain steady growth until 2008
  1242. France Telecom significantly increases its share in Orange Romania
  1243. United States arrests 10,340 fugitives in first-of-kind nationwide sweep
  1244. AARP claims US prescription drug prices continue to rise
  1245. Lebanese Prime Minister steps down
  1246. British Airways launches three new weekly flights from Bucharest to London
  1247. Australian police seize one tonne shipment of ecstacy
  1248. Last British volume car manufacturer closes down
  1249. Two astronauts blast off to their new home--International Space Station
  1250. New Zealand Cricket under pressure to stop Zimbabwe tour
  1251. Deadly virus samples missing in Mexico/Lebanon
  1252. BBC launches the Creative Archive
  1253. Utah Man pleads guilty in wife's death
  1254. Senate unanimously confirms Michael Griffin as new NASA head
  1255. Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, releases study of local emissions
  1256. Second weekend of protests begins in China
  1257. Wendy's doubles reward for 'chili finger' info to US$100,000
  1258. Hungary rebukes other EU members for their negative stance towards Croatia
  1259. NRA meets in Houston--Beleaguered Tom DeLay will speak
  1260. Paris hotel fire kills 22
  1261. Holland park introduces special trail for elderly and impaired
  1262. Freelance reporter fired from Boston Globe for adding fictitious details to story
  1263. Over a quarter of a billion camera phones sold in 2004
  1264. Levitra ads pulled by FDA
  1265. Childhood exposure to TV linked to bullying
  1266. ACLU, Minutemen trade accusations of misbehavior
  1267. British National Fingerprint Database begins without parliamentary consultation
  1268. Lebanese cabinet talks re-started by new PM
  1269. Body of missing Florida girl found
  1270. Harvard University declines to discipline professor who plagiarized
  1271. Famed classical works rediscovered
  1272. Internet censorship study group reports on China
  1273. Croke Park opens to soccer and Rugby
  1274. Unconfirmed: 20 dead, hundreds hurt after protest in Iranian city of Ahwaz
  1275. Freak wave rocks luxury liner--4 hurt
  1276. Manchester United 4-1 Newcastle United
  1277. Russian Soyuz docks with International Space Station for crew change
  1278. Papal conclave attracting more bets than the Oscars
  1279. Kenyan aviation union threatens government with strike
  1280. Movie industry looks toward BitTorrent as possible video distribution method
  1281. India, China to jointly construct Buddhist temple in Henan Province
  1282. Romanian government to sell 10 percent of its shares in Romgaz
  1283. Five anti-hail centres to be set up in Romania
  1284. Adobe to Purchase Macromedia for $3.4 Billion
  1285. Survivors gather to remember 1906 San Francisco quake
  1286. Armstrong announces retirement from professional cycling
  1287. Virgin billionaire suggests hybrids to save MG Rover
  1288. British retailer Littlewoods plans to axe 3,200 jobs
  1289. Massachusetts man arrested on charge of murdering Christa Worthington after three year investigation
  1290. 109th Boston marathon takes place
  1291. German Cardinal Ratzinger elected Pope Benedict XVI
  1292. Angolan Marburg virus still threat
  1293. Elwood Norris receives 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize for invention
  1294. Simon's Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with 'Imitation Game' experiment
  1295. Ukrainian president to visit Romania
  1296. Thermoelectric plants in Arad, Romania to be modernised
  1297. Romanian Ministry of Communications and IT discusses future objectives
  1298. MiniMax Discount to open inaugural stores in southern Romania
  1299. Teen tram thief may yet work as tram driver
  1300. Afghan coalition forces repel Taliban ambush: 8 killed, 16 captured
  1301. Associated Press changes online fee structure to meet Internet demands
  1302. Barry Prime becomes Swim Ireland's new National Performance Director
  1303. U.S. federal communications agency revisits do-not-call registry
  1304. North Korea shuts down its main nuclear reactor
  1305. New mass grave discovered in Kosovo
  1306. Associated Press will charge for online content in 2006
  1307. Denunciations of Scandals Threaten UN
  1308. Infrared technology enables recovery of lost classical writings
  1309. Google Maps, Google Local launches for Britain and Ireland
  1310. Australian blitz on fish poaching
  1311. Italian PM Berlusconi resigns to form stronger coalition
  1312. New version of Opera web browser released
  1313. Norwegian whaling season starts with highest quota in a decade
  1314. Iraqi President Talabani speaks on 50 dead found in Tigris River
  1315. Man injured by flying sausage
  1316. Advocate poll: GLAAD support not unanimous in U.S. gay commmunity
  1317. Civil unrest forces out Ecuador's president
  1318. Iraqi PM Allawi survives fifth attempted assassination
  1319. Melbourne's tram-driving teen faces more charges
  1320. New England Senators argue over imported pharmaceuticals
  1321. Fatal dog mauling owner pleads “Not Guilty”
  1322. Breakthrough in talks between Philippine government, Muslim rebels
  1323. Major US bankruptcy reform bill signed into law
  1324. Partnership for a Drug-Free America study finds 1 in 5 teens abused prescription drugs
  1325. Iran shuts down Al-Jazeera bureau
  1326. Boston Cyberarts Festival opens with Hotel@MIT gala
  1327. France still a hot topic on college campuses
  1328. Last 10 days of online voting for Chatterbox Challenge
  1329. Radioactive soil from Maine reactor refused at landfill in Utah
  1330. Proposed bill could force federal weather data offline
  1331. Ecuador's ousted President granted asylum in Brazil
  1332. Same-sex marriage bill passes in Spanish Congress of Deputies
  1333. Koizumi offers apologies for Japan's past
  1334. Las Vegas 'chili finger' woman arrested
  1335. Advertising contract scandal could bring down Canadian government
  1336. Wendy’s finger pointer gets fingered for crime
  1337. Bodies of 12 young people found in Colombia
  1338. NASA study: warming and snow melt chokes sea life 1000 miles distant
  1339. Work begins on world's longest underwater pipeline
  1340. Irish National Pensions Reserve Fund gains 2.4% in first quarter
  1341. Motorola to launch iTunes mobile phone
  1342. Moussaoui pleads guilty to conspiracy in 9/11 attacks
  1343. Third concert date for U2 in Dublin
  1344. Creative Technology sees profits drop 72%, but sales soar
  1345. Woman arrested in Wendy's chili finger case and larcenous mobile home sale
  1346. Female sponge contraceptive re-approved for US market
  1347. Google translates Gmail to 12 languages, asks for volunteers to target 144 more
  1348. Texas Same-Sex Couples could be prohibited from fostering children
  1349. New rodent discovery leads to new mammal family
  1350. Estonia to sign border treaty with Russia in a few weeks
  1351. Controversial Queensland Premier of 19 years dies at 94
  1352. Romania will do everything possible to spare journalists kidnapped in Iraq
  1353. Sir John Mills dies at 97
  1354. Immigration and asylum turn voters off UK Tories
  1355. American who owns wants "one of those hats"
  1356. VoIP penetrates emergency calling infrastructure
  1357. Dermot Mannion becomes new Aer Lingus CEO
  1358. Widespread insurgencies in Iraq
  1359. Judges rule patrons may sue nude bars for lap-dance overcharges
  1360. Barry Prime changes mind about Swim Ireland
  1361. NYSE to merge with Archipelago; NASDAQ to buy Instinet
  1362. Romanian reporters call for release of hostages in Iraq
  1363. 5-year-old girl handcuffed by Florida police
  1364. British government considering new nuclear power stations
  1365. Bush nomination to UN post faces bi-partisan problems
  1366. Molson beer buys into the craft market
  1367. LDS Church announces new library plans
  1368. Serb General Pavkovic to Surrender to Hague
  1369. Iraqi insurgency continues unabated, new hopes for a cabinet
  1370. ANZACs remembered ninety years after assault on Gallipoli
  1371. 150,000 street vendors in India shown how to avoid causing 'Delhi belly'
  1372. Skydiver dies after legs severed during jump
  1373. Violence, allegations of fraud disrupt election in Togo
  1374. Japanese commuter train derails, apartment building smashed
  1375. ISS Expedition 10 returns to Earth
  1376. Romanian PM says his country won't give in to terrorist demands
  1377. BBC admits sending hecklers into Conservative campaign meeting
  1378. Bulgarian and Romanian EU accession treaty is signed in Luxembourg
  1379. German Minister for Foreign Affairs gives evidence about visa practice
  1380. Study: Children who socialise more, get cancer less
  1381. TV show Firefly's "Serenity" movie trailer released, could spoil enjoyment for fans
  1382. Historic summit, commemoration by Asian-African leaders in Bandung
  1383. Wikipedia founder speaks at US law school
  1384. Putin’s state-of-the-nation speech addresses the economy
  1385. Potential Goldsmith leak worries Labour, excites opposition
  1386. Indiana Pacers beat Boston Celtics by 3 in game 2 of US basketball playoffs
  1387. US military investigation clears soldiers in shooting of Nicola Calipari
  1388. Rescuers search for survivors of Japan rail disaster
  1389. Thousands of Romanians rally for release of kidnapped journalists
  1390. President Bush and Saudi Arabia's Prince Abdullah meet in Crawford ranch
  1391. India appoints new envoy to Bhutan
  1392. Argentinian workers preparing to defend control of factory
  1393. Greenpeace protestors put solar panels on British Deputy Prime Minister's house
  1394. British mother paralyzed in stabbing communicates with police
  1395. Ezer Weizman former Israeli president dies at the age of 81
  1396. New Government introduced to the Italian Parliament
  1397. Lebanon goodbye to Syrian forces
  1398. UAL jet diverts in bomb scare
  1399. Bomb explosion kills two in Myanmar's second largest city
  1400. Anthrax scare closes Michigan newspaper office
  1401. Syria: Lebanon pullout is "full and complete", UN to verify
  1402. Execution deadline for kidnapped journalists expires
  1403. World's largest passenger airliner makes first flight
  1404. Children find human bones, develop interest in anatomy
  1405. Dorothy's dress from Wizard of Oz sells for £140,000
  1406. Lebanon government wins ‘vote of confidence’
  1407. New Italian goverment gets confidence from the House
  1408. Boeing secures $11bn of aircraft deals
  1409. Air alarm at White House, Bush moved to safety
  1410. CIA gives up search and interrogation on Iraq WMDs
  1411. Dutch mayors support legalisation of cannabis
  1412. Hunter Tylo to rejoin the cast of "Bold and Beautiful"
  1413. Harvard University officials update Agassiz Neighborhood Council about local construction in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  1414. Munch's "The Scream" might have been burned
  1415. European human rights body condemns U.S. "torture" at Guantanamo Bay
  1416. UK govt concealed Attorney General's doubts over Iraq invasion
  1417. Berlusconi warns U.S. on agent's killing
  1418. Rare woodpecker discovered in Arkansas
  1419. General Pavkovic pleads not guilty
  1420. Indiana Pacers beat Boston Celtics again to lead series 2-1 in US basketball playoffs
  1421. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visits Latin America
  1422. UK Party leaders questioned on BBC 'Question Time'
  1423. New Italian goverment gets confidence from the Senate too
  1424. Exploding toads confuse scientists
  1425. Romanian mining industry to receive 115 million euro in state aid
  1426. Swedish packaging company transfers production lines to Romania
  1427. World's most expensive hotel-casino opens in Las Vegas
  1428. Grenade attack on fellow soldiers puts sergeant on death row
  1429. Putin pledges to help Palestinians
  1430. Pay-by-Plastic pumps up gas prices in U.S.
  1431. Vindicated Thai GM activists face gaol all the same
  1432. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie in theaters
  1433. INTOSAI meets in Paro, Bhutan
  1434. Privatisation of Romanian power distributor completed
  1435. Taiwan Kuomintang Party leader Lien Chan meets Hu Jintao in a historical visit to China
  1436. Hindu mythological theme park planned for banks of Ganges
  1437. Romanian government asks kidnappers to release female journalist
  1438. Flood in Vojvodina worsens
  1439. Partial local elections to be held in 26 Romanian towns
  1440. EU accession treaty ratified by Romanian government
  1441. Orange Romania reaches 5.29 million subscribers in first quarter of 2005
  1442. Metro Cash and Carry to open new supermarket in Arad, Romania
  1443. Heavy rain washes away highway in Alba county, Romania
  1444. First photo of a planet that orbits another sun
  1445. Wal-Mart closes down unionized store
  1446. Violent rioting, deaths follow disputed election in Togo
  1447. New drug from lizard's saliva
  1448. Food with cancer-causing dye recalled in Britain
  1449. Two university students shot, killed in Cameroon strikes
  1450. President Bush faces some tough questioning
  1451. Tabletop fusion may lead to neutron source
  1452. FOX News previews Grafton Street restaurant and "voice collector" in Harvard Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  1453. Pro-Palestinian graffiti sprayed on the wall of Israeli embassy in Denmark
  1454. BBC News website expands RSS license terms to allow commercial use
  1455. Firefox browser reaches fifty million downloads
  1456. Swiss finish drilling world's longest overland tunnel
  1457. Cyprus, Latvia and Malta are a step closer to adopting euro
  1458. Soap opera writer, creator William J. Bell dies at 78
  1459. China introduces new jury trial system
  1460. May Day protests occur throughout Switzerland
  1461. Julian Easter celebrated
  1462. World's smallest democracy votes
  1463. World's oldest seaborne passenger vessel on tour as floating library
  1464. USA baseball proposes "three strikes" rule for steroid abuse
  1465. British Skylark rocket makes its final flight
  1466. Swiss cement company Holcim Ltd sees net profits jump 67%
  1467. UK Staffordshire South 2005 election postponed
  1468. 'Family Guy' returns to US television, loses in ratings to 'Housewives'
  1469. K'nesset Member Natan Sharansky resigns from coalition government to protest planned Gaza withdrawl
  1470. B.C. elections debate fiery but not conclusive
  1471. Issues of World Press Freedom Day raised in U.N., Africa
  1472. Finger found in frozen custard by North Carolina man
  1473. Left-side driving part of a planned Findlay, Ohio interchange reconfiguration
  1474. Hungarian chemicals company wants to acquire Oltchim Romania
  1475. Franco-Belgian bank Dexia to extend into Southeastern Europe
  1476. Nine thousand Romanian miners to be laid off in 2006
  1477. Romanian officer injured while serving in Iraq
  1478. 2005 Afghan opium harvest begins
  1479. UK clothing firm to list on Icelandic Stock Exchange
  1480. Canadian PM reaches an agreement with the New Democrat Party
  1481. Time Warner loses personal data on 600,000 employees
  1482. Major hunt on for pub robbers in Irish Midlands
  1483. UBS sees net income jump 15 percent
  1484. Robot goes to preschool
  1485. World Press Freedom Day marked in Serbia and Montenegro
  1486. Charity haircuts and collaborative art at spring festival in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  1487. New Mars Orbiter arrives for launch
  1488. Former Haitian Prime Minister Neptune reported close to death
  1489. Worst floods in 20 years for Georgia
  1490. Apple updates iMac line
  1491. Turbolinux adopted by China's largest bank
  1492. Romanian presidential advisor resigns
  1493. Refurbished cafeteria opens in Romanian parliament
  1494. Constanţa shipyard revenues increase by 63.5 percent in 2004
  1495. U.S. newspaper circulation continues 20-year slide
  1496. Twelve more moons of Saturn discovered
  1497. Tito remembered 25 years after his death
  1498. Partizan increases its lead
  1499. Boston's Faneuil Hall selects 2005 performers
  1500. Italian biggest win at Italian Lottery Superenalotto
  1501. Saskatchewan man escapes black bear attack
  1502. New York City Subway N service to be restored to Coney Island May 29, via the Sea Beach Line
  1503. Serbia - Pahomije's case moved to Nis
  1504. Raymond N. Rogers, chemist who studied the Shroud of Turin, dies at age 77
  1505. Romanian media workers ask Iraqi ambassador for help regarding kidnapped journalists
  1506. Pakistan captures al Qaeda suspect
  1507. Former Russian nuclear energy minister arrested by Swiss authorities on the behalf of the US
  1508. Investigators find black box of crashed New Zealand mail plane
  1509. Prime Ministers from Finland and Estonia meet
  1510. Liverpool and Milan in Champions League final
  1511. Explosions near British consulate in New York shatter windows
  1512. Doubts on yesterday's Italian Lotto and Superenalotto drawing
  1513. Israeli withdrawal halted until Palestinians disarm militants
  1514. Kashmir: Bus across Line of Control goes through peacefully
  1515. Results of 2005 United Kingdom General Election
  1516. Mortgage advisers attempt to collect rent from neighbors after FBI raid in Union City, California
  1517. India's NDA rejects PM's appeal to end boycott
  1518. U.S. Navy finds soldier shot wounded Iraqi at Fallujah in self defense
  1519. Yemen's first-ever feature film to be screened at Cannes Festival
  1520. Surprise win for RESPECT Party in UK 2005 General Election
  1521. Romanian tourism to be rebranded
  1522. Coffeeheaven to enter Romanian market
  1523. Sydney bus driver accused of kidnapping schoolchildren
  1524. Romanian road traffic laws aligned to EU standards
  1525. Australian PM apologises for deportation of Australian
  1526. British Conservative leader Michael Howard to step down
  1527. Germany gives 16.7 million euro loan to Albania to improve its water supply
  1528. Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity gets stuck in a small sand dune
  1529. 68% of Dutch consider their government "Lap Dog" of United States
  1530. New York City Subway's skip-stop 9 service to make its last run May 27
  1531. Reactions to Apple's OS X Tiger
  1532. United States begins testing equipment for demolition of a major VX nerve gas stockpile
  1533. Muslim opens first Arab Holocaust museum in Nazareth
  1534. 20-horse field for Derby dash
  1535. Chili finger suspect arrives in San Jose, California for trial
  1536. CARTOSAT-I and HAMSAT satellites launched precisely by PSLV-C6, will have longer life
  1537. North Carolina church kicks out Democrats
  1538. Bus drivers strike for six days in Auckland
  1539. British supermarket Tesco wants to start a film downloading service
  1540. UUP leader loses seat in 2005 UK General Election
  1541. New Zealand recalls squid boats
  1542. Disneyland marks 50th anniversary
  1543. Mars rover engineers build test sandbox
  1544. Anti-Bush protest in Amsterdam
  1545. Google suffers DNS outage
  1546. VE Day 60th anniversary commemorated across Europe & USA
  1547. Satellite imagery shows viewing stand for North Korean nuclear test
  1548. Ex-ambassador comes fifth in election in UK Foreign Secretary's seat whilst trying to highlight alleged torture in Uzbekistan
  1549. Long shots dashed hopes of favorites in Derby race
  1550. Romanian Humanist Party changes name to Conservative Party
  1551. A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England
  1552. Victory Day 60th anniversary commemorated in Russia
  1553. 75 Iraqi militants reported dead in U.S. offensive
  1554. US VX nerve gas disposal test a success
  1555. Grafton, New York Peace Pagoda celebrates birth of Buddha with Flower Festival
  1556. Ruling Liberals of British Columbia attack opposition in election campaign
  1557. Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office finishes investigation regarding Valeriu Pasat
  1558. Craigslist founder ponders open journalism
  1559. Google News seeks patent for search system that returns ‘quality’ links
  1560. Two hundred digit number factored
  1561. Racing - Elvstroem a surprise entry at Newbury
  1562. Major security flaws found in Mozilla Firefox browser
  1563. German Holocaust memorial dedicated
  1564. Foot and mouth scare in New Zealand likely to be hoax
  1565. Accuser admits he lied, former Canadian immigration minister cleared of wrongdoing
  1566. Canadian Liberal government loses House of Commons vote, won't call election
  1567. Soviet rockets on sale in Moldovan breakoff region
  1568. Chesapeake Bay Program issues first-ever water quality forecast
  1569. California refuses gay marriage ban
  1570. Romanian opposition gets more TV time than governing coalition
  1571. Italians interested in investing in Romanian tourism
  1572. Critics against USA and Israel in Summit of South American-Arab Countries in Brazil
  1573. North Korea removes spent nuclear fuel rods
  1574. White House, Capitol Building evacuated as small plane enters no-fly zone
  1575. Serbia and Montenegro: Red Star advances to cup finals
  1576. Millions worldwide still in slavery
  1577. European MEPs abolish right to opt-out of Working Time Directive
  1578. Dog laws strengthened in Virginia county
  1579. Security flaws in Mozilla Firefox internet browser fixed
  1580. Pilot gets six months for smuggling Chinese immigrants
  1581. Former U.S. Homeland Security chief defends Canada border security
  1582. U.S. Senator Voinovich allows Bolton nomination to pass to full Senate vote
  1583. U.S. Senate: U.K. and French politicians were allocated Iraqi oil
  1584. Gaza settlers protest planned pull-out
  1585. New York City Henry Hudson highway retaining wall collapses
  1586. Bundestag approves EU Constitution
  1587. Pope Benedict XVI begins process for sainthood of Pope John Paul II
  1588. Uzbekistan protesters under fire after prison break
  1589. Irish inflation back on the rise
  1590. Protests spread in Afghanistan
  1591. Browser wars: Internet Explorer drops below 90 percent in the U.S. but Firefox gains slow
  1592. U.S. Senator calls for nationwide investigation into Army recruitment tactics
  1593. Secret Downing Street Memo leaked
  1594. U.S. Defense Secretary announces closures and expansions of military bases
  1595. Gaza settlers protest planned pullout
  1596. Bikers begin descent on South Carolina resort for rallies
  1597. Russian football club signs two Portugal internationals
  1598. Al Jazeera announces English-language channel for 2006
  1599. Mexican president defends emigration
  1600. Uzbek president blames outlawed Islamist group for deaths
  1601. North and South Korea to meet next week
  1602. Kosovo's independence unacceptable for Serbian PM
  1603. Serbia and Montenegro football: Partizan secures League title
  1604. Kahne takes Checkered Flag at Richmond
  1605. Jansa reelected President of Slovenian Democratic Party
  1606. Uzbeks fleeing across border to seek refuge
  1607. MPAA sues six BitTorrent sites linking to TV shows
  1608. Local elections held in Croatia
  1609. Ethiopians vote amid opposition charges of fraud
  1610. Police find owner of Wendy's chili finger
  1611. French Workers stay at home for Whit Monday
  1612. Hundreds of people gather in support of Mikhail Khodorkovsky
  1613. Croatian local elections: results pending
  1614. Italian police under trial for events at 2001 G8 Genoa meeting
  1615. Results of 2005 British Columbia, Canada General Election
  1616. Muslim leaders don't accept "pressured" apology
  1617. Star Wars III premieres at Cannes
  1618. Microsoft develops anti-virus product
  1619. Helpline: Do you know this pianist?
  1620. Sony unveils Playstation 3
  1621. BBC begins trial program allowing legal TV and radio downloads
  1622. Pop starlet Kylie Minogue has early-stage breast cancer
  1623. Galloway and Pasqua deny any wrongdoing on their part in the oil-for-food program
  1624. Italian football: Roma and Lazio accused of fixing game
  1625. Tense panel discussion on Srebrenica held in Belgrade
  1626. Uzbek rebel leader on horseback wants an Islamic state
  1627. Cuba to embrace free software
  1628. Kuwait parliament gives women the vote
  1629. Romanian parliament ratifies EU accession treaty
  1630. VISA opens regional office in Bucharest
  1631. Traffic to be restricted on Romanian National Road 66
  1632. Air France to launch new daily flight from Paris to Bucharest
  1633. Former Pasqua aide claims Iraq intended to reward Charles Pasqua, denies having received oil
  1634. Landless Workers Movement marches to Brasilia in protest
  1635. Tropical Storm Adrian forms in Eastern Pacific, threatens Central America
  1636. Birds attack people in Houston
  1637. Live grenade thrown at George Bush in Georgia
  1638. Journalist detained at Council of Europe human rights conference in Warsaw
  1639. NOAA predicts increased hurricane activity in U.S.
  1640. Amazon deforestation accelerating
  1641. Euro Disney SCA receives new CEO
  1642. L.A. elects Latino Mayor
  1643. Speaker breaks tie by voting for Canadian budget
  1644. Dec. 2004 Sumatra quake was longest ever recorded
  1645. "Piano Man" is not British actor, search down to three leads
  1646. Hurricane Adrian strikes Central America Thursday night
  1647. Computer giants attack Aussie CSIRO's WLAN patent
  1648. Illegal version of Star Wars III hits the internet hours after world-premiere
  1649. Australia prepares to return Afghan detainees
  1650. Red Cross reveals it told U.S. officials about Koran disrespect on multiple occasions
  1651. FCC requires VoIP providers to have 911 service
  1652. Adrian dissipates, producing heavy rains and mudslides
  1653. IDA Ireland opens Shanghai office
  1654. Marburg virus outbreak in Angola claims over 300 lives
  1655. Chilean army recruits missing
  1656. Cuban dissidents hold rare public meeting
  1657. Restrictions imposed in China textile trade with U.S.
  1658. UEFA Women's Cup: Potsdam wins Women's Cup against Stockholm
  1659. Endangered cow cloned in Brazil
  1660. Greece wins 2005 Eurovision song contest
  1661. Martin claims victory in Charlotte
  1662. Storms lash northern New Zealand
  1663. Mongolia's ex-communists ahead going into Sunday's election
  1664. Cubans protest communism
  1665. Mayors back global warming pact
  1666. Venture capital investment in Ireland soars by 35%
  1667. BBC prepared for news blackout as staff strike
  1668. Canadian MP crosses from Conservative to Liberal party
  1669. Fox News viewership drops by half in 6 months
  1670. Preakness won by Afleet Alex, Kentucky Derby Winner Third
  1671. Particle accelerator reveals long-lost writings of Archimedes
  1672. Dissident meeting held in Cuba
  1673. Karzai blames U.S. and Britain for increased opium production
  1674. Romanian journalists freed
  1675. Bill Clinton visits Romania to take part in branding conference
  1676. Romanian government approves new minorities law
  1677. BBC drops programmes as third of staff join strike
  1678. Brazilian news agency using free software for multimedia broadcasting
  1679. Five Irish schoolgirls die in bus crash
  1680. U.S. senators reach compromise on use of filibuster
  1681. Laura Bush visits Middle East in goodwill tour
  1682. UK Transport Minister "pied" during launch of Future Heathrow group
  1683. Ebola outbreak in Congo
  1684. Democratic Republic of Congo adopts new constitution, plans elections
  1685. Marshall Islands to request $3 billion more from U.S. for health effects of nuclear testing
  1686. World's tallest geyser erupts
  1687. World's Tallest Geyser Erupts
  1688. Kidnapped Romanian journalists return home
  1689. User:Borofkin/Child released after spending entire life in Australian detention centre
  1690. National Aromanian Day celebrated
  1691. Child released after spending entire life in Australian detention centre
  1692. Star Wars Episode III debut breaks four box office records
  1693. Voyager 1 enters heliosheath at edge of solar system
  1694. First pipeline opens from Caspian Sea
  1695. London's Millennium Dome to become a concert arena
  1696. Amnesty International calls for Guantanamo shutdown
  1697. Power crisis in Moscow and central Russia largest ever recorded
  1698. Controversial Judge Priscilla Owen approved for seat on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court
  1699. Bird flu may infect 20 percent of world's population, kill millions
  1700. British lecturers meet to vote on Israeli academic boycott
  1701. Liverpool beats Milan on penalties in Champions League final
  1702. Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi reported "wounded"
  1703. Researchers at UC Berkeley strike against "bad faith bargaining"
  1704. Armagh man charged with 1998 bombing murders
  1705. Schapelle Corby found guilty, sentenced to 20 years
  1706. Saudi Arabia's King Fahd admitted to hospital
  1707. How tall is tallest? Chinese researchers measure tallest mountain
  1708. Mothers, teachers concerned about leukemia deaths at California elementary school
  1709. Defense rests in Michael Jackson case
  1710. Low fares airline, Ryanair celebrates twenty years in business
  1711. German Parliament votes yes on EU constitution; French referendum may vote no
  1712. Shared history textbook written by scholars from Japan, China, South Korea
  1713. Actor Eddie Albert Dies at Age 99
  1714. Corruption endangers Brazilian government
  1715. Citizen groups ask Congress to file formal "Resolution of Inquiry" against Bush
  1716. American Samoa asks again to be removed from U.N. colonies list
  1717. Los Angeles firefighters battle Mt. Washington blaze
  1718. Lapp Plats becomes first firm to float on IEX
  1719. Exit poll: 55% of French voters say no to EU constitution
  1720. Mobile ringtone tops the UK singles chart
  1721. France votes no in EU referendum
  1722. British Liberal Democrat Patsy Calton, 56, dies of cancer
  1723. Class of 9/11 graduates West Point
  1724. Huge Gay Pride parade held in Brazil
  1725. Chicken that crossed road let off fine by California court
  1726. UK and U.S. bombing raids against Iraq increased in 2002
  1727. Amnesty International urges investigations of top U.S. officials
  1728. Polish writer Tomasz Pacyński dies
  1729. Retired U.S. vets sue Donald Rumsfeld for excessive service cutbacks
  1730. France gets a new prime minister
  1731. Live 8 concert plans announced
  1732. Ryanair profits jump 19% to €268.9m
  1733. Scottish Radio Holdings set to buy Highland Radio for €7m
  1734. Former FBI Second-In-Command says he was "Deep Throat"
  1735. Natalie Glebova is elected Miss Universe
  1736. Mount Diablo buckwheat rediscovered in California
  1737. Dutch vote today on EU constitution
  1738. U.S. Supreme Court overturns Arthur Andersen conviction
  1739. $1,000 reward offered for answer from US President
  1740. Brazilian Minister of Culture says that he smoked marijuana until the age of 50
  1741. 61.6% of the Dutch people say 'no' to EU constitution
  1742. Samsung's 4 Gigabit flash memory begins mass production
  1743. NASA solar sail passes first major test
  1744. Six thousand gather to celebrate birthday of Yugoslavian leader Josip Broz Tito
  1745. Department of Defense denies federal funding to schools that ban military recruiting
  1746. Elan shares plunge as another patient dies
  1747. Iran, North Korea, USA blamed in failure of month-long Non-Proliferation Treaty conference
  1748. Greek Soccer 3rd Division, North Group, Pavlos Melas relegated
  1749. Second Darwin's sandwich shop opens in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
  1750. John Kerry criticizes news media, joins call for inquiry on Downing Street Memo
  1751. New drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci found
  1752. UN dismisses first official over oil-for-food scandal
  1753. New top level domain approved
  1754. User:Actorschecklist
  1755. Ryanair passenger numbers up 34%
  1756. Papua New Guinea at risk of AIDS epidemic
  1757. Continuing civil unrest in Iran fueled by election tensions, soccer victory
  1758. U.S. military confirms Qur'ans were kicked, stepped on and splashed with urine at Guantanamo
  1759. First winter snowfall in New Zealand
  1760. Bush Administration changes official position on legitimacy of Qur'an desecration allegations
  1761. Online poker firm set for multibillion pound flotation
  1762. Big shoes to fill at eBay
  1763. Re-creation of 1919 cross-Atlantic flight is successful
  1764. Blog alliance forms over leaked Downing Street memo
  1765. Government of Zimbabwe forces thousands out of their homes
  1766. Fire in Alpine road tunnel between Italy and France
  1767. Israel upset Republic of Ireland again in World Cup Qualifiers
  1768. Switzerland is voting on same-sex partnerships and Schengen/Dublin
  1769. Computer Associates warns of massive botnet attack
  1770. AP Probe suggests Bolton manipulated Iraq inspections to favor War
  1771. The Swiss vote yes to same-sex relationships and "Schengen/Dublin"
  1772. U.S. wants to impose its "no-fly" list on most Canadian domestic flights
  1773. Coldplay's new album hits stores worldwide this week
  1774. Amnesty report's criticisms rejected by Bush administration
  1775. Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs gives opening keynote to WWDC 2005
  1776. Mars rover Opportunity successfully escapes sand trap
  1777. Two women first ever to serve on municipal council in Kuwait
  1778. England off to electric start in Women's Euro 2005 football championship
  1779. Sweden celebrates its first national day as a public holiday
  1780. New denunciations of political corruption create severe political crisis in Brazil
  1781. Son of Pelé arrested accused of drug traffic
  1782. Over 1.5m apply for British Live 8 tickets
  1783. United Kingdom, Czech Republic suspend referendums on EU constitution
  1784. Rossi won't continue with legal appeals over failed bid for Washington State Governorship
  1785. John Kerry's Military records and Yale transcript released
  1786. Report finds over $1 trillion per year is spent on arms worldwide
  1787. Ireland will hold EU referendum
  1788. Stowaway killed by aircraft landing gear; leg lands in homeowner's backyard
  1789. Britain's deadly bug possibly imported from U.S. or Canada
  1790. President Lula opens U.N. forum to combat corruption
  1791. Pelé cries as his son admits to marijuana addiction
  1792. Danish Integration Minister's car burned
  1793. Michael Jackson fate in hands of jurors
  1794. Google now worth over $80 billion
  1795. 30 travelers from Rwanda die in Ugandan bus crash
  1796. California IT company to create 100 new jobs in Dublin
  1797. Republic of Ireland beat Faroe Islands to top Group 4 for Football World Cup 2006
  1798. Canadian provinces brace for more flooding
  1799. Pittsburgh Pirates win three-game series over Baltimore Orioles
  1800. Half of Ugandan Presidential convoy blocked at Uganda-Rwanda border
  1801. International Criminal Court to investigate crimes against humanity in Darfur
  1802. Atari Melbourne Project revealed
  1803. Rwandan genocide investigations to be completed by end of July
  1804. Sources close to both sides say NHL, NHLPA agree on Salary Cap structure
  1805. First tropical storm of 2005 season forms in the Atlantic
  1806. Canadian top court strikes down private medicare ban in Quebec
  1807. Missouri Circuit Court Judge Werner Moentmann rules that Planned Parenthood must repay money.
  1808. U.N. condemns lack of due process in American-run Iraq prisons
  1809. Thousands of Rwandan refugees living in overcrowded Burundi transit centre
  1810. The Finnish Social Democrats elect a new leader
  1811. British man involved in deal to drill for oil in Darfur
  1812. Storing IP-addresses of Swedish copyright infringers deemed illegal
  1813. Eduardo Rodríguez becomes president of Bolivia
  1814. 600,000 new dollar millionaires created in 2004
  1815. Interpol on the hunt for 'Dr.Death'
  1816. Bombs kill US Marines, civillians in Iraq
  1817. House subcommittee approves massive cuts for public broadcasting
  1818. US Congress House panel OKs big cut in public broadcasting funds
  1819. Fake Jackson suicide email hides virus
  1820. Report finds FBI missed multiple chances to stop 9/11
  1821. Firing of Michael Jackson spokeswoman disputed
  1822. G8 finance ministers agree on deal to relieve debts of 18 poorest nations
  1823. US teen missing in Aruba feared dead
  1824. Glazer caps Manchester United's player transfer spending at £25m a year
  1825. Irish inflation creeps upwards to 2.4%
  1826. BSkyB faces challenge in securing British Premiership football rights
  1827. US millitary says it killed approximately 40 'insurgents' in Iraq
  1828. More political, soccer-related unrest in Iran follows Bahrain victory
  1829. Twenty-five children injured in bus-truck collision in Florida
  1830. Lula's future in the hands of Brazilian Parliament
  1831. Italians vote on fertility referendum
  1832. Crown Prince of Kuwait admitted to hospital
  1833. French journalist held hostage in Iraq freed
  1834. Chechnya train derailed by blast, 12 injured
  1835. China school flood claims 91 lives
  1836. Bomb blasts kill several in Iran
  1837. Mike Tyson set to retire after loss
  1838. Fossett set to recreate first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight
  1839. Pink Floyd will reunite to play London's Live 8
  1840. Iraqi police discover 20 bodies
  1841. Wisconsin Democratic Party calls for Impeachment of Bush, Cheney, & Rumsfeld
  1842. Final withdrawal of Australian troops from East Timor
  1843. Ryanair exercises options on five Boeing 737s
  1844. Airbus wins Qatar Airways order worth $15bn
  1845. Michael Jackson found 'not guilty' on all counts
  1846. Serial child imposter held by French police
  1847. Dannie Abse hurt, wife killed in car accident
  1848. New rocky planet discovered in orbit around nearby star
  1849. UNHCR criticises Rwanda's and Burundi's decision to re-label refugees as illegal immigrants
  1850. Aid group 'denied access' to Rwandan refugee camp in Burundi
  1851. UN reports Rwandan refugees repatriated by force
  1852. Chinese bloggers on Microsoft's MSN now face regulation of censors
  1853. Bombings reported in southeastern Iran
  1854. South African president dismisses deputy on implications of corruption
  1855. Canadian military hosts first gay military wedding
  1856. Earthquake hits Chile
  1857. EBay UK bans sale of Live 8 tickets
  1858. Tsunami bulletin issued from Pacific coast of California-Mexico border to Vancouver, Canada
  1859. Boy dies on Mission Space ride at Disneyworld
  1860. Bush may give special news conference about Iran
  1861. President Bush says U.S. will defend Taiwan if attacked by China
  1862. Bombing in Iraq kills US Marines and civilians
  1863. Red and processed meats linked to bowel cancer
  1864. Autopsy reveals that Terri Schiavo was in a persistent vegetative state
  1865. Aid payments to be withdrawn by UK following violence in Ethiopia
  1866. Canadian PM survives confidence vote
  1867. House votes to limit Patriot Act
  1868. Global youth conference on genocide begins in Kigali
  1869. Downing Street Memo forum to be held June 16th in response to petition of 500,000
  1870. Bomb blast in Iran injures three civilians
  1871. Canadian boy killed in Cambodian seige; Police storm school
  1872. World Bank president addresses global youth forum on genocide
  1873. American "Chicken for sex" meat salesman is charged with assault
  1874. Brazil Political crisis: Minister José Dirceu leaves the government
  1875. Satellite radio approved in Canada
  1876. Bush administration drastically cuts penalties sought for in tobacco trial from $130 billion to $10 billion
  1877. Five beheaded during violent prison riot in Brazil
  1878. Dell would be 'happy' to sell PCs running Mac OS X
  1879. US trade deficit increases to record high in first quarter 2005
  1880. British motorists showered with cash on motorway
  1881. Goodyear blimp crashes in Florida
  1882. Mothers, teachers air more concerns about leukemia cases at California elementary school
  1883. Third major earthquake rocks California
  1884. Wiltshire constabulary issues European arrest warrant for Hayley Richards murder
  1885. 40 million credit cards compromised
  1886. Tyco executives found guilty
  1887. Sudanese government signs major deal with opposition group
  1888. Associated Press publishes 6 new "secret and confidential" Downing Street memos
  1889. Six killed in Burundi church massacre
  1890. Youth forum to submit suggestions to UN
  1891. Los Angeles Times launches editorial wiki
  1892. Michelin's tyre mistake sends US Formula One Grand Prix into farce
  1893. Plan Magazine sold for €300,000 to Commercial Media Group
  1894. Iran election going to run-off, challenger alleges fraud
  1895. Wikinews:Audio Wikinews/Transcripts/June 20, 2005
  1896. Google planning PayPal rival
  1897. Scores killed and wounded as violence escalates in Iraq
  1898. Filmcrew working for Channel 4 arrested for soaking Tom Cruise in London
  1899. International Whaling Commission adjourns for private talks
  1900. Iraq's Justice Minister accuses U.S. of having "lots of secrets they want to hide"
  1901. Priest charged in exorcism death
  1902. Lebanese politician George Hawi assassinated as historic elections end
  1903. Killen convicted of manslaughter for 1964 civil rights workers murders
  1904. Commemoration of Srebrenica massacre to be held on July 11
  1905. Smashing Pumpkins may reunite
  1906. Myron Cope, Pittsburgh Steelers color commentator, retires after a 35 year career
  1907. Tennessee Governor signs budget bill
  1908. Jack Kilby, Nobel laureate and inventor of integrated circuit, dies at 81
  1909. US flag burning amendment approved by House
  1910. Australian Deputy Prime Minister resigns
  1911. Zimbabwe bans crop growing in urban areas
  1912. No resolution in North Korean nuclear stalemate
  1913. Solar sail craft may have made orbit
  1914. Canadian PM vows to push ahead with same-sex marriage bill
  1915. Canadian military accused of Agent Orange cover up
  1916. Killen gets 60 years for civil rights killings
  1917. Court legalizes same-sex marriage in New Brunswick
  1918. U.S. Senator Biden may run for Presidency
  1919. Yahoo closes user-created chat rooms over sexual conduct
  1920. Basketball: Djordjevic's farewell game to be played July 3
  1921. Mlambo-Ngcuka sworn in as South African deputy president
  1922. African Union rejects calls for action on Zimbabwe
  1923. Dublin gets ready to be rocked once again by U2
  1924. England and Wales see 60% increase in public injured by police vehicles
  1925. US city police officer disciplined for drawing gun
  1926. U.S. Supreme Court eases government ability to seize property
  1927. OhmyNews citizen reporters meet in Seoul, Korea
  1928. President Mugabe bulldozes homes of 200,000 across Zimbabwe
  1929. Iranians vote in runoff election
  1930. Seventy arrested after fight in Moscow
  1931. Most of Greek workforce participating in a general strike, say unions
  1932. Dresdener Elbe Valley becomes UNESCO World Heritage site
  1933. Arrest warrants issued in Italy for 13 alleged CIA people on kidnapping charges
  1934. Serbian Parliament members accuse NGOs of anti-Serbian campaign
  1935. Second case of BSE confirmed in U.S.
  1936. Hardliner wins Iran presidential runoff
  1937. Three New Jersey boys found dead
  1938. Tom Cruise debates psychiatry on NBC's Today show
  1939. Guidant announces more defibrillator problems
  1940. Elections held in Bulgaria
  1941. Nigeria's past rulers stole $400 billion in public money
  1942. MTV and VH1 to broadcast Live 8
  1943. U.S. Housing prices down 9% since February
  1944. San Francisco mother of 12-year-old boy who was mauled to death charged with child endangerment
  1945. British television presenter Richard Whiteley dies
  1946. Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, Gargamel, dead at 82
  1947. U.S. Marines accused of assaulting Australian freed by U.S. military court
  1948. U.S. Supreme Court rules on government display of Ten Commandments
  1949. Israeli soldier convicted of killing British activist in Gaza Strip
  1950. Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rules against file swapping companies
  1951. Actor John Fiedler, voice of Piglet and "Bob Newhart" regular, dead at 80
  1952. Russia probing Jewish law as "incitement"
  1953. Lula tries to save the government with alliance with opposition party
  1954. Russia voids border treaty with Estonia
  1955. Workers' Movement and other social movements support Lula, Senators warn of 'Chavenization'
  1956. Wal-Mart heir John Walton killed in plane crash
  1957. Scenario for impeachment of Lula raised in Brazil
  1958. Norway and Denmark conducting observation flights over Belarus and Russia
  1959. Lukashenko accuses foreign donators of ideological expansion
  1960. France secures site for 10 billion euro nuclear fusion research project
  1961. Civilians testify to Halliburton fraud, coercion
  1962. Canadian House of Commons approves same-sex marriage
  1963. Witnesses expose big corruption scheme of the Brazilian ruling party
  1964. Many still believe myths associated with cancer, reports American Cancer Society study
  1965. AMD files antitrust lawsuit against Intel in US federal district court
  1966. United States President George W. Bush makes speech to rally support for war in Iraq
  1967. Shelby Foote, 88, noted historian and author, dies
  1968. Maciej Zurawski accepts Celtic's offer
  1969. Fiji girls missing; feared dead
  1970. US helicopter with 17 on board believed to have been shot down in Afghanistan
  1971. Fathers mourn slain children in Arizona
  1972. Undercover investigation into protests planned for July's G8 summit
  1973. Flash floods hit Australia's eastern coast
  1974. Football: Kežman goes to Madrid
  1975. Rwandan businessmen sentenced for War Crimes
  1976. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announces cooperation between KDE Group and Wikimedia
  1977. Brazil wins Confederations Cup
  1978. OhmyNews forum discusses experiences in citizen journalism
  1979. Bodies found at crash site of US helicopter in Afghanistan
  1980. Sharapova knocked out of Wimbledon 2005 in semi-final
  1981. Ferry crashes into smaller boats in West Vancouver after losing power
  1982. Fiji's War of the Ribbons
  1983. US officials accused of covering up human deaths from BSE and discouraging testing of suspected animals
  1984. Fiji "running out of patience" with Vanuatu over ban on Fijian biscuits
  1985. UN/WHO making progress in treating HIV/AIDS, but will miss 2005 target
  1986. Rail tunnel collapses at Gerrards Cross, UK
  1987. FBI's covert "Operation Site Down" targets top international warez and piracy sites
  1988. Man calls for seizure of Justice Souter home, under eminent domain ruling
  1989. USA lifts remaining sanctions on Serbia and Montenegro
  1990. Spain legalizes same-sex marriage
  1991. Romania redenominates its currency
  1992. Schröder loses motion of confidence
  1993. Multiple deaths as Congolese government cracks down on pro-democracy protests
  1994. Minnesota state government shuts down
  1995. Leitzinger, Forbes-Robinson win the Brumos Porsche 250 at Daytona
  1996. US House approves $1.17 billion in Amtrak funding
  1997. Africa faces food crisis, UN Security Council told
  1998. United States Supreme Court Justice O'Connor to retire
  1999. News briefs:July 1, 2005
  2000. CNet News launches reader wiki
  2001. Four channels to be launched on Viasat in the Nordic and Baltic countries
  2002. Wikinews:Audio Wikinews/Transcripts/July 2, 2005
  2003. Judge orders Baltimore City prison to produce plan for improvement
  2004. MTV debuts 'Logo' cable channel targeting gay market
  2005. Serbia and Montenegro military announces mandatory service shortening
  2006. Live 8 concerts around the world to "End Poverty Now"
  2007. Soul musician Luther Vandross dies at age 54
  2008. Truex Jr. beats Harvick in the Winn-Dixie 250
  2009. Explosion in Russia kills 10: authorities suspect Chechen involvement
  2010. Canada's Health Minister will attempt to stop Americans from buying prescription drugs in bulk
  2011. Discovery Space Shuttle Launch scheduled for July 13
  2012. Federal Judge puts California's Prison Health Care system into receivership
  2013. CNOOC submits Unocal Bid Details to Federal Regulators
  2014. Microsoft to pay IBM US $775 million in Antitrust settlement
  2015. Radioactive leakage at Swedish nuclear waste store
  2016. New denunciations of Brazilian deputy and evidence make things difficult for Lula
  2017. Karl Rove named as a source of Plame leak
  2018. Grandfather and grandson die after dinghy capsizes off North Wales coast
  2019. U.S. retains control of Internet root servers
  2020. Stewart battles rain to win Pepsi 400 at Daytona
  2021. Wikinews:Audio Wikinews:Transcripts:July 3, 2005
  2022. Earth Day founder Nelson dies at 89
  2023. Alleged Al-Qaeda leader killed in Saudi Arabia
  2024. Canada awaits Karla Homolka's Release from Prison
  2025. Underwater volcano erupts in Pacific near Japan
  2026. Scientists may have tests to detect Alzheimers
  2027. Ahmadinejad pictures: Iran Gov't denies hostage-taker allegations
  2028. Iraq's UN Envoy accuses U.S. Marines of 'cold blooded murder'
  2029. NASA's Deep Impact probe strikes comet successfully
  2030. 2005 Mediterranean Games close in Almeria
  2031. Russian astrologist sues NASA for Deep Impact test
  2032. San Jose replaces Detroit as 10th-largest U.S. city
  2033. Nine hundred thousand Somalis face food crisis
  2034. Underwater volcano causes 3,300 ft column of steam
  2035. TV channel does not hold exclusive trademark rights to the number 3, Stockholm court rules
  2036. Civilians dead following U.S. air strike on 'terrorist compound'
  2037. 'Bad language' at Live 8 concerts trigger complaints to the BBC
  2038. Egyptian envoy's captors remain anonymous
  2039. 34% more Americans killed in Iraq during past 12 months than in previous 12 months
  2040. United Church of Christ endorses same-sex marriage, largest Christian denomination to do so
  2041. Australian Prime Minister's popularity at all time low
  2042. Aid ship sailing to Somalia hijacked; aid supply threatened
  2043. Sunnis fighting al-Qa'eda insurgents in Western Iraq
  2044. Israeli man faces attempted murder charges for stabbing three gay pride marchers
  2045. House votes to repeal Washington D.C. handgun ban
  2046. Tropical Storm Cindy threatens U.S. Gulf Coast
  2047. Three killed in Tennessee vehicle crash
  2048. Brazil threatens to break patent on AIDS drugs
  2049. Protestors detained after violence near G8 summit
  2050. Tanzania accused of supporting terrorism to destabilise Burundi
  2051. London to host 2012 Olympic Games
  2052. European parliament says NO to software patents
  2053. European Parliament rejects computer-implemented inventions directive
  2054. Pennsylvania man admits to June 25 beating of elderly woman
  2055. New York Times reporter sent to jail in leak case
  2056. Exit Festival 05 begins tomorrow
  2057. Spyware is changing users' online habits
  2058. Pittsburgh Pirates defeat Philadelphia Phillies, 3-0
  2059. Rapper 'Little Kim' sentenced to 1 year in prison
  2060. US Senator Rick Santorum writes book, receives criticism
  2061. Coordinated terrorist attack hits London
  2062. International stock markets tumble after UK blasts
  2063. France raises security level to red in response to London bombings
  2064. Transport and telecommunications struggle amid confusion in London
  2065. British Prime Minister Tony Blair speaks about London bombings
  2066. World leaders respond to London blasts
  2067. Bush crashes his bike into Scottish police officer
  2068. Group claims responsibility for London explosions
  2069. US Homeland Security raises transit terror alert
  2070. Egypt's top envoy in Iraq confirmed killed
  2071. Bomb scare closes main Edinburgh thoroughfare
  2072. Florida man charged with stealing Wi-Fi
  2073. Romanian PM quits after Constitutional Court ruling
  2074. Philippine President calls for resignation of cabinet due to deflation of peso
  2075. Baseball, softball dropped from 2012 Olympics
  2076. Death toll from London bombings rises to 37
  2077. London transport system returning to normal
  2078. Security alerts in central London
  2079. London bombing death toll rises to 'more than 50'
  2080. Suspended sentence for Sasser worm author
  2081. Blair: G8 leaders announce $50 billion aid increase; talks on trade and climate change
  2082. 450 sheep leap to their deaths in Turkey
  2083. Florida declares 'state of emergency', Hurricane Dennis category 4 storm
  2084. Bird flu hits Philippines
  2085. Thirteen people died in London bus bombing
  2086. 8th Circuit Court rules 'partial birth' ban unconstitutional
  2087. 'Denmark will be attacked' says one expert, 'Denmark safe' says another
  2088. University of Alberta to buy Hudson's Bay Building
  2089. Hurricane Dennis heads for Gulf Coast, leaves trail of destruction in its wake
  2090. Tour de France week 1 wrap up
  2091. Pittsburgh Pirates rally to defeat New York Mets, 6-5
  2092. Video game's secret sex scenes spark outrage
  2093. Nigerian sentenced to death for admitting to gay relations
  2094. San Francisco anti-G8 rally turns violent
  2095. News briefs:July 9, 2005
  2096. Weening takes stage to Gérardmer in photo finish
  2097. London Tube bombs went 'bang bang bang, very close together'
  2098. Walt Disney Co. reconciles with Disney heir
  2099. London bus bomb 'an hour late'
  2100. Dozens left dead in Caribbean as Hurricane Dennis moves toward U.S.
  2101. UK Police evacuate Birmingham city centre
  2102. Formula 1: Alonso in lead in tomorrow's British Grand Prix
  2103. Appalachian Mountains coal company target of protesters
  2104. User:Ómar Kjartan Yasin/Working on
  2105. Baugur Group withdraws from Somerfield bid
  2106. Responsibility claim for London attacks questioned by experts
  2107. Newspaper refuses to utilize leaked documents in article
  2108. North Korea to rejoin six-nation talks
  2109. Mixed reactions to G8 summit
  2110. Birmingham UK threat was 'real and very credible'
  2111. Luxembourg votes Yes to the EU treaty
  2112. UK remembers end of World War II sixty years on
  2113. New Enterprise Linux distribution on the horizon
  2114. Hurricane Dennis makes landfall on Gulf Coast near Pensacola
  2115. Worker's Party leader detained in Sao Paulo's airport with $100,000 hidden in his underpants
  2116. Meth use now USA's top drug problem, survey finds
  2117. Wild storms lash New South Wales South Coast
  2118. 100 participate in Zagreb Pride
  2119. Abbott labs ends dispute with Brazilian government over AIDS drug
  2120. Australian PM promises to assist Corby
  2121. Remembering Srebrenice massacre
  2122. Ryanair launches more Shannon Airport routes
  2123. Temperature in east Iceland reaches 25 degrees Celsius (77°F)
  2124. Gas explosion in Russian shopping center kills 24
  2125. BSkyB director joins Setanta
  2126. Yankees defeat Indians, 9-4; win 7 of last 8 heading into the All-Star break
  2127. German opposition launches election campaign
  2128. Funding for new Museum of Liverpool approved
  2129. Man charged in vehicle death of Michigan woman
  2130. Fulton Fish Market leaves Manhattan after more than 180 years
  2131. Republicans criticize Sen. Clinton for comparing Bush to Mad magazine character
  2132. First gay marriage in Spain takes place
  2133. User:Davodd/sandbox4
  2134. Former Sudanese rebel leader John Garang sworn in as vice president of Sudan
  2135. False security alarm in Bradford, England
  2136. Palestinian radio station broadcasts praise for London terror attacks
  2137. PRIDE Critical Countdown 2005 results
  2138. Tropical Storm Emily forms in mid Atlantic, threatens North and Central America
  2139. White House refuses to comment on Karl Rove as source of leak
  2140. Padraig Harrington withdraws from British Open
  2141. London bombing: Police search houses in Leeds
  2142. Four explosions at Spanish power station
  2143. Abreu smashes records, wins Home Run Derby
  2144. Intel's offices across the EU raided
  2145. Arrest over London bombing
  2146. Building in Barcelona damaged by explosion
  2147. Suicide attack hits mall in Netanya, Israel
  2148. Cuba declines American help for damage caused by Hurricane Dennis
  2149. Police make significant progress in London bombings investigation
  2150. UK Defence Minister alludes to possible Iraq troop reduction
  2151. Fire in Hospital in Costa Rica kills 18 persons
  2152. Ft. Wayne, Indiana burn center treats Afghan child
  2153. TD Financial to acquire Hudson United Bancorp
  2154. Rebel leader says he will run for president in Haiti
  2155. Australian telecomms firm Telstra offers rebates to those affected by bombings
  2156. Train crash in southern Pakistan kills more than a hundred
  2157. Israeli army reoccupies Tulkarem in West Bank
  2158. Shuttle launch on schedule despite launch pad accident
  2159. Nurse glues boyfriend's eyes shut
  2160. Suicide bomber kills 24 children in Iraq
  2161. Children massacred in Kenyan school
  2162. Rape suspect, 14, questioned longer
  2163. Baghdad barbers threatened with death for cutting beards
  2164. Former WorldCom CEO Ebbers sentenced to 25 years
  2165. Study: Socialized Canadian surgery half the U.S. cost with same results
  2166. Shuttle launch called off due to faulty fuel tank sensor
  2167. Italian police launch nationwide anti-terror sweep
  2168. Family dog missing after protecting kids from bear
  2169. London bombing suspects are all British nationals
  2170. Married couple scheme issues phony driver's licenses in Virginia
  2171. Australia commits more troops to Afghanistan
  2172. Two-minute silence for London bombings marked across the EU
  2173. Hurricane Emily hits Grenada
  2174. Rail manslaughter charges are dropped in Hatfield, England
  2175. Hillary Clinton demands video-game smut enquiry
  2176. Building partially collapses in New York City's Upper West Side
  2177. Palestinian rocket attack kills Israeli woman
  2178. Metropolitan Police release photographs of one of the London bombers
  2179. Serbian government gives scholarships to students studying abroad
  2180. First Active offer 100% mortgages in Ireland
  2181. NHL lockout ends
  2182. Israeli Air Force attacks targets in Gaza
  2183. São Paulo crowned Copa Libertadores champions
  2184. Arsenal lets Vieira go
  2185. Palestinian security forces clash with militants, Palestinian Interrior Minister Nasser Yousef declares state of emergency
  2186. Age of Britain's Toldpuddle Martyr tree discovered
  2187. British girl hospitalized after riding Disney's Tower of Terror
  2188. TeleSUR promotional campaign causes controversy in Colombia
  2189. Riots in Île-de-France : 70 arrested after 200 cars burned
  2190. Wilson calls for Rove removal
  2191. US Senate debates Rove and intelligence access
  2192. Torino & Messina thrown out of Italy's Serie A football championship for next season
  2193. Kenyans flee homes after Tuesday's raids
  2194. Possible 'mastermind' of London bombings captured in Egypt
  2195. Yankees power surge blacks out Sox relief in 8-6 win
  2196. China to launch second space mission in October
  2197. Pollution in Arctic carried by seabirds
  2198. Bones of a Mammoth possibly found in Silicon Valley
  2199. New species of dolphin found off Australia
  2200. A timeline: Novak, Rove, Cooper
  2201. Transporting food costs the UK billions
  2202. Next season's Coppa Italia football tournament adopts new format
  2203. Concerns over China Oil subsidary of Unocal buying into US Energy infrastructure
  2204. Space Shuttle Discovery launch on indefinite hold
  2205. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince released
  2206. Suicide bombing in Kusadasi, Turkey
  2207. Three British Army soldiers killed in Iraq
  2208. Australian wins 2005 World Series of Poker
  2209. Super Typhoon Haitang to make landfall in Taiwan
  2210. Shell quits Irish fuel retail market
  2211. 54 killed by suicide bomber at Musayyib gas station
  2212. U.S. retailers sue world’s largest credit card issuer
  2213. Chinese General threatens U.S. with nuclear weapons over possible Taiwan Strait conflict, Beijing downplays comment
  2214. Texas man arrested after rescuing drowning swimmer
  2215. Radio host sacked threatened freedom of speech in Hong Kong
  2216. Common Sense Advisory announces size of worldwide translation and localization market and ranking of top 20 language services companies
  2217. Rep. Waxman: Karl Rove violated non-disclosure agreement
  2218. Grand Theft Auto under fire
  2219. Peer-to-peer file-sharing user numbers still growing
  2220. Pakistan warned British intelligence about terrorist plans to bomb London
  2221. Death toll in Musayyib, Iraq fuel tanker blast rises to 98
  2222. Manchester City agree big money for Shaun Wright-Phillips to move to Chelsea FC
  2223. Israeli PM assassin Yigal Amir on open-ended hunger strike
  2224. Saddam Hussein formally charged with the killing of Shia Muslims
  2225. Gulf Air launches direct flights to the Middle East from Dublin
  2226. Plane crash in Equatorial Guinea kills 55
  2227. Tiger Woods wins British Open
  2228. Disneyland celebrates fiftieth anniversary
  2229. Sir Edward Heath, former British PM, dies at 89
  2230. London bombers may have been 'duped' into committing suicide
  2231. Utah bill requiring divine design education withdrawn by Senator Chris Buttars
  2232. Yankees win 3 in 4 game series with Red Sox
  2233. Six people arrested under immigration laws in Leeds, England
  2234. Cooper claims he learned of Plame through Rove
  2235. 11-year-old California girl charged for throwing stone in defense
  2236. Governor of Tokyo is sued for insulting French language
  2237. Afghan warlord convicted by British court of torture
  2238. Hurricane Emily is second strike for Jamaica
  2239. UEFA CL: Second leg of first qualifying round starts tomorrow
  2240. Report: invasion of Iraq provided boost for Al-Qaeda
  2241. Deadly forest fire in Spain claims lives of firefighters
  2242. Nearly 25,000 Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq, watchdog group claims
  2243. 14,500 job cuts announced by Hewlett-Packard
  2244. Remote Assistance service of Windows OS vulnerable to attack
  2245. Suspected 'mastermind' of London bombings no longer a suspect
  2246. Niger facing food shortages after drought
  2247. Bush nominates John G. Roberts for U.S. Supreme Court
  2248. SABMiller acquires Colombian Grupo Bavaria brewery
  2249. Vivaldi Atlantic 4 break Canada-Europe record
  2250. New U.S. immigration bill proposes time-limit and employer scrutiny
  2251. British Army soldiers to be court martialled for war crimes
  2252. Prayer does not help heart patients, study finds
  2253. Press freedom groups condemn two-day radio station ban in Burundi
  2254. James Doohan, Star Trek's 'Scotty', dies at 85
  2255. Parents aid jailbreak of 18 year old Swede convicted of rape
  2256. Low morale reported among U.S. soldiers in Iraq
  2257. Canada becomes 4th nation to allow same-sex marriage
  2258. UEFA CL: First qualifying round winners are now known
  2259. South Dakota duck population gets help from rain
  2260. German president dissolves parliament; elections in September
  2261. Stores drop game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" after given 'Adults Only' rating
  2262. No evidence against London Bombing suspects says cleric
  2263. Four small explosions strike London's transport system
  2264. Prime Minister, Police chief urge London to 'get moving again'
  2265. Five Commissioners rescind welcome of 2006 Gay Games in Chicago
  2266. UK markets up despite London incident
  2267. Rice angry after abuse of aides in Sudan
  2268. Chinese yuan revalued against dollar
  2269. Rep. Barbara Lee calls for U.S. Congress probe into Iraq War planning
  2270. U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo clarifies 'nuke Mecca' comments
  2271. Crossrail set to only compensate £50 for land rights, London, UK
  2272. U.S. House votes to renew expiring Patriot Act
  2273. Armed police shoot man dead on London Underground
  2274. Armed police briefly surround a mosque in east London
  2275. Major police operation in west London
  2276. Quaker website editor launches music podcast programme
  2277. Fisherman in Virginia charged with killing alligator
  2278. MG Rover sold to Nanjing Auto
  2279. Many horses in Sweden lack passport
  2280. Metropolitan Police release photographs of July 21st suspects
  2281. Small plane crashes in central Berlin
  2282. Man arrested in connection with July 21 London bomb attempts
  2283. Bomb explodes on busy Beirut street
  2284. Many dead in Egyptian resort blasts
  2285. Legendary bluesman Long John Baldry dead at 64
  2286. Peace tax campaigners turned down by UK judge
  2287. 250 Young Quakers to light up lake
  2288. Ross on Wye Friends win gold for garden
  2289. Wolfgang Tilmans donates image to Quaker Social Action
  2290. World Gathering of Young Friends starts in Lancaster
  2291. User talk:NGerda/Archive 5
  2292. Haitian priest Jean-Juste held in relation to the murder of a journalist
  2293. Execution of two gay teens in Iran spurs controversy
  2294. 'Incident' at East London tube station
  2295. Capitol Hill Democrats hold informal hearing on Plame leak
  2296. Inter Milan cancels tour of England due to safety concerns
  2297. Man shot on London Underground unconnected to bombing, says Scotland Yard
  2298. Space Shuttle Discovery launch scheduled for Tuesday
  2299. NASA announces astronaut glove design contest
  2300. Stock exchange merger could end San Francisco stock trading
  2301. Inter Milan's tour of England back on
  2302. Egyptians conduct roundup of bombing suspects
  2303. Opposition parties rally in Baku for fair elections
  2304. Tsunami warning briefly issued for Indian Ocean after latest earthquake
  2305. Lance Armstrong wins Tour de France for seventh time
  2306. Critics honor 2004-2005 best in U.S. TV
  2307. World Health Organisation: China engaging in bird flu cover up
  2308. Australia wins first test of The Ashes series
  2309. First Chinese tourists arrive in the UK
  2310. Fifth bomb discovered in London after July 21 attacks
  2311. Rules may be bent to launch Discovery
  2312. Britain's Royal Windsor Castle to get hydro-electric power plant
  2313. Bush likely to appoint Bolton during congressional recess
  2314. Brazilians call for arrest of UK policemen after shooting death
  2315. A 5.6 Richter quake hits Western Montana
  2316. Microsoft announces name of new version of Windows: Vista
  2317. Press freedom watchdog 'outraged' by closure of Burundi radio station
  2318. Inter lead race to snap-up Figo
  2319. Murderer of Dutch filmmaker van Gogh gets life term
  2320. Space Shuttle Discovery launches
  2321. U.S. consumer confidence drops
  2322. U.S. magazine TV Guide to drop local editions in makeover
  2323. Last WWII Comanche 'code talker' dies
  2324. Int'l Football: Liverpool beats Kaunas 3 - 1
  2325. Neighbours of Niger also facing food crisis
  2326. Windows Vista faces possible trademark challenges
  2327. San Diego votes for new mayor
  2328. Sinn Féin leaders believed to have left IRA Army Council
  2329. U.S. Senator Santorum: ‘not to run’ in 2008 Presidential race
  2330. Google adds Hybrid Satellite/Map View
  2331. Four arrested in Birmingham UK in connection with July 21 attempted bombings
  2332. Brief bomb alerts in central London
  2333. British computer firm Tiny axes more than 1,500 Jobs
  2334. Record rains disrupt life in Mumbai, India
  2335. Crew of Discovery inspect Shuttle for launch damage
  2336. CAFTA faces tough vote in U.S. House
  2337. Football CL: All first leg games of second qualifications round are over
  2338. Verdicts announced in France's largest child abuse case
  2339. Tentative deal averts Ontario liquor stores strike
  2340. Mysterious disease kills 31 in China's Sichuan province
  2341. Iran will continue work on nuclear fuel cycle
  2342. Canada denies visa for Africa's top biosafety negotiator
  2343. Ties found between Abu Ghraib prison abuse and Guantanamo Bay
  2344. Australian refugee activists plan protest during minister's speech
  2345. California Senator launches probe into National Guard abuse allegations
  2346. U.S. Congress passes CAFTA with 2 vote House margin
  2347. 21 July London bombing suspect held
  2348. Burundi radio station ban lifted as media council chair resigns
  2349. Icelandic Kaupthing Bank earnings soar 292%
  2350. Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd. acquires UbiNetics Holdings Limited
  2351. Icelandic Landsbanki Íslands earnings on the increase
  2352. Figo will not transfer to Liverpool
  2353. IRA orders end to armed campaign
  2354. Doctor to be charged after mother's death in Ohio
  2355. Germany's July unemployment rate falls slightly
  2356. Fans of OS/2 want IBM to release it as open-source software
  2357. New York area blog spawns book deal, NBC sitcom
  2358. US, five Asian nations announce climate change partnership
  2359. NASA: Discovery appears safe to return to Earth
  2360. John Major brings "Anglo Saxon way of life" into terrorist discussion
  2361. Hoax email plays on tube travellers' fears
  2362. Controversy over Liverpool fan jailed in Bulgaria
  2363. Twenty injured by tornado in Birmingham, UK
  2364. Visa of Brazilian killed in London reportedly expired two-years ago
  2365. Australian Medical Association backs ethanol blended fuels
  2366. No breakthrough in the WTO trade talks
  2367. Armed police arrest two more 21 July bombing suspects in dramatic raids
  2368. Fourth 21 July bomb suspect held in Rome
  2369. Football CL: Third qualifying round draw results
  2370. Cyclist crosses Canada in 30 days for orphans
  2371. Britain launches 2012 Olympic Lottery games
  2372. Bigger than Pluto, possible 10th planet found
  2373. U.S. names German bases to close
  2374. Two Britons killed in British consulate convoy attack in Basra
  2375. Irish woman wins record lottery jackpot
  2376. Third union separates from AFL-CIO
  2377. Libya allows US oil company to return
  2378. London police question captured bombing suspects
  2379. Anti-Mubarak protesters in Cairo beaten by the police
  2380. U.S. President given clean bill of health at 2005 annual checkup
  2381. Former ECB chief Wim Duisenberg dies
  2382. Milošević may be jailed in Russia
  2383. Hollywood-like car hijacking in Belgrade
  2384. Serbian goal keeper debuts in Croatian football club Rijeka
  2385. Nine babies' bodies found in Germany
  2386. Kazakhstan gets hit with bird flu
  2387. Sudan’s Vice President killed in helicopter crash
  2388. Black teenager murdered in racial attack in Liverpool, England
  2389. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia announced dead
  2390. Poland accuses Belarus of human rights violations
  2391. Guantanamo prosecutors call trials a "fraud"
  2392. Australian warship sunk as artificial reef
  2393. Burundian Hutu extremists have killed 300 civilians in the last two months
  2394. Bush appoints John Bolton United States' ambassador to the United Nations
  2395. Lawmaker from Japan found hanged
  2396. Three battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment to disband as part of NI peace process
  2397. Rafael Palmeiro suspended for using steroids
  2398. Pennsylvania man acquitted of rape after DNA exoneration
  2399. Russia bans ABC following interview with Chechen rebel leader
  2400. Atkins Nutritionals Inc. goes bankrupt
  2401. Tom Cruise orders €14,500 takeaway meal
  2402. Formula 1: Barrichello leaves Ferrari
  2403. All passengers survive Toronto plane crash
  2404. Appalachia Mountains coal company plays State politics
  2405. U.S. immigrant worker debate taken up by Virginia township
  2406. Attorney Jack Thompson sets sights on Sims 2
  2407. Two-story building in Lynn, Massachusetts catches fire
  2408. Freman Hendrix eclipses Kwame Kilpatrick in Detroit mayoral race
  2409. Albanian girl murdered in tangle of crime
  2410. Spiders' egg case silk gene found
  2411. United States Homeland Security network monitors suspicious activity
  2412. German Adidas buys American Reebok
  2413. New 'Mighty Mouse' from Apple debuts
  2414. Brain dead woman gives birth
  2415. The San Diego Zoo gets a new baby giant panda
  2416. Man charged over London bombings
  2417. Speeding ticket paid with 12,000 pennies
  2418. Football CL: Second qualifying round final results
  2419. Ceremony takes place for decommissioned Royal Navy flagship
  2420. Canada's new governor general announced
  2421. Prominent Iranian judge assassinated
  2422. 'Star Wars' headed to TV as weekly series
  2423. Former UK MP Mo Mowlam 'critically ill'
  2424. Foreign investment rises in Romania by 19 percent
  2425. South Korean scientists clone dog for first time
  2426. London 21 July suspect claims device was 'flour bomb'
  2427. Al Qaeda: 'Blair brought destruction to the heart of London'
  2428. Two killed in Istanbul explosion
  2429. U.S. President Bush: 'We're at war'
  2430. Economy - Bush toughens up on Central America
  2431. NATO to expand Afghanistan presence
  2432. U.S. to transfer some Guantanamo detainees to Afghanistan
  2433. UN reports 'grim picture' of human rights in Burundi
  2434. Baugur Group among others buy Illum Warehouse Denmark
  2435. Four Israeli Arabs killed by Army deserter
  2436. British Airways to fly to Iceland
  2437. Laboratory fire forces evacuation of Australian National University
  2438. Stranded Russian minisub is trapped by 60 tonne anchor
  2439. An angered Robert Novak exited set of CNN Inside Politics show
  2440. User:Mrmiscellanious/Local/International "Pig Gig" rib festival begins
  2441. Senior citizen group seeks recovery of Medicare expenses from U.S. cigarette makers
  2442. Plane ditches into sea near Sicily
  2443. Robin Cook dead after collapsing
  2444. Finnish police isolate ports in Helsinki
  2445. America's atomic bombing commemoration held in Hiroshima
  2446. Russian submarine rescued by Royal Navy
  2447. Larson B ice-shelf collapse reveals exotic organisms isolated for 10,000 years
  2448. Ibrahim Ferrer, Cuban singer, dies at 78
  2449. Netanyahu quits over Israel's pullout plan
  2450. England win second test of the Ashes series
  2451. Wikimedia Foundation's first Wikimania convention held in Germany
  2452. Slovenian alpinist in rescue on Nanga Parbat
  2453. ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67
  2454. Koizumi has dissolved the Japanese Diet in response to rejection of postal services commercialization bill
  2455. Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 landing postponed for weather
  2456. Reports indicate Bush appointing friend to lead Plame inquiry
  2457. India, Pakistan begin next round of talks
  2458. 'Afghanistan is a 20-year venture' warns Canadian general
  2459. U.N. to begin forming response to Iranian nuclear program
  2460. Interview: Wikinewsie Kim Bruning discusses Wikimania
  2461. Oil for food scandal: UN releases third report
  2462. Shuttle Discovery given 'go' for landing at Edwards AFB
  2463. Space Shuttle Discovery lands safely in California
  2464. U.S. war protest mom met Bush in 2004
  2465. Anti-gay church protests U.S. at military funerals
  2466. U.S. Pentagon conference says weapons entered Iraq from Iran
  2467. New entrance discovered to world's longest cave
  2468. Municipal elections pushed back in Haiti
  2469. Oil in Alberta spill may be carcinogenic
  2470. Detroit chemical plant experiences explosions, fire; residents evacuated
  2471. Volcanic activity expands McDonald Island off Australia
  2472. Fourteen dead as passenger helicopter crashes off Estonia
  2473. Slovenian alpinist rescued from Himalayan peak
  2474. NAFTA dismisses US claims of Canadian violation of Trade Agreement rules in softwood lumber dispute
  2475. Greenpeace tries to thwart Chesapeake Bay fishing fleet
  2476. Haze crisis over Malaysia prompts talks with Indonesia
  2477. Pakistan successfully tests cruise missile
  2478. U.S. government hiring more hackers
  2479. Truck carrying explosives crashes, explodes in Utah
  2480. Rolling Stones unleash new song critical of Bush
  2481. Tropical Storm Irene to intensify, may hit U.S. coast
  2482. Palmeiro benched on return to Major League Baseball
  2483. Scientists warn thawing Siberia may trigger global meltdown
  2484. Julian McGauran makes rude gesture to Australian Senate
  2485. British Airways strike grounds flights at Heathrow
  2486. Former Japanese prime minister Hashimoto indicated his retirement
  2487. Israel bans nonresidents from Gaza
  2488. Pro-democracy demonstrations erupt in Maldives
  2489. Iran stands firmly against nuclear agency resolution
  2490. Prices at the pump spike overnight in U.S.
  2491. Ministry reveals the details of their new album
  2492. Talks with TGWU and Gate Gourmet to resume later today
  2493. Concerns about health situation in UK and Austria
  2494. Sri Lanka's foreign minister killed in sniper attack
  2495. Iraqi constitution met by Sunni resistance
  2496. Palestinians arrested in West Bank raids
  2497. Activists remember Burundi's Gatumba massacre
  2498. Israeli greenhouses to be preserved after Gaza pullout
  2499. Veteran U.S. attorney appointed to oversee Plame inquiry
  2500. TSA cuts US airport security screening personnel
  2501. Kurmanbek Bakiev sworn in as president of Kyrgyzstan
  2502. Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece
  2503. David Lange, former New Zealand prime minister, dies at 63
  2504. Controversial cancer test gains support
  2505. Paula Abdul cleared of sex scandal after 'American Idol' inquiry
  2506. Mother's plea to U.S. president gains widespread attention
  2507. 60th anniversary of the end of the war in Asia and Pacific commemorated
  2508. Gaza Strip pullout under way
  2509. Orioles' Palmeiro gets mixed baseball fan greeting
  2510. U.S. study of gay sheep may shed light on sexuality
  2511. Chelsea signs Essien for £26 million
  2512. Coroner makes first post mortems of Athens airliner crash victims; text message was a hoax
  2513. Car bombing in Chechnya kills boy
  2514. Former northeastern US Republican campaign director charged with conspiracy
  2515. Third Ashes test ends in a draw
  2516. Babies on U.S. no-fly lists holding up passengers
  2517. Earthquake strikes northeast Japan, shakes Tokyo
  2518. Somalia food hijackers make new demands
  2519. Spanish helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 17
  2520. Plane carrying 160 crashes in Venezuela
  2521. Brazilian shot by police on London Underground was not acting suspiciously
  2522. New record time spent in space
  2523. CNN headquarters infected with computer worm, exaggerates global threat
  2524. Taizé ecumenical community founder Frère Roger assassinated
  2525. Fiddle Legend Vassar Clements dead at 77
  2526. New computer worm poised to cause massive outages
  2527. Israeli Army begins forced evacuation of Gaza settlements
  2528. 21 July bombing suspect to be extradited back to the UK
  2529. "Camp Casey" moves to safer land, as Mother's protest continues
  2530. Canadian gasoline tops $1 a litre, politicians consider options
  2531. Bangladesh hit by several bomb explosions
  2532. Two new schools open in Beslan
  2533. Two injured in explosion at Toronto fairground
  2534. Virginians melee at used Apple iBook sale
  2535. Baghdad morgue received over 1,000 bodies in July
  2536. Multiple computer worms released as "botwar" rages
  2537. Madrid bombing suspect arrested in Belgrade
  2538. Chandra X-Ray Observatory illuminates Supernova 1987A
  2539. Pope visits World Youth Day in Cologne
  2540. No 'mates' in Australia's Parliament House
  2541. Iraqi gasoline is the cheapest in the world at $.05 per gallon
  2542. Israeli troops remove protesters from Gaza synagogues
  2543. Microsoft announces prices for new Xbox 360
  2544. U.S. Army intelligence had detected 9/11 terrorists year before, says officer
  2545. Syrian-born youth killed while building bomb in Norway
  2546. Next Shuttle flight delayed to next year; ISS crew begin spacewalk
  2547. Australian Air Force crews "at war" with Veterans' Affairs over compensation
  2548. Former British Northern Ireland secretary Mo Mowlam dies
  2549. China and Russia continue joint army exercise
  2550. Rocket attack on USS Ashland docked in Jordan; another rocket fired at Israeli town
  2551. Former rebel becomes President of Burundi
  2552. Moroccan gets seven years in German 9/11 retrial
  2553. Explosion in San Francisco injures one, cause unknown
  2554. Merck & Co. found liable for $253.4 million in Texas man's Vioxx-related death
  2555. At least 13 killed in shootings at polling stations in Pakistan
  2556. Attempt to reopen Western Australia's biggest beef processor
  2557. Indonesian blackout caused by lack of generation capacity
  2558. Daily Mail: Scotland Yard offered Menezes family US$1m
  2559. Document reveals U.S., Taliban discussed bin Laden assassination
  2560. Croatian singer beaten in Belgrade
  2561. CBC lockout enters sixth day
  2562. Gastric bypass surgery performed by remote control
  2563. Inter Milan victorious in Italian Super Cup
  2564. Australian parliamentary security officers allowed to address members as 'mates' again
  2565. One million pilgrims attend open-air mass with Pope
  2566. Space shuttle Discovery back in Florida
  2567. Dance party broken up by police in Utah, USA
  2568. British authorities may have detected nerve gas attack plans
  2569. 'MI6 officers' named on US-based website
  2570. Last Gaza settlement cleared, West Bank towns prepare to resist
  2571. Irish CAO releases 2005 university offers to students
  2572. Young Quakers disappointed by UK visa denials
  2573. Brush fire gets close to animal park near San Diego
  2574. Innovator of synthesizers Robert Moog, dead at 71
  2575. Earthquake reported near Rome's coast, no damage caused
  2576. Australian current affairs TV program accused of inciting religious hatred
  2577. New Zealand general election: National, Labour TV debate
  2578. 'Piano Man' speaks and is identified, returns home to Germany
  2579. Draft constitution pushed into Iraqi parliament
  2580. Thousands expected to protest at Forbes Global CEO conference in Sydney
  2581. Archaeologists find 1.8M-year-old Homo erectus skull
  2582. Lance Armstrong accused of EPO doping
  2583. Massive floods in Bavaria, Austria, Switzerland
  2584. Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson calls for assassination of Venezuela's president
  2585. Indiana senator testing waters for 2008 U.S. presidential bid
  2586. UK guinea pig farm to close after owner's family grave robbed
  2587. Israel completes Gaza strip, West Bank pull-outs
  2588. Canada considers trade retaliation against the U.S.
  2589. Hiker missing from US state of Utah wilderness found in Australia
  2590. Officials of Fanmi Lavalas party threaten boycott
  2591. Jetliner crash-lands in Peru
  2592. English FA rescinds red cards, FIFA backlash probable
  2593. Update: U.S. Army intelligence had detected 9/11 terrorists year before, says officer
  2594. Google Talk released in beta form
  2595. Australian governments to partially fund Forbes conference
  2596. Clothes from China piling up on European borders
  2597. Turkmen president bans recorded music in public
  2598. Canadian woman faces 234 counts of double-doctoring
  2599. Google provides Gmail access to American cell phone customers
  2600. Mixed success for Brampton Day at Ontario Place
  2601. Butter sculpture returns to Canadian National Exhibition
  2602. Protestors want 'carnival not confrontation' at Forbes conference
  2603. Next generation DVD format war nearing deadline
  2604. George H. W. Bush to attend Sydney CEO conference
  2605. German Constitutional Court green-lights early elections call
  2606. RTÉ's Eddie Hobbs attracts massive audience
  2607. Brampton MPP to hold community barbeque
  2608. Canadian city announces first Studios of Brampton tour
  2609. Brampton, Canada and Marikina, Philippines seeing double as cities twin
  2610. Winners of international postcard-sized art exhibit announced
  2611. US satellite radio provider Sirius unveils portable player
  2612. Authorities search for victims of Peruvian air crash
  2613. US televangelist Pat Robertson apologizes for assassination remark
  2614. Americans are getting fatter, not-for-profit's report finds
  2615. Tropical Storm Katrina threatens Florida, Bahamas
  2616. Iberia burning: forest fires rage across Portugal
  2617. Montreal lab questions ethics of recent EPO doping claims against Lance Armstrong
  2618. Controversial Berlin opera features interactive drug usage
  2619. Man allowed to keep deceased friend in warehouse freezer
  2620. World Health Organization declares tuberculosis emergency in Africa
  2621. Hotel quarantined after anthrax scare in US state of Michigan
  2622. Hurricane Katrina strikes Florida, kills seven
  2623. Swedish Wikipedia reaches 100,000 articles
  2624. UK study claims men have higher average I.Q. than women
  2625. Writers meet weekly at Ashland Underground
  2626. Two arrests made in Zotob worm attack
  2627. Wine cork prevents fuel leak on train
  2628. Afghani heroin shipment shot down in Tajikistan
  2629. Lance Armstrong disputes French doping results
  2630. Shoppers World hosts arts event
  2631. First encyclopedic dictionary of the Black Sea released
  2632. Australian MPs demand Islamic headscarf ban in schools
  2633. Mandatory evacuation declared in New Orleans, US
  2634. Service cutoff extended for unresponsive U.S. VoIP users
  2635. First suicide attack since Israeli pullout occurs in Beersheba
  2636. Hawaii, US beats Curacao in Little League World Series Championship
  2637. First fifty-star United States flag up for sale
  2638. Bush attendance at Australia CEO conference a hoax
  2639. Sydney, protesters reach agreement with police
  2640. CN Health & Safety Plan planned to be cancelled
  2641. Wreck of August 6 airliner crash recovered from sea off Italy
  2642. Hurricane Katrina causes upwards of $12bn of damage; oil prices surge
  2643. Little Caesars Pizza to open eight stores in Ireland
  2644. Sixteen additional suspects revealed in Zotob worm case
  2645. Protests over UK preparations to deport Kurd Iraqi asylum seekers
  2646. Sydney prepares for Forbes Conference and 30A protest
  2647. Suspects apprehended after car chase through Denver, US
  2648. At least 55 killed by Hurricane Katrina; serious flooding across affected region
  2649. Louisiana locked down; New Orleans could become a "toxic soup"
  2650. Green Day dominates at MTV's 2005 Video Music Awards
  2651. Italian petrol prices rocket to a record EUR 1.30 per litre
  2652. Carnival style protest held in Sydney
  2653. Total evacuation of New Orleans planned
  2654. Rhode Island District Court freezes Palestinian Authority assets in the US
  2655. Several hundred killed after stampede in Baghdad
  2656. Philippine impeachment unlikely to succeed
  2657. Israel rules victims of Jewish terrorist not entitled to lifelong support
  2658. Widespread looting blamed for disrupted rescue efforts in New Orleans, Louisiana
  2659. Hurricane Katrina: Resources regarding missing/located people
  2660. Bush authorizes oil release from Strategic Petroleum Reserve
  2661. Shots reported during Superdome evacuation
  2662. Nigeria bill has Taylor implications
  2663. New Caledonia prepares for 2011 South Pacific Games
  2664. UN Security Council considers Cote d'Ivoire sanctions
  2665. Józef Rotblat, 1995 Nobel Peace Prize winner, dies
  2666. U.S. man murdered by wife in Hong Kong
  2667. First executions in post-Saddam Iraq held in Baghdad
  2668. Idaho companies claim of new record for transmitting data across a wireless link
  2669. Football: Ronaldinho signs for Barcelona until 2010
  2670. Fats Domino missing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
  2671. Microsoft acquires VoIP firm
  2672. Al-Qaida claims responsibility for London 7/7 bombings
  2673. Google begins selling print ads
  2674. "Toxic soup" scenario in New Orleans unlikely
  2675. Talks between Pakistan, India yield apparent progress
  2676. West African cholera claims more than 500 lives, more deaths feared
  2677. Fats Domino rescued in New Orleans
  2678. Broadband users kicked off service for constant questioning
  2679. Scientists debate whether Hurricane Katrina was aggravated by global warming
  2680. Crime in New Orleans sharply increases after Hurricane Katrina
  2681. California Senate votes to allow gay marriages
  2682. Guantanamo prisoners stage hunger strike
  2683. US Senate approves $10.5 billon in aid for Hurricane Katrina victims
  2684. Louisiana officials accused of blocking rescue volunteers
  2685. Microsoft Office dropped by Massachusetts, USA
  2686. Minnesota 2% biodiesel mandate becomes effective September 29
  2687. Controversy over New Orleans photos captions
  2688. Coroner finds that Australian Prime Minister Holt drowned in 1967
  2689. Explosions hit waterfront in New Orleans, Louisiana
  2690. Ivorian rebels say South African mediators ‘discredited’
  2691. Bomb in Dagestan explodes Russian military truck
  2692. US Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide housing for Katrina refugees
  2693. Briton to fly hang glider across the UK
  2694. Gas prices surge in Northeast US
  2695. Intel responds to AMD antitrust suit
  2696. Oil prices fall as reserves are released
  2697. King of Swaziland seeks thirteenth bride, continues to cause ire
  2698. Did human remains cause mad cow disease?
  2699. Woman torches own house, attempting to kill spiders
  2700. New South Wales Liberal leader attempts suicide
  2701. Chimpanzee genome sequenced
  2702. Federal response to Katrina a "national disgrace"
  2703. Many nations offer material aid to hurricane victims; Bush refuses to accept
  2704. Rapper Kanye West denounces Bush response, American media at hurricane relief telethon
  2705. Blizzard Entertainment's victory over bnetd sealed in Appeals Court
  2706. French President Jacques Chirac hospitalized
  2707. US unemployment fell to four-year low before Katrina
  2708. Swazi princess beaten by government official for wild party
  2709. Liberia's World Cup woes averted
  2710. Federal government begins employing strategies to repair New Orleans
  2711. Cape Verde to launch first public university, with Brazil's support
  2712. Sun retires the Sun Industry Standards Source License
  2713. Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin slams Bush, federal government in radio interview
  2714. Deadly blaze in Paris possibly caused by arson
  2715. Chief Justice of the United States, William H Rehnquist, dies at age 80
  2716. California's SB 1 Bill Originators' and Supporters Turn Against Bill
  2717. Oil spill spotted along Mississippi River
  2718. Tempers flare over New Orleans tragedy
  2719. Childhood ibuprofen-triggered asthma a concern
  2720. Australia hits new Telstra privatization hurdles
  2721. India struggles with encephalitis outbreak
  2722. Controversy over whether New Orleans Mayor failed to follow hurricane plan
  2723. Israelis, Pakistanis watch and wait as ties develop
  2724. PayPal freezes $20k in hurricane relief donations
  2725. Hurricane Maria forms in Atlantic
  2726. Kuwait donates US$500 million to Katrina relief efforts
  2727. TV debate between German chancellor Schröder and opposition leader Merkel held
  2728. EU, China fail to agree on textile trade
  2729. Police shoot eight gunmen on New Orleans bridge, five dead
  2730. Former US VP Al Gore spearheads transport of hurricane victims to relief in home state
  2731. Second Paris fire kills 16 in 18-story building
  2732. Brazilian Vote Buying parliamentary commission present first joint preliminary report
  2733. At least 200 New Orleans police officers quit force
  2734. U.S. classifies record number of documents in 2004
  2735. Australian Health minister makes inappropriate comments about Brogden suicide attempt
  2736. Canada increases oil production to assist U.S.
  2737. Jetliner crashes in Indonesia
  2738. Green Beret tech blogs up-close and personal from New Orleans
  2739. Vladimir Putin dismisses head of Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Kuroyedov
  2740. Court rules in favour of record labels, Kazaa found illegal
  2741. Islamic political party seeks registration in Australia
  2742. President Bush nominates John Roberts as Chief Justice of the U.S.
  2743. Japan weathers Typhoon Nabi
  2744. Tsunami nations give relief advice to U.S.
  2745. 7 British paratroopers accused of murder begin trial
  2746. China, EU reach deal on textile import
  2747. 11 Japanese hospitals receive bomb threats
  2748. Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students
  2749. French President Chirac remains hospitalized
  2750. Linux installed on 2,460 desktop computers in Italian schools
  2751. Allegations President Bush staged photo-ops in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina tragedy
  2752. Australian Aborigines sprayed by crop-duster
  2753. Wheelchair-bound Australian rescued in New Orleans
  2754. Fire kills 32 in theatre in Beni Suef, Egypt
  2755. New Orleans police officer commits suicide
  2756. Manned mission to Mars at least 20 years away, easier than first trip to Moon
  2757. Munich delays switch to Linux
  2758. UK regulator warns MasterCard
  2759. Sony breaks UK launch sales record with PlayStation Portable
  2760. Actor Bob Denver dies at 70
  2761. Antony & The Johnsons win Mercury Music Prize
  2762. Iraqi president says Saddam confessed to crimes
  2763. Portia de Rossi talks about Ellen DeGeneres, sexuality
  2764. Girls Aloud win Popjustice £20 Music Prize
  2765. Farmers block main road in South Italy
  2766. Celebrities contribute to Katrina relief
  2767. Chopper knocks Austrian gondola off cables, killing nine
  2768. U.S. state of Utah begins to accept evacuees from Hurricane Katrina
  2769. Astronomers find changes in Saturn's rings
  2770. Wikimedia Commons celebrates first anniversary
  2771. Australia's ABC head Levy leaves for "Channel Nine"
  2772. Massachusetts to set up "village" for Katrina evacs
  2773. Award show producers try Emmy Idol
  2774. New Orleans DirectNIC Offices, 'Outpost Crystal' visited by 82nd Airborne
  2775. User:Ardonik/story1
  2776. Palestinian gunmen assassinate ex-security chief
  2777. Australian PM Howard under fire over AU$1.40/L pump prices
  2778. Tunisian ATR-72 plane crash on 6 August caused by incorrect fuel gauge
  2779. Apple unveils iPod nano
  2780. Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans graduate students
  2781. US carrier Delta Air Lines cuts jobs, sells planes
  2782. UN holding recruitment exams in under-represented countries
  2783. US Department of Defense reports Iraqi Al Qaeda "safe house" hit
  2784. Haiti reschedules November presidential elections
  2785. Blair is first public official to apologize for Hurricane Katrina response
  2786. California state legislature passes same-sex marriage bill
  2787. Halliburton's KBR awarded half billion dollar repair contract for Gulf Coast Navy facilities
  2788. Controversy erupts over German Anarchist Pogo Party's campaign ad
  2789. UN inquiry finds mismanagement and failure of oversight
  2790. Aerial photos of Katrina's aftermath available
  2791. Samsung to sell dual-standard DVD player
  2792. US FEMA aid site only supports Windows with Internet Explorer
  2793. Death of candidate will delay final results for German federal election by weeks
  2794. Google hires Vint Cerf, the "father of the Internet"
  2795. Oil price falls on inventory report
  2796. Controversial rapper dethrones Mariah Carey from No. 1
  2797. Afghan-Tajik border control transferred from Russia
  2798. Ukrainian president Yushchenko dismisses PM, cabinet
  2799. GNOME Project unveils latest version of Linux and Unix desktop
  2800. NASA announces Shuttle delay due to Hurricane Katrina
  2801. Sydney train doors stuck, passengers delayed
  2802. EBay may acquire VoIP firm Skype
  2803. How the Army Corps of Engineers closed one New Orleans breach
  2804. News Corp acquires IGN for US$650 million
  2805. US ABC network to offer more shows dubbed in Spanish
  2806. FEMA head Michael Brown recalled to Washington
  2807. Malawi food appeal unanswered by world community
  2808. New Orleans officials confiscating guns
  2809. Firefox 1.5 beta released to public
  2810. Report: Annan failed to fix Oil for Food program
  2811. New movies, 9 September 2005
  2812. Israel completing Gaza withdrawal
  2813. Ford, Fiat to produce small cars together
  2814. FEMA head relieved of duties
  2815. All major American TV networks show charity concert for Katrina victims
  2816. British Gas announces a hike in energy bills of 14.2%
  2817. Red Cross is not in New Orleans for Katrina, Guard raced it to Superdome
  2818. Single-engine plane crashes into home in Cyprus
  2819. Australia proposes new anti-terror laws
  2820. One week before German federal election, the race is wide-open again
  2821. Swedish minister wants more free-to-air channels in the terrestrial television network
  2822. Wendy’s finger pointers plead guilty of crime
  2823. Saudi Arabia agrees with the US on joining the WTO
  2824. Guadalupe River Park and Gardens opens in San Jose, CA, USA
  2825. Read Santa Clara marks tenth anniversary
  2826. Irish dancing record broken in Cork
  2827. Katrina survivor searchers prepare for the worst
  2828. Chile remembers its own September 11 anniversary
  2829. Loyalist rioting erupts in Belfast
  2830. Red Cross asks for more volunteers
  2831. UK Chancellor blames OPEC for oil crisis, refuses to cut fuel tax
  2832. Katrina raised gas prices higher than ever
  2833. NZ opposition leader admits to fundamentalist contacts
  2834. US peace activist to be deported from Australia
  2835. England win the Ashes
  2836. FEMA accused of misusing trained disaster workers as public-relations workers
  2837. Koizumi wins electoral mandate for postal reform
  2838. Bush approval rating sinks to 38%
  2839. Second night of violence in Belfast
  2840. Synagogues burn as Palestinians rejoice over Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip
  2841. Hong Kong Disneyland opens to the public
  2842. EBay to acquire Skype
  2843. Michael Brown, Director of FEMA resigns
  2844. Exit Polls: Norway votes for change
  2845. Los Angeles undergoing large power outage
  2846. Oracle to acquire Siebel for USD 5.85bn
  2847. Telstra sale legislation debated in Australian House of Representatives, considered "urgent"
  2848. Proposed United States doctrine would expand possible use of nuclear weapons
  2849. Paramilitary group calls for end to rioting in Northern Ireland
  2850. R&B singer D’Angelo sentenced on cocaine charge
  2851. Volcanic bulge found in Oregon
  2852. Nintendo releases GameBoy Micro in the US
  2853. Caged children well fed, behaved
  2854. Panic-buying as petrol protests sweep Britain
  2855. Lexmark releases printer with built-in CD burner
  2856. Senate questions Roberts in confirmation hearings
  2857. Camel Rock Festival held in Scilly
  2858. Wal-Mart accused of workers rights violations
  2859. First Nestorian search engine goes online
  2860. Light stopped for over a second
  2861. Lingering Ophelia lashes at U.S. Carolinas coast
  2862. Blackwater mercenaries used in New Orleans
  2863. National plant materials center goes native in Washington, DC
  2864. Sony recalls Playstation 2 power adaptors
  2865. Telstra sale legislation passed by Australian Senate
  2866. US state of Texas executes woman convicted of murdering family
  2867. Tauranga bomb threat politically motivated
  2868. Israeli court orders controversial wall rerouted
  2869. Seven face deportation after UK dawn raids
  2870. Were New Orleanians caught in political crossfire?
  2871. US airlines Delta, Northwest file for bankruptcy
  2872. Imperfect immune systems help avoid autoimmune disease
  2873. Thai political talk show taken off during media buyout attempt
  2874. Thai political talk show taken off air
  2875. Lavalas candidate barred from elections
  2876. Resolution of Inquiry into pre-Iraq war U.S.-U.K. correspondance fails by one vote
  2877. Bushmen given 10 days to leave their reserve in Botswana
  2878. Microsoft announces Xbox 360 launch dates
  2879. Kay Hull crosses floor in Australian House of Representatives on Telstra legislation
  2880. Hurricane Ophelia hits U.S. East Coast
  2881. Chavez wants UN uprooted from New York
  2882. Hiroshima citizens aid radiation exposed people in Kazakhstan
  2883. Norway to withdraw troops from Iraq
  2884. Bush calls for expanding Federal authority
  2885. Musharraf's rape comments spur controversy
  2886. Blair recognizes Kyoto treaty stopped by its restrictions
  2887. Apple may build cameras into Macs
  2888. MasterCard to debut on NYSE
  2889. Dell to drop Itanium-based servers
  2890. Results of the 2005 New Zealand General Election
  2891. Deadly car bomb explosion rocks Beirut
  2892. Gwanda Chakuamba freed by Malawi court
  2893. Navy helping New Orleans pets
  2894. Gaza looters destroy Palestine Authority property
  2895. Results to be announced in the New Zealand 2005 General Election
  2896. Hubble Space Telescope running on two gyroscopes
  2897. Polls Closed in The New Zealand 2005 General Election
  2898. UN agrees on reform document
  2899. Voting chaos in Germany expected
  2900. Australian man allegedly ignites carpet, plastic with static electricity
  2901. Nintendo unveils controller for Revolution console
  2902. Saudi Arabia, UAE to support increasing oil production
  2903. Results of 2005 German federal election
  2904. Science of champagne bubbles explained
  2905. Stolen laptop found; had over 98,000 students' personal data
  2906. Rupert Murdoch: Blair says BBC "hates America"
  2907. Singer Britney Spears gives birth to a healthy boy
  2908. Iran determined to continue with nuclear program
  2909. Thai media mogul drops newspaper takeover attempt
  2910. Russian pilot crashes in Lithuania
  2911. DeLay declares 'victory' in war on U.S. budget fat
  2912. John "Jebby" Bush, son of Florida Governor Bush, arrested for public intoxication
  2913. Afghanistan holds first democratic general elections
  2914. NASA plans for future moon missions
  2915. Nuclear arms agreement reached with North Korea
  2916. Musharraf denies making rape remarks
  2917. Artists erect giant bunny on Italian mountainside
  2918. Idaho meterologist promotes Hurricane Katrina conspiracy theory
  2919. IDG cancels Macworld Boston
  2920. US clinic plans first face transplant
  2921. Sprint/RealNetworks to provide cell phone Internet radio and podcasts in US
  2922. NYPD shuts down anti-war speech due to absence of permit
  2923. Lightning storm moves through Southern California
  2924. Basra, Iraq raid by UK forces to rescue soldiers from police
  2925. Opera Internet browser goes ad-free
  2926. London bombers rehearsed attacks
  2927. Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal dead at 96
  2928. US Federal Reserve lifts interest rates
  2929. Vatican denies church is shielding war criminal
  2930. AOL to launch VoIP service
  2931. Florida Keys evacuated in preparation for Rita
  2932. Tennessee closes down Christian ex-gay camp for treating mental illness without a license
  2933. Arizona applies ban on autodialers to mobile phone spam
  2934. Jet Blue airliner lands with broken nose gear
  2935. Google prepares to launch WiFi service
  2936. South African typhoid outbreak protest dispersed with rubber bullets
  2937. Google sued by thousands of authors over Google Print
  2938. Houston mayor urges evacuations as Hurricane Rita moves closer to shore
  2939. London bomb suspect returned from Italy
  2940. Former 'Dudley Boys' sign with TNA Wrestling
  2941. Insights on nutrient traffic in living cells
  2942. Whalers upset Spirit in opening game for Ontario Hockey League
  2943. Google launches new blog search engine
  2944. WinMX shut down following RIAA requests
  2945. Italian Minister of Economy resigns
  2946. Sony restructuring plan includes 10,000 job cuts
  2947. India subsidizes girls' education to offset gender imbalance
  2948. St. Anthony Foundation provides hope
  2949. Hurricane Rita turns toward Texas-Louisiana border
  2950. World Food Program told to leave North Korea
  2951. Katrina conspiracy meteorologist quits Idaho TV News
  2952. Parts of New Orleans flood again
  2953. Ask Jeeves to remove valet from website
  2954. FBI recruits for "War on Porn"
  2955. Oil price jumps as Rita heads to refineries
  2956. US Chief Justice candidate John Roberts' nomination goes to full Senate
  2957. Delta Air Lines to cut up to 9,000 jobs
  2958. Massive traffic jams, gas shortages plug evacuation routes near Houston
  2959. Bomb explodes in Belarusian city
  2960. U.S. soldiers engaged in gore-for-porn swap
  2961. New Palm Treo will run Windows Mobile
  2962. Fire breaks out in Galveston
  2963. Hurricane Rita makes landfall
  2964. US army whistleblowers allege widespread torture of Iraqi detainees
  2965. Sydney Swans win AFL premiership after 72 years in classic match
  2966. Net skills to be taught by kids
  2967. E-Inquiries - Bring Public Inquiries to the Net
  2968. Thousands march to demonstrate opposition to U.S.-led wars
  2969. Google creates new desktop software
  2970. Church of Scientology does not see humor in website dedicated to Tom Cruise
  2971. Controversy over effects of new bankruptcy law on victims of Katrina
  2972. Three detained for Thai marine deaths
  2973. Wikinews switches to Creative Commons license
  2974. UK mobile provider begins TV-on-phone trial
  2975. Switzerland citizens vote on extending freedom rights from 15 to 25 European countries
  2976. Hasegawa retains Bantamweight title
  2977. Switzerland citizens vote Yes to freedom of circulation to new EU states
  2978. Polish parliamentary election - unofficial results
  2979. Google Toolbar for Firefox now out of beta
  2980. Gay teachers' status uncertain after Polish election
  2981. FDA recalls foreign meat used in aid for victims of Hurricane Katrina
  2982. IRA decommissioning complete - de Chastelain
  2983. Guantanamo prisoner seeks UK citizenship, asylum
  2984. Fernando Alonso becomes new Formula One World Champion
  2985. Indonesian bird flu death toll rises to six
  2986. IRA weapons decommissioned
  2987. Microsoft launches MSN adCenter
  2988. Einstein's equation turns 100
  2989. Brazilian football referee admits he frauduently refereed games
  2990. Anti-war protestors arrested outside White House
  2991. Leader of Puerto Rican People’s Army shot, killed by FBI
  2992. Suresh Joachim breaks ironing world record
  2993. Blair denies Iraq pullout
  2994. StarOffice 8 launched
  2995. Blair: "Labour must be the party of change makers"
  2996. 9/11 Anthrax investigation quietly loses urgency
  2997. U.S. Senate debates ten year sunset for federal agencies
  2998. French ferry raided by military forces
  2999. Microsoft invested 4 billion USD into Xbox division
  3000. U.S. house majority leader DeLay indicted, steps down temporarily
  3001. ALA observes banned book week
  3002. FCC extends 911 deadline for VoIP
  3003. Emerging technologists showcased at MIT
  3004. Fuel hike plans spark unrest across Indonesia
  3005. MIT's "$100 laptop" to be unveiled in November
  3006. US military to buy anthrax and bioweapons production systems
  3007. MTV, Warner Music agree on licensing deal
  3008. launches new Wiki
  3009. Colorado parents burn books
  3010. Arctic ice cap shrank sharply this summer
  3011. US Treasury Department unveils new ten-dollar bill
  3012. John Roberts sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States
  3013. Belgium indicts former Chad dictator accused of humanitarian crimes
  3014. UN health expert warns Bird Flu could kill 150 million
  3015. Apple agrees to replace iPod nanos with cracked screens
  3016. Researchers: Wild gorillas seen using tools
  3017. New Zealand airlines relax knife regulations
  3018. Lethal explosions hit Bali
  3019. Junk food to be banned in English schools
  3020. Minimum wage in United Kingdom increases to £5.05
  3021. Google formally submits bid to provide free WiFi in San Francisco
  3022. Connecticut becomes third U.S. state to allow same-sex civil unions
  3023. Tropical Storm Stan forms over Yucatan Peninsula
  3024. Hundreds of lawsuits filed against music sharers in US
  3025. One killed in University of Oklahoma explosion
  3026. Tigers win NRL Grand Final
  3027. German Christian Democrats win by-election in Dresden
  3028. Los Angeles hospital lies, discriminates for Saudi liver transplant patient
  3029. Bush nominates Harriet Ellan Miers for U.S. Supreme Court
  3030. Ulcer researchers awarded '05 Nobel Prize
  3031. Fatal blasts rock Bangladesh
  3032. US rejects EU proposal to give Internet control to the UN
  3033. European court upholds asset freeze in terrorist case
  3034. "Junk" foods may affect aggressive behaviour and school performance
  3035. Microsoft Office 12 will support PDFs
  3036. Physics Nobel Prize awarded for insights into light
  3037. Iraqi insurgents guilty of war crimes, says Human Rights Watch
  3038. High tides sweep west Galveston Bay
  3039. British comedian Ronnie Barker dies
  3040. Energy companies to raise consumer rates
  3041. Apple plans another special event
  3042. Bush may deploy military if bird flu breaks out
  3043. Broadcasters push for new layer of intellectual monopoly at WIPO
  3044. U.S. Government ordered to release more images related to Abu Ghraib case
  3045. UK cable TV operator NTL acquires Telewest
  3046. F. Scott Fitzgerald house struck by lightning
  3047. Tom DeLay faces two new indictments for money laundering
  3048. Dock worker killed by snapped cable
  3049. Cool front to bring lasting relief for Texas
  3050. Jefferson to face forward on new nickel
  3051. Scientists recreating the 1918 flu virus say 'it came from birds'
  3052. Python pops after eating gator
  3053. Seabrook city councilman takes heat for words
  3054. Wings over Houston Airshow comes to town
  3055. Open source game Wesnoth reaches version 1.0
  3056. Twenty killed in Lake George USA boating accident
  3057. Romania to host Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006
  3058. Romanian president to hold referendum on unicameral parliament
  3059. Five soldiers killed in Southern Thailand
  3060. Sri Lanka blast injures one
  3061. French parliamentarian questions Jacques Chirac's Elysée budget
  3062. US Senate approves rules regulating detainee treatment
  3063. Democrat staffers obtained Maryland lt. governor's credit report illegally
  3064. Fujimori intends to run for Peruvian presidency
  3065. IRA assets worth 30 million pounds investigated
  3066. Australia's High Court rules mod-chips are legal
  3067. Explosion at Point Comfort plastics plant
  3068. Threat on New York City subway system heightens security alert level
  3069. Google, Sun Microsystems to collaborate on software development
  3070. U.S. watchdog group lists "most corrupt members of Congress"
  3071. Autodesk to buy Alias
  3072. Film about Travis County DA's investigation of Texas election of 2002
  3073. British Columbia teachers dropping the chalk and walking out
  3074. Internet backbone hosts feud, disconnecting users
  3075. Australian Immigration department removal of citizen was unlawful
  3076. Unexploded WW2 Bomb discovered at Schiphol Airport
  3077. IAEA and its director ElBaradei are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
  3078. Fall sweeps through Texas
  3079. Premium gas discounted for a few hours
  3080. White House denies that God told Bush to invade Iraq
  3081. Washington Monument evacuated due to false bomb threat
  3082. First Trojan horse to affect handheld gaming console found
  3083. U.S. force-feeding Guantanamo hunger strikers
  3084. Red tide affects South Padre Island, Mexico
  3085. President of Peruvian Truth Commission reports death threats, anti-semitic hatemail
  3086. GAO ruled parts of Education Department contracts illegal
  3087. Strong earthquake hits Pakistan, north India, Afghanistan
  3088. President Bush may veto amendment that bans detainee mistreatment
  3089. British police arrest ten due to terrorism suspicions
  3090. Five arrested in Italian art smuggling
  3091. Iraq on verge of civil war, head of Arab league fears
  3092. Nations begin to offer aid to regions afflicted by Indian subcontinent earthquake
  3093. Robotic cars successfully complete 132-mile DARPA Grand Challenge race
  3094. Google launches online RSS reader
  3095. Ottawa plans tax windfall to deal with budget surplus
  3096. Oracle buys Innobase
  3097. California bans sale of violent video games to minors
  3098. More troops for southern Thailand troubles
  3099. Weekend violence in Darfur complicates peace talks
  3100. VeriSign acquires
  3101. Hurricane Vince on track for Europe
  3102. Chinese activist severely beaten by "mob"
  3103. Schröder gives up German chancellorship ambitions, makes way for Merkel
  3104. Wallace and Gromit sets destroyed by fire
  3105. Saudi Arabia blocks access to Blogger, Flickr, LiveJournal
  3106. CBC service returns to normal tomorrow
  3107. U.S. poll numbers sink on Iraq
  3108. Former SA Deputy President Appears In Court
  3109. Warrants issued for 28 in Iraqi corruption scandal
  3110. Moderate earthquake hits Indonesia
  3111. Yahoo launches new Podcast Search
  3112. US Homeland Security Department doubts credibility of New York subway threat
  3113. Australian senator Barnaby Joyce crosses floor
  3114. African Union hostages freed by Darfur rebels
  3115. China successfully launches Shenzhou VI manned rocket
  3116. Thai PM sues newspaper for 500 million baht
  3117. Bad weather makes life tougher for quake survivors
  3118. Syrian Interior Minister dead from apparent suicide
  3119. Bali nine lawyer challenges police on legality of drug case
  3120. Heating bills, oil price rise predicted
  3121. EBay buys VeriSign payment service division
  3122. Singapore Exam Board sets mathematically-impossible question
  3123. Microsoft and Yahoo team up to make IM clients compatible
  3124. Constitution changes do not convince most Sunni parties
  3125. Apple introduces new iPod with video playback capabilities
  3126. Gunmen, police clash in south Russian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria
  3127. US extradition request blocked by Dutch court
  3128. Trial of Saddam Hussein to be televised
  3129. Google hires lead developer for open source instant messenger, Gaim
  3130. Ubuntu releases third version of popular Linux distribution
  3131. Neolithic noodles found in Qinghai, China
  3132. Bush has a rehearsed tele-conference with US troops in Iraq
  3133. Snakehead fish appear in large numbers near Potomac River
  3134. Australian Senate inquiry to new anti-terrorism laws to take place in one day
  3135. Astros defeat Cardinals in second game of NLC
  3136. South African government issues first seizure order on farm
  3137. Anti-terror raid in The Hague
  3138. Tornado jet crashes in Scotland
  3139. Daniel Craig to be new James Bond
  3140. Girl's flu case found to be drug-resistant
  3141. Virginia crime commission endorses tougher dog law legislation
  3142. UK's highest court to rule on use of information extracted under torture
  3143. Study finds marijuana use leads to brain development in rats
  3144. Australian Minister 'leaks' draft of anti-terror bill
  3145. Iraq to hold constitution vote today
  3146. Explosion outside Trinidad nightclub wounds more than 10
  3147. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark gives birth to male child
  3148. Joachim to attempt breaking record for static cycling
  3149. Grenade set off outside Tajik ministry
  3150. Malawi appeals for further humanitarian aid
  3151. UK Christian group plans to highlight concerns about new law by using it to ban the Qur'an
  3152. Deceased Indonesian man had suspected case of bird flu
  3153. Dog flu spreads across the US
  3154. Welsh swimming squad named for 2006 Commonwealth Games
  3155. Riots break out at Neo-Nazi rally in Toledo, Ohio
  3156. Insurgents kill monk and burn temple in south Thailand
  3157. Spanish police reportedly closing in on fugitive Nazi doctor
  3158. New national museum opens in Kyushu, Japan
  3159. Persistent rain storm in Northeast USA comes to an end
  3160. Iraq counting ballots
  3161. New York Times reporter Judith Miller breaks silence on Plame leak investigation
  3162. Chinese astronauts in Shenzhou VI return safely
  3163. Chicago White Sox win 2005 American League baseball pennant
  3164. Jens Stoltenberg reveals the next Norwegian cabinet
  3165. Iraqis say U.S. bombing killed 39 civilians
  3166. Tropical Storm Wilma forms, ties record for busiest hurricane season
  3167. 5.1 earthquake hits north of Tokyo
  3168. 5 killed in return bus trip from marching band competition
  3169. Armed conflicts in the world down by 40% since early 1990s.
  3170. Russian sabre rattling in the Barents Sea
  3171. Iraq ballots to be audited due to voting "anomalies"
  3172. Major rallies escalate teacher strike in BC
  3173. Next political election in Italy will be on April 9, 2006
  3174. Phone threat closes tunnels, snarls traffic in Baltimore, Maryland
  3175. Australian "terror laws" face backlash
  3176. Hurricane Wilma becomes stronger on its path toward Florida
  3177. Google changes Gmail to Google Mail in the UK
  3178. Irish Guardian journalist reported missing in Iraq
  3179. China and Europe face new avian flu outbreaks
  3180. U.S. isolated in opposition to cultural diversity treaty
  3181. Colombian Constitutional Court passes presidential re-election
  3182. Hurricane Wilma still a Category 5 Threat
  3183. Hussein enters "not guilty" plea at trial
  3184. Arrest warrant issued for Tom DeLay
  3185. Houston Astros win 2005 National League baseball pennant
  3186. Australian opposition minister gives speech on poverty
  3187. Endon Mahmood, wife of Malaysian PM, dies
  3188. Premiers take on Australian PM on Shoot To Kill Laws
  3189. American soldiers accused of desecrating enemy bodies
  3190. office suite version 2.0 has been released
  3191. Iran bans Hollywood movies
  3192. UN appeals for more aid for devastated Pakistan region
  3193. Irish Government sends team of officials in hunt for Journalist
  3194. Newspaper editor shot dead in Iraq
  3195. Spain issues arrest warrant for three U.S. soldiers accused of killing two journalists in 2003
  3196. Publishers seek injunction against Google Print
  3197. RAF officer refusing to serve in Iraq
  3198. User talk:Psusen
  3199. Journalist freed from Baghdad captors
  3200. Wikimedia Foundation and announce partnership
  3201. High School shooting in Michigan, USA injures one
  3202. Swedish couple names baby boy "Google"
  3203. Syrian officials and Lebanese President accused by U.N. report
  3204. Major ISP Level 3 experiences downtime
  3205. South Thailand insurgents blamed for five bombs
  3206. Norway takes action to prevent a possible bird flu epidemic
  3207. Possible end to strike, fines for BC teachers
  3208. Avian flu found within UK
  3209. France protests treatment of government minister by US authorities; US government admits mistake
  3210. Amazon rainforest being destroyed faster than previously believed
  3211. Former Irish politician Liam Lawlor dies in car crash
  3212. Hundreds of SUNY New Paltz students demonstrate, storm administration building
  3213. Taiwan to violate Tamiflu patent due to vaccine shortage
  3214. Tropical Storm Alpha forms, breaks Atlantic storm record
  3215. Emigration perspective in the eyes of young Poles
  3216. Iraqi vote remains in doubt
  3217. Leaked poll finds 45% of Iraqis support suicide bombers who attack allied forces
  3218. Florida Governor Jeb Bush gives speech on Hurricane Wilma
  3219. Russian fighter crash in Lithuania: investigation concludes
  3220. Kaczynski elected as the new president of Poland, according to polls
  3221. FEMA official in New Orleans blasts agency's response
  3222. Grand Jury investigation of Plame leak nears end
  3223. Australian Government to introduce IR reforms next week
  3224. Airliner crashes in Nigeria
  3225. 22.2% of secondary school students in Ireland drop out before the Leaving Cert
  3226. Anniversary of Tak Bai incident marked with lawsuits
  3227. South African spies suspended
  3228. Rosa Parks dies at 92
  3229. Unicef: African children orphaned by AIDS could top 18 million
  3230. Iraqis accept constitution
  3231. José Azcona, former president of Honduras, dies at 74
  3232. Australian PM says proposed Anti-Terror Laws are Constitutional
  3233. Sunni leader claims Iraq vote was a "farce"
  3234. Pentagon announces 2,000th U.S. military death
  3235. Google announces new database service on blog
  3236. Japan likely to change law to allow female heirs to the throne
  3237. France banning Skype from universities
  3238. Suicide bomber strikes Israeli coastal town
  3239. Italian university legislation sparks protests from students and staff
  3240. First beta of Windows API 'Wine' released
  3241. Australian anti-terror laws will be delayed
  3242. Australian video journalist denies bodies burned in disrespect
  3243. Chicago White Sox win 2005 World Series baseball championship
  3244. Several dozen protesters arrested outside White House for permit violations
  3245. Thai PM promises action on suspected militants
  3246. Harriet Miers withdraws from Supreme Court nomination
  3247. Iranian president calls Israel ‘disgraceful blot’
  3248. Fact-finder confirms that Arar was tortured
  3249. Japan-Korea premiers' meeting in doubt over shrine visit
  3250. Japanese riot police deployed around consulates
  3251. Lewis "Scooter" Libby indicted on five charges
  3252. Body of Rosa Parks to lie in honor at U.S. Capitol
  3253. Tom Cruise parody site defiant in face of Scientology threats, demands its day in court
  3254. Romania switches to Winter Time
  3255. Major train wreck in Southern India
  3256. Syrian residents claim U.S. bombing, shooting into Syria
  3257. Lance Armstrong shares criticisms of Tour de France director
  3258. Explosions rock New Delhi marketplace
  3259. Opposing a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory
  3260. Cuban funds tied to Lula campaign, Brazilian magazine alleges
  3261. Moldova State University student to represent Moldova at world cyber games in Singapore
  3262. Russian peacekeepers will not leave Transdniestria, official says
  3263. World Bank continues its support of Moldovan private sector development
  3264. IBM partners with Google to produce a corporate desktop search program
  3265. Bush narrows choice to Supreme Court
  3266. Hurricane Beta makes landfall in Nicaragua
  3267. Bush nominates Alito to U.S. Supreme Court
  3268. Canadian Immigration Minister outlines plan for application backlog, job vacancies
  3269. UN calls for further Syrian cooperation
  3270. Kansas School Board has copyright withheld over teaching Intelligent Design
  3271. Australian Foreign Affairs Minister denies knowledge of Guantanamo abuse allegations
  3272. Makybe Diva wins the Melbourne Cup
  3273. Transdnestria is once again accused of selling weapons to Iraq
  3274. Ericsson's CEO Tours Marconi Sites
  3275. Sony's DRM protected CDs install Windows rootkits
  3276. North, South Korea plan united team for 2008 Olympics
  3277. U.N. denied access to Guantanamo inmates
  3278. US Senate meets in private session
  3279. ASIO settle out of court, wrongful detention case
  3280. Gomery report on Sponsorship Program released
  3281. Sydney residents protest anti-terror laws
  3282. Australian Treasury related agencies spend 17000 AUD on massages in 2004
  3283. US state of Kansas in battle over "Intelligent Design" in education
  3284. Anti-terror amendments to be rushed through Australian parliament because of new 'potential threats'
  3285. UK work secretary David Blunkett resigns
  3286. At least thirty-three more dead in Ethiopia election clashes
  3287. 11 MPs ejected from Australian parliament
  3288. Australian House of Representatives grows heated over industrial relations legislation
  3289. Multiple bomb threats in Sydney 'nothing more than a hoax'
  3290. World Bank warns of high bird flu cost
  3291. French riots continue into second week
  3292. Israel begins using sonic booms against Palestinians
  3293. Libby, former Cheney aide, pleads not guilty
  3294. EU to investigate secret CIA establishments in Romania, Poland
  3295. Australian Members of Parliament removed from chamber again in rowdy session of Question Time
  3296. UK National Audit Office: Online learning service Learndirect 'too bureaucratic'
  3297. Anti-Bush protests turn violent in Argentina
  3298. First Google Print books unveiled
  3299. Major new bird flu outbreaks reported in Asia
  3300. Engine troubles delay Airbus superjumbo tour
  3301. Nationwide rallies against anti-terror laws held in Australia
  3302. Armed gunmen attack cruise ship off Somali coast
  3303. Farmers hunt for missing bull semen
  3304. Man charged in £26.5m robbery
  3305. First television channel in Esperanto launches online
  3306. Thunderbird wins MBA rugby tournament
  3307. Gorbachev warns against rapid globalization
  3308. First Iraq-Iran passenger flight in 25 years arrives in Tehran
  3309. Indiana tornado kills at least 19
  3310. First casualty of French riots reported
  3311. Coral Gables hosts Herald Hunt puzzle adventure
  3312. Arrests made in Australia after 'anti-terror' raids
  3313. Cheney lobbies for CIA exemption to torture ban
  3314. Family of killed Palestinian boy donates organs to Israeli patients
  3315. Chemical weapons used in Iraq by US military, says Italian documentary
  3316. Liberians choose their president
  3317. Suspicions of nepotism arise from pulping of new Australian industrial relations information booklets
  3318. Teaching Intelligent Design: Incumbent Dover PA school board fails reelection
  3319. Vatican issues defence of evolution, rejects fundamentalist creationism
  3320. Flooding in South Australia
  3321. France invokes emergency law in response to riots
  3322. European Venus probe launched successfully
  3323. Police call off search for missing woman in Georgia, USA
  3324. Angry Azeris protest allegedly faked results of parliamentary elections
  3325. Series of explosions hit hotels in Amman
  3326. British Prime Minister Tony Blair suffers defeat in vote on terror laws
  3327. Over 30 killed in a Baghdad restaurant bombing
  3328. EU's human rights court endorses Turkish headscarf ban
  3329. U.S. asks Czech Republic to grant asylum to Guantanamo Bay prisoners
  3330. User:Bawolff/Sandbox/Column-test
  3331. User:Bawolff/Sandbox/Column-test/no-just
  3332. Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson warns Pennsylvania town of disaster
  3333. Thirtieth anniversary of Australia's constitutional crisis
  3334. Australian government accused of hypocrisy over World Court statement
  3335. New Australian industrial relations legislation passes House of Representatives
  3336. US trade deficit hits new record
  3337. U.S. Senate passes amendment stripping Guantanamo detainees' access to courts
  3338. Sony faces class action lawsuits for DRM
  3339. Marcinkiewicz's cabinet given vote of confidence
  3340. Blair could face inquiry into terror vote
  3341. Research articles predict next earthquake
  3342. German Social and Christian Democrats agree on new government
  3343. President Bush claims critics are rewriting Iraq war history
  3344. United Airlines to hire 2,000 flight attendants
  3345. Pirates hijack Thai merchant ship off Somali coast
  3346. Paul McCartney to be "beamed up" in first live concert to be broadcast in space
  3347. Warning in Colombia about possible volcanic eruption
  3348. Fires at Baxter Immigration Detention Centre in South Australia
  3349. Canadian Mike Mintenko retires from swimming
  3350. French journalist beaten in Tunis
  3351. UN pressures Iran with nuclear compromise plan
  3352. Sony to suspend use of controversial CD software
  3353. Clinton speaks at Rabin memorial service
  3354. Chinese hunger strike continues at Australian detention centre
  3355. British man fully "recovers" from HIV
  3356. Ariane 5 rocket launch postponed
  3357. 20,000 South Koreans take to the streets to protest APEC
  3358. French police ban public meetings and increase security measures in Paris
  3359. World Trade, Bird Flu to be discussed at 2005 APEC
  3360. New South Wales water supply problems continue
  3361. Pennsylvania couple murdered; daughter abducted
  3362. Bomb scare halts Brisbane transport
  3363. Climate change a factor in Australia's warmest year on record
  3364. France plans on extending anti-riot powers
  3365. Teens sought in Pennsylvania killings found
  3366. Quake measuring 6.9 off Japan's Honshū coast
  3367. Smoke condition at Penn Station suspends LIRR
  3368. Thousands of Australian workers set to rally against IR reform
  3369. Globalization and trade deficit are connected says Greenspan
  3370. Hundreds of thousands rally in Australia against IR legislation
  3371. Thailand forces registration of prepaid phones to thwart insurgency
  3372. Author Vine Deloria dies at 72
  3373. AOL to launch online TV service
  3374. Increased tension in border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia
  3375. FDA ruling on emergency contraceptive pill questioned
  3376. Mass poultry vaccination planned by China
  3377. Farmers clash amidst high security at APEC summit in South Korea
  3378. U.S. Producer Price Index shows inflation at bay
  3379. US admits use of white phosphorus in Iraq
  3380. More from APEC: EU not backing down
  3381. Australia qualifies for FIFA World Cup 2006
  3382. French parliament extends state of emergency to three months
  3383. US use of white phosphorus in Iraq may constitute a war crime
  3384. Rumsfeld's Australia visit sparks protests
  3385. Islamic militant threatens West in a video
  3386. Thai PM sues media critic for one billion Baht
  3387. American War Hero congressman wants U.S. troops out of Iraq soon
  3388. U.S. government proposes removing Yellowstone grizzlies from endangered species list
  3389. At least 60 killed in Iraq suicide bombings
  3390. British policewoman shot dead
  3391. Haiti postpones presidential elections until December
  3392. Australian science organisation discontinues genetically modified pea research
  3393. Australian man to be executed in Singapore
  3394. Carter's CIA chief labels Dick Cheney "vice president for torture"
  3395. U.S. House vote forced on immediate pullout of troops in Iraq
  3396. US bombers to train in Australia
  3397. French unions march in support of public services
  3398. World Summit on the Information Society ends in Tunisia
  3399. Deer and other animals found dead at Ball State University
  3400. Tunisian Muslim says apologise to Baha'is
  3401. Bomb blasts hit south Thailand market town Sungai Golok
  3402. APEC 2005 wraps up
  3403. 60th anniversary of Nuremberg trials marked
  3404. Coal mine floods in northern China: 12,000 mines ordered to close
  3405. Israeli Labor Party leaves government; early election ahead
  3406. German BND claims U.S. exaggerated Iraq WMD claims
  3407. Japan to hunt 950 whales for "scientific research"
  3408. Chaudhry's son marries Tui Lau descendant in Fiji
  3409. Darwin and Sumatra rocked by offshore earthquakes
  3410. Sri Lankan president appoints fellow hardliner as PM
  3411. Myanmar Junta threatened with sanctions by UN body
  3412. International exhibit of chair art starts in Canada
  3413. Under-reporting of human Bird Flu infections poses worldwide threat
  3414. Electronic Frontier Foundation sues Sony over CD technology
  3415. Fischer suffers seizure, collapses during Red Wings game
  3416. Former DeLay aide pleads guilty in corruption case
  3417. Christmas Island detention centre reopened
  3418. Angela Merkel elected new German chancellor
  3419. Iraqi groups call for US pull-out
  3420. UK children's charities announce merger
  3421. Alleged Bush-Blair Al-Jazeera bombing transcript leaked
  3422. Nitish wins in Bihar, India
  3423. Bush backtracks over legal status of alleged "Dirty Bomber" Jose Padilla
  3424. Australian man threatens to shoot down chopper with tomato-bazooka
  3425. Workplace reform campaign most expensive in Australian history
  3426. Anti-war protesters defy new Texas laws
  3427. Chinese chemical plant explosion threatens water supply for major city
  3428. Singers Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split up
  3429. Two injured in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  3430. Heavy Rain and Floods in Sri Lanka: Over 50,000 Families Affected
  3431. Venezuela provides discounted heating oil to Massachusetts
  3432. Brian Lara becomes second person to score 11 000 runs
  3433. Calvin-Hope rivalry gets new digs
  3434. Peter Forsberg scores two in win over the Boston Bruins
  3435. Turkey found buried alive in an Austin, Texas yard
  3436. EU cuts sugar subsidies
  3437. Electoral council sets new dates for elections in Haiti
  3438. US military admits to accidentally killing Iraqi child
  3439. Further details about Bush-Blair memo stopped
  3440. Taibu quits Zimbabwe cricket team after further threats
  3441. 23rd Southeast Asian Games officially begins November 27
  3442. Japanese probe snatches first asteroid sample
  3443. Tens of thousands of workers demonstrate in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3444. Gallery seeks Control themed mail art for exhibit
  3445. China names its new head coach for swimming
  3446. Internet virus circulates disguised as e-mail from US government
  3447. Queensland National Party causing headaches for Howard on IR
  3448. 10th Anniversary Critical Mass Ride in Melbourne
  3449. Four US soldiers face disciplinary action for burning Taliban soldiers' bodies
  3450. One third of English pubs allowed to extend their opening hours
  3451. Confidential EU report about Israels annexation of East Jerusalem
  3452. Mr. Miyagi passes away, Thanksgiving Day
  3453. ABC's "Alias" to end run in May 2006
  3454. SpaceX scrubs Falcon I rocket launch
  3455. NBC cancels "Three Wishes"
  3456. 'Guantanamo'-style detention facility under construction on Australian Island
  3457. Official reveals $44 billion budget for U.S. intelligence
  3458. Paul McCartney slams Chinese fur practices, rules out future concerts in China
  3459. Detroit Lions fire coach Mariucci, two assistant coaches
  3460. Congressman Cunningham admits taking bribes
  3461. Monday's no-confidence vote may signal end of current Canadian goverment
  3462. Canadian government falls in non-confidence vote
  3463. German, Iraqi driver abducted in Iraq
  3464. Greenpeace protest disrupts Tony Blair CBI speech
  3465. 7th Heaven television series comes to an end
  3466. Suicide bombers blast two Bangladeshi cities
  3467. Thai Government rejects amnesty proposal for southern insurgents
  3468. Tropical Storm Epsilon forms as 2005 Atlantic hurricane season comes to an end
  3469. EU states warned on CIA prisons
  3470. Computer professionals celebrate 10th birthday of A.L.I.C.E.
  3471. Virginia Governor commutes 1,000th US execution
  3472. Australian Senate passes resolution opposing death penalty in shadow of Van Nguyen execution
  3473. Groups prepare for December WTO talks
  3474. Xbox 360 shortages expected on debut day in Europe
  3475. U.S. military covertly pays to run stories in Iraqi press
  3476. Co-creator of Berenstain Bears dies at 82
  3477. First face transplant performed on French woman
  3478. Bush speaks of goals for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, decries calls for timetable
  3479. US Gross Domestic Product grew during third quarter of 2005
  3480. Orrin Hatch accidentally compares Iraq to Vietnam
  3481. Australian drug trafficker to be executed in Singapore tomorrow
  3482. Former UK Law Lord urges de-proscription of Iranian opposition group MEK
  3483. Iraqi rebels seize control of Ramadi's inner city
  3484. No final embrace for condemned man
  3485. First quantum byte created
  3486. Hostage standoff in North Reading, Massachusetts ends in tragedy
  3487. Australian Van Nguyen executed in Singapore
  3488. Australian Senate sits for extra day, passes industrial relations legislation
  3489. Federal Opposition hounds Treasurer over appointment to RBA board, Gerard resigns
  3490. Man charged with Huxley attack
  3491. Search continues for missing plane of George F. Baker III off coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts
  3492. Joseph De Veuster voted greatest Belgian
  3493. Court finds random bag searches in NYC subway constitutional
  3494. Best's body arrives in Northern Ireland
  3495. Arias leads opinion polls in Costa Rica
  3496. Tennessee town mulls 'stop work order' as construction of controversial grain tanks begins
  3497. Judge allows student to sue school for revealing sexuality
  3498. Thousands demand climate change action
  3499. East Timor - Australia problematic billion-dollar gas and oil accord
  3500. Compensation funding agreement reached for Australian asbestos victims
  3501. New prince is born in Norway
  3502. Military admits planting news in Iraq
  3503. South Dakota tower demolition botched
  3504. Scissors, screwdrivers accepted on US flights beginning December 22
  3505. Bush's Iraq 'Strategy' seen as public relations exercise
  3506. Blogger attacks Amazon "One-Click" patent
  3507. Top al-Qaeda leader killed in Pakistan
  3508. World Squash Titles for Shabana and David
  3509. Business Briefs for December 4, 2005
  3510. UN accuses US of wholesale rights violations in Iraq
  3511. Business Briefs for December 5, 2005
  3512. New bird flu outbreaks reported in Europe
  3513. H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV visits Pakistan
  3514. Both sides of Kenya's constitution dispute are negotiating
  3515. US passes 1000 executions in 30 years
  3516. Ford pulls ads from gay media facing AFA boycott
  3517. Former South African official Jacob Zuma charged with rape
  3518. David Cameron elected new UK Conservative Leader
  3519. Military plane crash in Iran, at least 100 dead
  3520. Australian Government passes new terror laws
  3521. Kansas Professor assaulted by angry intelligent design supporters
  3522. Witnesses testify in former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's trial
  3523. Stevie Wonder to perform pre-game show for Superbowl XL
  3524. Lawsuit filed against CIA for the use of torture
  3525. US Secretary Rice responds to European enquiries on alleged CIA prisons
  3526. Business Brief for December 7, 2005
  3527. Australian researchers confirm stress makes you sick
  3528. Legal Sony graffiti advertising backlash
  3529. RepuTex announces Australia and New Zealand's most socially responsible corporations
  3530. South Korean regulators fine Microsoft $32 million
  3531. Asylum seeker hunger strike enters seventh week
  3532. Microsoft sued due to case of Xbox 360s overheating
  3533. Passenger claims to have bomb, killed by air marshals at Miami International Airport
  3534. British schoolgirl told to return home for wearing crucifix
  3535. Opposition motions in Australian House of Representatives attempts to bring Government to account on last sitting day of year
  3536. Voluntary student unionism bill passes Australian House of Representatives, enters Senate
  3537. Business Brief for December 8, 2005
  3538. Australian government paves way for nuclear waste dump in Northern Territory
  3539. USA under pressure at climate talks
  3540. Schwarzenegger heads back to work after feeling ill, being hospitalized
  3541. Baseball: Nationals get Soriano from Rangers for Wilkerson, Sledge, prospect
  3542. Council of Europe planning to use satellite images in prisons probe
  3543. The 2006 Winter Olympics torch reaches Rome
  3544. Southwest Airlines flight skids off runway at Chicago's Midway
  3545. Haitian Supreme Court rules Simeus eligible
  3546. Virginia dangerous dog law bill ready for Assembly debate
  3547. Australian Senate agrees ban on tertiary-sector mandatory student unions
  3548. Iranian president says move Israel to Europe
  3549. South Carolina says final goodbyes to former Governor Campbell
  3550. Turkish islamic militant claims interrogation and torture by CIA agents
  3551. Interview with Jimbo Wales
  3552. Confidence building reported between Iranian and Israeli citizens
  3553. Business Brief for December 10, 2005
  3554. Australian activists break into Pine Gap spy facility
  3555. Muslim youth to guard Christian churches in Indonesia
  3556. Bush threatens U.N. over Clinton climate speech
  3557. Airplane crashes in Nigeria
  3558. Mozilla to fix Firefox security hole in patch
  3559. Former U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy dies
  3560. Comedian Richard Pryor dies at 65
  3561. Pakistan bans kite flying
  3562. Football: World Cup Draw for 2006
  3563. US, UK persuade Russia and China of laptop authenticity
  3564. NYC's transit workers approve strike authorization
  3565. Major explosions at UK oil depot
  3566. Hundreds attend "International Peace Conference"
  3567. Bus explosion in Pakistan kills at least 40
  3568. Car entrapped by ice in Halifax
  3569. Author of Wikipedia character assassination takes responsibility
  3570. Xbox 360 not a hit in Japan
  3571. René Préval leading Haitian election according to opinion poll
  3572. Missed field goal gives Dallas important victory
  3573. Business Brief for December 12, 2005
  3574. Protesting Chinese villagers killed in confrontation with police
  3575. Demonstration in Hong Kong denounces WTO
  3576. Indianapolis remains undefeated with win in Jacksonville
  3577. Gorillaz Nominated for 5 Grammy Awards
  3578. Internet company offers organs from executed Chinese prisoners
  3579. French police detain 20 terror suspects in dawn raid
  3580. Tramlink fan site closes news section
  3581. Californian Governor denies clemency for Stanley Tookie Williams
  3582. Strong earthquake strikes Afghanistan, no immediate report of damage
  3583. Violence at Cronulla Beach as 5000 people gather
  3584. Mass graves found in Lebanon
  3585. Sydney racial violence continues
  3586. Guantanamo detainee David Hicks seeks UK passport
  3587. No reprieve for Stanley Williams, Crips street gang founder
  3588. Shots fired at Sydney church
  3589. Business Brief for December 13, 2005
  3590. US President Bush says 30,000 civilians killed in Iraq war
  3591. Council of Europe rapporteur says CIA abduction claim "credible"
  3592. Haitian provisional government dismisses Supreme Court justices
  3593. New Jersey apartment building collapses after explosion
  3594. Journalist Gebran Tueni murdered
  3595. Opposition leader jailed in Venezuela
  3596. Fires out at the Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal
  3597. Racially motivated text messages surface in other states
  3598. Jury convicts Murdoch of outback murder
  3599. Australian Guantanamo detainee David Hicks gets British citizenship
  3600. Uniting Church at Auburn destroyed by fire
  3601. Business Brief for December 14, 2005
  3602. US House honors Representative John Dingell
  3603. Israel preparing for attack on alleged Iranian nuclear sites
  3604. Technology Brief for December 14, 2005
  3605. ALP appoints SLW Group for 2007 election campaign
  3606. CPJ names and shames countries who jail journalists
  3607. Police investigates PAF in Finland
  3608. Siméus responds to the dismissal of Haitian justices
  3609. Wikipedia and Britannica about as accurate in science entries, reports Nature
  3610. Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney not seeking second term
  3611. Violence cuts short visit of Dominican Republic president
  3612. Business Brief for December 15, 2005
  3613. White supremacist New Zealanders provoked by Sydney riots
  3614. Constitutional challenge to secret trials in Australian courts
  3615. Mozilla, Internet Explorer adopt universal RSS symbol
  3616. Peru-Chile rivalry erupts into Cyberspace
  3617. British scientists claim 2005 warmest yet in Northern Hemisphere
  3618. User: for Europe
  3619. User: from Katrina
  3620. User: clash of civilizations
  3621. NYC Transit Strike Looming
  3622. Sydney's newest motorway to open today
  3623. Business Brief for December 16, 2005
  3624. US offers to eliminate duties on Cotton, Africa says it's not enough
  3625. California class commemorates Holocaust
  3626. Imprisoned Haitian priest may need US doctors
  3627. Police warn Sydneysiders to stay away from Eastern beaches
  3628. Flooding in Nakhon Sri Thammarat
  3629. President Bush of the United States authorized NSA surveillance of citizens, bypassing court warrants
  3630. Senate rejects short-term extension of the USA PATRIOT Act
  3631. West Wing star John Spencer dies from heart attack
  3632. NYC transit deadline past, no strike or talks
  3633. English edition of Wikipedia is now larger than the Spanish Encyclopedia ESPASA
  3634. EU reaches budget deal
  3635. Sinn Fein expels Denis Donaldson for spying
  3636. Cold cases in West Australia examined for Murdoch link
  3637. Imitation gun pointed at Australia swimmers during training
  3638. U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security visit Dartmouth student over library book
  3639. President Alvaro Uribe asks Washington to stop meddling
  3640. Australia's Howard calls for nativity scenes
  3641. London bomb survivors launch campaign for public inquiry
  3642. Approval down for President Pacheco
  3643. German hostage freed in Iraq
  3644. San Diego ends Colts' bid for perfect season
  3645. Israeli PM Sharon suffers 'mild stroke'
  3646. Kwaśniewski to end his term within 5 days
  3647. Dick Cheney makes surprise Iraq visit
  3648. President Bush defends NSA domestic intercepts
  3649. Black vulture population targeted for reduction at Virginia boat launch
  3650. Public services shutting down in New South Wales, Australia due to lack of money
  3651. Evo Morales wins presidential elections in Bolivia
  3652. Anti-racism rally in Sydney
  3653. New Jersey Devils coach Robinson resigns
  3654. China has extensive plans for space exploration.
  3655. Bank of Italy governor, Antonio Fazio, presents resignation today
  3656. Spacex cancels Falcon 1 launch until 2006
  3657. 40 alleged drunken Santas accused of running amok
  3658. Opposition claims Australian Treasurer misled parliament
  3659. NYC Transit on strike
  3660. Business Brief for December 20, 2005
  3661. Security increased at Delta plants due to extortion threat
  3662. Poll predicts another Liberal Party minority government in Canada
  3663. Poll shows Préval with clear lead, but ineligible candidate Siméus could have presented a challenge
  3664. Early returns in Iraqi elections
  3665. Mayor under investigation in San Jose, CA, USA for spending without consent
  3666. Two trains collide near Rome
  3667. Truth comes out about Suprnova closure
  3668. Business Brief for December 21, 2005
  3669. Posted deadlines for Christmas delivery
  3670. Australian on death row in Vietnam for smuggling heroin
  3671. Australia to continue burning Indonesian boats
  3672. Travel warnings issued for Sydney
  3673. Work Choices Fair Pay Chief heavily criticised
  3674. Security is important for potential presidents in Haiti
  3675. NRMA stands by "unsafe" smash repair system
  3676. U.S. Rep. Conyers raises Bush censure issue
  3677. Cuban talk show accuses U.S. diplomat of helping anti-government groups
  3678. San Jose, CA, USA, city manager resigns amid Norcal investigation
  3679. Australian States to launch high court battle against IR reforms
  3680. Greenpeace activists clash with Japanese whaling fleet in Southern Ocean
  3681. First charges laid over riot text messages
  3682. Japanese whaling ship to dock in Hobart
  3683. Technology Brief for December 22, 2005
  3684. Australian woman wins right to have dead husband's baby
  3685. Bird flu resistant to anti-viral drug
  3686. Destroyed Kelso High School to be rebuilt
  3687. US Senate blocks Alaska refuge drilling
  3688. Couples thrashed for sitting in a park in Meerut, India
  3689. Australian academic study supports nuclear power
  3690. HIV vaccine trial ready to roll in Thailand
  3691. Station staff on the London tube to take industrial action over staffing levels
  3692. Striking NYC transit workers will return to jobs
  3693. Calpine declares bankruptcy, cites natural gas prices
  3694. Former Australian defence chief's son to be discharged from the Army
  3695. Evo Morales hoaxed by a Spanish Church-owned radio station
  3696. Drug website surveys LSD users and culture
  3697. Two Australians charged after burning flag during riot
  3698. New South Wales road safety campaign begins
  3699. EU threatens to fine Microsoft for failing to open Windows Server
  3700. Canadian Conservatives vow to defend Arctic sovereignty
  3701. Kaczyński takes the office of Polish president
  3702. U.S. soldier may be charged in shooting of Italian agent
  3703. Azeri passenger plane crashes
  3704. New South Wales ALP loses support first time under premier Iemma
  3705. Tolls may be needed for NSW Pacific Highway upgrade
  3706. Egypt court sentences opposition leader
  3707. Bolivian President Evo Morales convinces EU to pay for study of coca
  3708. Haiti might have to postpone elections again
  3709. Bomb explodes in crowded São Paulo street
  3710. U.S. taskforce encourages vote to decide Puerto Rico status
  3711. US Student reveals book visit a hoax
  3712. Chad declares border with Sudan a "military operations zone".
  3713. Allegations of three candidates' drug ties resurface in Haitian presidential race
  3714. United States 2003 National Adult Literacy Survey released
  3715. Fiesta Season begins in Colombia
  3716. Australian troops receive Christmas show in Iraq
  3717. Armenian Journalists Facing Prison Sentences in Turkey
  3718. Australian wheat to lose out in Iraqi market grab
  3719. War between top lawyers in Greece
  3720. Apaches accuse Prescott Bush of robbing Geronimo's grave
  3721. Taxi driver stabbed to death in Nova Scotia
  3722. Cheney-Rumsfeld "Cabal" alleged in the USA
  3723. Falwell called for boycott of stores using 'Happy Holidays' in place of 'Merry Christmas'
  3724. Iranian Baha'i dies in jail
  3725. Indian Ocean tsunami, one year after
  3726. Olympics organisers insist London win in 2012 ballot was fair
  3727. Queensland Premier aims for a move to Australian federal politics
  3728. New Zealand Tsunami heroes to receive Special Service Medal
  3729. Four Russian stores hit with gas attacks
  3730. Bombmaking materials found near farm of Colombian President Alvaro Uribe
  3731. Data Retention Directive passed by EU Parliament
  3732. Record companies subpoenaed over digital music pricing
  3733. Australia's richest man dies aged 68
  3734. New Zealand Christmas road toll is at ten
  3735. Actor Vincent Schiavelli dies in Sicily at age 57
  3736. Japan's population declines
  3737. Timekeeping will pause into the New Year with a 'Leap Second'
  3738. Fire destroys a Social Security building in Brasilia
  3739. Greek newspaper reports British spy involved in torturing 28 Pakistani citizens
  3740. Battle of Adre extends Darfur Conflict
  3741. Australian copyright laws to be overhauled in 2006
  3742. Jose Maria Aznar wants NATO to take in Australia and Israel
  3743. NYC Transit asks members to ratify new contracts
  3744. Five U.S. defense contractor lobbying groups block ban on forced prostitution and labor
  3745. Study says poor African American women less likely to receive pap smears
  3746. Former German deputy foreign minister and family abducted in Yemen
  3747. Shooting at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  3748. Colombian soldiers killed by rebel group
  3749. Argentina to pay off IMF debt
  3750. Rebellion in Brazilian State Prison is over
  3751. 69-year-old Australian mother and son on drugs charges
  3752. US consumer confidence up
  3753. Former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet fingerprinted
  3754. South Korea begins sending indictments via SMS
  3755. Man buys his stolen camera on eBay
  3756. New text message encryption method developed
  3757. Melbourne Victory held to draw by Perth Glory
  3758. Australian refugee contractor accused of breaching its duty of care
  3759. Mario Draghi succeeds Antonio Fazio as Bank of Italy governor
  3760. Distributed computing discovers largest known prime number
  3761. Uproar over sexual EU spoof posters in Austria
  3762. Million Dollar Homepage is close to achieving million-dollar goal
  3763. Bolivia's new president-elect brands Bush 'the only terrorist'
  3764. United States Justice Department opens investigation into White House leaks
  3765. Teenager in Florida, United States skips school, goes to Iraq
  3766. Al-Qaeda releases video of Sudanese hostages
  3767. Colorado College Tigers win 41st annual Great Lakes Invitational tournament
  3768. Abducted German family freed in Yemen
  3769. Rapper Obie Trice shot on Detroit freeway
  3770. Boyfriend forces Missouri woman to swallow cell phone
  3771. Error hits Greenpeace donations
  3772. World celebrates new year for Gregorian Calendar
  3773. New Zealand citizenship requirements tighten in 2006
  3774. Four-team trade may be in the works in Major League Baseball
  3775. Australian volunteer firefighters kept busy on New Year's Day
  3776. Tropical Storm Zeta becomes second cross-season tropical storm in history
  3777. Russia cuts off gas supplies to Ukraine
  3778. User:Sfullenwider/sandbox
  3779. British MP calls for ban on Aspartame
  3780. Oklahoma City suburbs on fire
  3781. Steelers defeat Lions to advance to NFL playoffs
  3782. 12 hurt in San Luis de La Balsa tourist bus accident
  3783. New Zealand's South Island and southern North Island struck by storms
  3784. Rape and murder suspects in Ciudad Juárez arrested
  3785. Redskins qualify for playoffs with win in Philadelphia
  3786. New South Wales firefighters continue to battle fires, threat eases
  3787. Row over Australian flag at Bondi Pavilion
  3788. Microsoft Windows metafiles are a vector for computer viruses
  3789. Bolivian President-Elect takes 50% pay cut to aid social programs
  3790. Coal miners trapped in West Virginia mine
  3791. PepsiCo buys Poland's Star Foods
  3792. Evgeny Adamov will be extradited to Russia
  3793. Broadway Market Café occupied against gentrification
  3794. Colombia signs FTA with Mercosur
  3795. OCTranspo's "new year" of efficiencies?
  3796. Rose Parade Continues Amidst Downpour
  3797. Australian government to consider dropping US FTA amendment
  3798. Bank of America completes acquisition of MBNA
  3799. 13 coal miners trapped in West Virginia mine
  3800. Sydney Opera House 'No War' activists face court for paint cans
  3801. Miners survive underground fire in Tasmania
  3802. Southern Ocean whale slaughter to resume
  3803. Bomb blasts in Athens destroy Finnish diplomat's car
  3804. US survey finds advertising contributes to increased underage drinking
  3805. Presidential candidate of Haiti, Dany Toussaint, arrested by United Nations troops
  3806. Russia assumes leadership of G8 for 2006
  3807. Abramoff pleads guilty to three charges
  3808. 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Fiji
  3809. Two deaths unreported in Natrecor study
  3810. Australia First begins revival campaign
  3811. BASF makes $4.9 billion hostile bid for Engelhard
  3812. Australia records hottest year on record
  3813. 12 coal miners are found dead, 1 in critical condition, in West Virginia mine
  3814. New Zealand holiday road toll: 20 fatalities
  3815. Wildfires still burn in Oklahoma, Texas
  3816. Dubai leader Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum dead
  3817. Gazprom stops supplying gas to Moldova
  3818. 13 dead when roof crashes over ice-skating ring
  3819. Two Mormon missionaries gunned down in Virginia
  3820. Red colored EU passports worry Lithuanian politicians
  3821. Thai forces on alert for second anniversary of Narathiwat armoury raids
  3822. Israeli PM Sharon rushed to hospital
  3823. U.S. Supreme Court orders accused 'Enemy Combatant' Jose Padilla transferred from military to civilian custody
  3824. Australian Labor Party announces new Climate Change Policy
  3825. Teen post officer hides 400 New Year cards in Japanese snow
  3826. Turkish teenager dies from bird flu
  3827. Texas defeats USC in 2006 Rose Bowl
  3828. Deaths on South African roads at 1215 for December 2005
  3829. Building Collapses in Mecca at eve of Hajj Pillgrimage
  3830. VP Cheney role surfaces in U.S. domestic spying
  3831. Microsoft releases emergency patch for WMF exploit
  3832. Saginaw Spirit victorious in first home shootout
  3833. Australia exports less to US despite FTA
  3834. Second Turk dies from bird flu, more suspected to be infected
  3835. Bill Sweetenham cleared of bullying allegations
  3836. CBS Corporation begins trading on New York Stock Exchange
  3837. Comedian Jon Stewart to host 78th Academy Awards
  3838. Ponting breaks cricket records
  3839. Canada wins gold at IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship
  3840. New Zealand Maori Queen on dialysis
  3841. Singer Lou Rawls dies of cancer
  3842. DNA re-test ordered on executed Virginia man
  3843. Televangelist Pat Robertson suggests Sharon's stroke is act of God in response to Gaza withdrawal
  3844. Record-breaking 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially ends
  3845. Two companies plea 'guilty' to Birmingham theatre stage collapse
  3846. Australian government says technology could reduce emissions three times more than Kyoto
  3847. Interview with Frank Warren, founder of PostSecret
  3848. Indonesian fishermen jailed for fishing offences in Australian waters
  3849. Tamil Tigers blamed for attack on Sri Lankan Navy
  3850. 20 people injured after stand collapse in the Carnival of Blacks and Whites in Colombia
  3851. Michael Jackson sued for unpaid veterinarian bills
  3852. Woman killed in shark attack at Amity Point, Australia
  3853. Truckies could foot the bill for NSW Pacific Highway upgrade
  3854. "Hyperspace drive" paper gains interest, AIAA award
  3855. White House, Kerry criticizes comments made by televangelist Pat Robertson
  3856. Representative Tom DeLay not seeking future Majority Leader position
  3857. Earthquake shakes Athens
  3858. Birmingham Central Mosque is set on fire
  3859. Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Alito to start this week
  3860. First Tropical Cyclone of 2006 forms off West Australia
  3861. Honda wins car, truck of the year, unveils Fit
  3862. Trustpower plans to build new windfarm in New Zealand
  3863. Israeli PM, Ariel Sharon, woken from coma. moves limbs
  3864. US Dept of Justice evacuated over homeless person's coat on bus
  3865. Richmond serial slayers arrested in Philadelphia
  3866. Dow Jones Breaks 11,000
  3867. Archbishop Levada questioned regarding sex abuse cases in Portland
  3868. Dick Cheney released after health scare
  3869. Cyclone Clare batters Western Australia
  3870. Annoying someone online becomes federal crime
  3871. "Shock jock" Howard Stern makes his satellite radio debut
  3872. Story of mouse burning down house proven false
  3873. Murdoch's News Corp. Ends Automated Censorship of MySpace
  3874. FL professor & wife accused of spying for Cuba
  3875. Iran resumes nuclear research
  3876. Reporter abducted in Baghdad Saturday morning
  3877. Florida bank stand-off ends with hostages rescued
  3878. 4 injured when bus overturns in Charlotte, NC
  3879. Whole Foods moves to renewable energy
  3880. Former NSA employee alleges illegal spying
  3881. IIT Kharagpur set to break all records of Prize money during Kshitij 2006
  3882. User:
  3883. Stars pose for ITV ice-skating show (UK)
  3884. Apple unveils new Intel-based Mac
  3885. Chinese block of Wikimedia enters tenth week
  3886. Opera Singer Birgit Nilsson, 87 was buried today
  3887. UN warns neighbours of Turkey about bird flu
  3888. Smoke reported on London Underground
  3889. Ukraine hurt by Russian gas deal
  3890. Comet Wild samples near home
  3891. Seven-year old Tennessee boy chased by police
  3892. NHL hockey referee sounds off to website
  3893. Calls for aid to help feed millions, as East Africa plunges into drought
  3894. Internal audit reveals IRS improperly identified hundreds of thousands of taxpayers as potential frauds
  3895. World's biggest polluters won't cut back on fossil fuel
  3896. Shooter of former Pope John Paul II released from prison
  3897. Colombian unions reiterate their accusations against Coca Cola
  3898. Lobbyist giant shuts down due to ties with Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay
  3899. Hospitality exchange organisation grows to 100,000 members
  3900. US General invokes right against self-incrimination in Abu Ghraib case
  3901. Hundreds dead in Hajj stampede
  3902. President Bush tours Katrina affected region
  3903. Reggie Bush to go pro
  3904. New DNA tests find executed Virginia man was guilty
  3905. Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations released
  3906. "Genius" award recipient and other luminaries campaigning for worldwide renunciation of war
  3907. Turkish teens died of mutated strain of bird flu
  3908. Turkish government accused of being too slow to respond to bird flu
  3909. Iran nuclear talks have stalled
  3910. Australia accused of bullying East Timor over oil field treaty
  3911. Distributed computing to get "interstellar project"
  3912. Homeland Security helps secure open-source code
  3913. German intelligence participated in U.S. bombing of Iraq, media alleges
  3914. Thai civil rights lawyer Somchai Neelapaichit presumed dead
  3915. John Kitzhaber not running for governor of Oregon
  3916. Generic Tamiflu in India
  3917. U.S. airstrike targeting Ayman al-Zawahiri leaves 18 dead in Pakistani village
  3918. Huge star cluster discovered in neighbourhood of Milky Way
  3919. Augustine volcano erupts
  3920. Venezuela will buy Spanish planes with European technology
  3921. Iran to end nuclear cooperation
  3922. Ariel Sharon's brain shows activity
  3923. Liberal Democrat leadership contenders address party members
  3924. Hussein trial judge submits resignation
  3925. Actress Shelley Winters dies of heart failure
  3926. Israeli tourism ministry reconsidering Pat Robertson deal on Christian Heritage Center
  3927. Sondhi continues using Thailand Weekly show to attack PM
  3928. Symantec admits security flaw
  3929. Gordon Brown calls for national day to celebrate 'Britishness'
  3930. Brazil, Bolivia promise cooperation
  3931. Ottawa 67's lose to Saginaw Spirit, 7-5
  3932. Stardust lands in Utah successfully
  3933. Protests erupt in Pakistan over US air strike
  3934. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon to undergo more surgery
  3935. Finnish Presidential election held. Niinistö and Halonen goes to the next round
  3936. US Justice Department sues American Airlines on behalf of reservists
  3937. US Senators, EU voice support for Iran sanctions
  3938. Chile elects first woman President
  3939. Sunderland v Chelsea Jan 15th 2006
  3940. Brazilian general dies in Haiti
  3941. New Zealand's secrets from 20 years ago released
  3942. Earthquake south of Medan, Indonesia
  3943. U.S. senators defend Pakistan missile strike that killed 18
  3944. Arizona may have driest winter in centuries
  3945. Daily protests in Sarajevo, organized online
  3946. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon briefly opens eyes
  3947. West Australian Premier Geoff Gallop resigns
  3948. Miami police officer injured after falling from horse
  3949. CNN banned from Iran after misquoting president
  3950. Free Software Foundation releases first draft of GPLv3
  3951. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf inaugurated as Liberian president
  3952. Pakistanis condemn US airstrike
  3953. Chelsea's Robben sent off after "over celebrating"
  3954. Former US President Gerald Ford hospitalized with pneumonia
  3955. Norwegian scientist published fake findings in Lancet
  3956. Australia to explore a national identity card
  3957. Couple takes lawyer hostage and said to have explosives
  3958. U.S. F-15 crashes near Okinawa
  3959. Terrorism expert says Osama Bin Laden could be dead
  3960. Rooney and Ferguson face inquiry over unsightly language
  3961. Pakistani Official claims 'foreign terrorists' among civilians killed in U.S. airstrike
  3962. Iran lifts ban of CNN
  3963. Clarence Ray Allen is executed
  3964. Southampton contemplate Theo Walcott transfer
  3965. Abductors of American journalist Jill Carroll release videotape with demands
  3966. Interview with Brazilian blogger Ricardo Serran Lobo
  3967. Polish journalist imprisoned for libelling municipal employee
  3968. Australians unite against whaling in Southern Ocean
  3969. Australian senate inquiry receives 4,000 submisions on abortion pill
  3970. 40 Asylum seekers missing off Torres Strait
  3971. Gore criticizes use of unwarranted domestic wiretaps
  3972. Missing asylum seekers found off Cape York
  3973. Heavy selling leads to shortened session at Tokyo stock exchange
  3974. Eurozone initiative to challenge US internet technology dominance
  3975. At least eight people die in office fire in Vladivostok, Russia
  3976. Young Iraqi teen death investigated as possible bird flu case
  3977. Bolivia’s Morales announces treason trial for army general
  3978. Dogs rescue owner during diabetic attack
  3979. New Zealand Prime Minister won't visit Waitangi marae
  3980. UK Mobile Data Network Collapses
  3981. Sharp declines in Intel, Yahoo lead tech stocks lower
  3982. Gas leak disrupts London railway service
  3983. Al Qaeda bomb maker reportedly killed in U.S. airstrike in Pakistan
  3984. "Fathers for Justice" is coming to an end
  3985. Stardust comet samples "visible to the naked eye"
  3986. CNN hires three conservative commentators
  3987. Two-day bird flu conference draws $1.9 billion in pledges
  3988. Brokerage executive linked to Livedoor deals found dead
  3989. Corby's 20 year sentence reinstated
  3990. Iraq asks United States to release 6 Iraqi female prisoners
  3991. Al Jazeera airs new Osama Bin Laden tape
  3992. UK R&B singer Ms Dynamite sentenced for assault
  3993. Radical cleric Abu Hamza denies encouraging murder
  3994. Berlin court issues provisional order against the Wikimedia Foundation
  3995. West Papua refugees sent to Australia's Christmas Island Detention Centre
  3996. Dog falls on car and kills driver in Michigan
  3997. New Horizons probe bound for Pluto on nine year journey
  3998. New Zealand to send out bird flu brochures
  3999. Errant monkeys draw the ire of Delhi court
  4000. Australian Wheat Board inquiry begins
  4001. South African Presidency defends deputy president's holiday trip
  4002. Mark Latham in fight 12 months after resigning as Australian opposition leader
  4003. Slovak transport plane crashes over Hungary
  4004. Syria voices support of Iran's nuclear program
  4005. Prosecutors continue investigation as Livedoor faces possible delisting
  4006. Theo Walcott deal goes through for Arsenal
  4007. Google refuses to hand over logs to US Department of Justice
  4008. Danish clothing company sells T-shirts to support FARC and PFLP
  4009. Lancet cancer study a hoax
  4010. Whale spotted in river Thames, Central London
  4011. Message in bottle travels from UK to Australia
  4012. Demonstration held in support of Jill Carroll
  4013. US stocks slump as crude oil surges, gold hits 25 yr high
  4014. Iran moves finances out of Europe's banks
  4015. TWU members reject contract
  4016. Alan Carpenter "effectively" new Western Australian Premier
  4017. Ayman al-Zawahiri releases new tape
  4018. Australian Defence Minister resigns
  4019. Experts fear for the health of London whale
  4020. Kosovo president Ibrahim Rugova dies
  4021. Rescue teams try to save London whale
  4022. Maryland Judge throws out law banning gay marriages
  4023. Euromillions lottery jackpot set to rise to £100m
  4024. Many SAG Awards presenters announced
  4025. London whale dies
  4026. Rescuers find remains of West Virginia miners
  4027. Portugal to produce new Volkswagen model in 2008
  4028. Canadian teen faces disputed US military tribunal
  4029. Burns engages India on civil nuclear energy pact
  4030. 'Australian Values' to be taught in NSW schools
  4031. Maoist, army overnight clashes leaves 20 dead in Nepal
  4032. William Shatner sells kidney stone
  4033. Indian city of Bangalore to be renamed Bengaluru
  4034. Vladivostok fire witnesses dispute official death toll of nine, claim at least 50
  4035. U.S. army interrogator convicted in Iraqi general's death
  4036. No evidence of dead terrorists in US bombed Pakistan village
  4037. Bali Nine refused access to federal police files
  4038. Sri Lankan attack disrupts peace envoy
  4039. Greenpeace, Sea Shepherds end Southern Ocean whaling protest
  4040. Witnesses of fire in Vladivostok under investigation
  4041. User:Noff/“Don’t tell “Sorry…”
  4042. Four Australian states ablaze, two dead, homes lost
  4043. Concerns over Neville's Celebration
  4044. Sample from Turkish patient shows mutated Bird Flu virus
  4045. House of Supreme Court Justice threatened
  4046. New case of Mad Cow disease found in Canada
  4047. Talk:Interview: Danny O'Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation/Transcript-Raw
  4048. NASA postpones Stardust mission briefing, no revised date as of yet
  4049. Ford Motor Company cutting 30,000 jobs by 2012
  4050. Exclusive: David Anderson talks about the Stardust@home project
  4051. Interview: Danny O'Brien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  4052. Canadian federal elections underway
  4053. Conservative party wins minority government in Canada
  4054. Julian McGauran defects from Australian National Party
  4055. No jail for army interrogator over death of Iraqi general
  4056. Australian Prime Minister announces results of reshuffle
  4057. Montenegro trainwreck kills 44, injures over 100
  4058. Study: Partisan political thought is predominantly unconscious & emotional
  4059. Disney buys Pixar
  4060. U.S. Democrats highlight water quality issues for troops in Iraq
  4061. The WB and UPN networks to become the CW network
  4062. CIA "rendition" confirmed in Europe
  4063. Iran promises retaliation for Israeli action against nuclear facilities
  4064. New report details strain on US Army
  4065. Fears about Songhua settled
  4066. Iran accused of blocking BBC Website
  4067. Scientists discover Earth-like planet
  4068. Business jet crashes in California killing four
  4069. US ambassador links India's civil nuclear initiative to Iran vote
  4070. Michael Jackson shops in women's clothes
  4071. Rural Victorian fires worsen
  4072. Hamas wins Palestinian election
  4073. Microsoft to licence Windows source code
  4074. Thai government reportedly planning Internet censorship
  4075. New Canadian leader vows to push Canadian sovereignty over the Arctic Passage
  4076. Bloggers investigate social networking websites
  4077. Storms a mixed blessing for Victorian firefighters
  4078. Saudis boycott Danish dairy produce
  4079. GM posts first annual loss since 1992
  4080. Queensland's biggest oil spill in 35 years
  4081. West Papuans refugees forced to fly 4000ks despite tuberculosis fears
  4082. Aboriginal Sovereignty Day Declared
  4083. Former German president Johannes Rau dies at 75
  4084. German Wikipedia to be printed
  4085. Halonen and Niinistö neck-and-neck heading into Sunday's run-off election in Finland
  4086. Chantelle wins Celebrity Big Brother
  4087. Eastern Indonesia struck by earthquake
  4088. O'Reilly begins using open editing of its books before publishing them
  4089. Death of the Catholicos
  4090. South Africa's Table Mountain ablaze
  4091. FDA approves therapeutic use of insulin inhalant
  4092. Dharam Singh steps down as Karnataka Chief Minister
  4093. US 'Psychological Operations' comes home
  4094. Anti-whaling Sea Shepherd crew detained in South Africa
  4095. Australia's million-dollar-a-month Nauru detention centre for two refugees
  4096. Trade hall roof collapses in Poland
  4097. Tunnel under U.S.-Mexico border trafficked in people, drugs
  4098. Documents allege U.S. Army kidnapped wives of enemy fighters
  4099. Tarja Halonen wins the 2006 presidential election in Finland
  4100. Australian government hopes to establish triage by phone
  4101. Amélie Mauresmo wins Australian Open
  4102. Corby's star witness convicted of rape
  4103. World celebrates Chinese new year
  4104. Firefighters find burning body parts in oil drums
  4105. Bob Woodruff injured by improvised explosive device in Iraq
  4106. Rare snow storm in Portugal
  4107. Congressional staff actions prompt Wikipedia investigation
  4108. Two people charged over burning bodies in drums
  4109. Hamas leader discusses future of Palestinian State and Israel
  4110. Fatah assaults European Union office
  4111. Teacher confesses to having sex with student
  4112. SAG Awards handed out
  4113. Accident in Jacksonville, Florida, releases low-radioactive gas
  4114. Bosnian administrator outlines plans
  4115. First Iraqi case of Avian Flu reported
  4116. U.S. Senate confirms Supreme Court nominee Alito
  4117. Steve Kubby, co-author of California Proposition 215, grows dangerously ill in US custody
  4118. West Papuan refugees may face death if deported
  4119. Al-Jazeera airs new video of Ayman al-Zawahri
  4120. Americans spent more than they earned in 2005
  4121. Coretta Scott King passes away
  4122. 100th British soldier killed in Iraq
  4123. Virginia takes action against Zebra Mussels in private pond
  4124. Internet Explorer 7 beta released to the public
  4125. Nominations announced for 78th Academy Awards
  4126. Don Brash gives third Orewa speech
  4127. President Bush delivers 2006 State of the Union Address
  4128. AT&T sued over NSA eavesdropping
  4129. Online retailers in Canada experience strong growth
  4130. Rumsfeld explains renaming of war
  4131. Scientists shocked at Great Barrier Reef bleaching
  4132. Australia to send 200 more troops to Afghanistan
  4133. Bathurst, Australia's new hospital to be almost doubled in size
  4134. FBI to begin investigation into shooting of US Air Force MP
  4135. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon receives feeding tube
  4136. Ruddock hints at Australia Card
  4137. Americans practice attack response procedures
  4138. Puppies used to smuggle heroin
  4139. United States Department of Justice workers among government Wikipedia vandals
  4140. Tom Baker launched as voice of BT text messaging
  4141. Estonian oil spill kills 5,000 birds
  4142. Report details British billionare donations to Australian political party
  4143. Iraqi Police Find 14 Tortured Dead Bodies
  4144. 'Kama Sutra' worm set to strike
  4145. RU486 Abortion pill hearings begin in Australia
  4146. Federal judge calls EPA head's post 9/11 conduct "conscience-shocking".
  4147. Tensions continue to rise in Middle East over "Mohammad Cartoons"
  4148. Indonesia warns Australia over West Papuan asylum seekers
  4149. Cialis blog controversy is major war of words
  4150. New pre-Iraq war memo leaked
  4151. Leisel Jones sets two new swimming world records at trials
  4152. Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review Released
  4153. Eight dead in Goleta California rampage
  4154. Egyptian passenger ferry sinks in Red Sea
  4155. President Bush to request USD$439.3B defense budget
  4156. 1,000+ of Saudi Arabia's guest workers feared drowned
  4157. Scores killed in Manila game show stampede
  4158. Gates pledges $600 million for Global Plan to Stop Tuberculosis
  4159. New Zealand newspapers publish "Mohammad Cartoons"
  4160. New laws to combat 'endemic' Hong Kong bird flu
  4161. Manipulation alleged in the "Mohammad Cartoons" affair
  4162. Indigenous Brazilians asserting their land claims
  4163. Iran reported to U.N. Security Council
  4164. Danish and Norwegian embassies set on fire
  4165. Portuguese Air Force Merlin helicopters enter service
  4166. BHP halts operations after mine death in Western Australia
  4167. Rio Tinto makes more than $4 billion
  4168. Manhunt on for gay bar attacker in Massachusetts
  4169. US Army Chaplains adopt new program to aid personnel in spouse selection
  4170. Masterminds of USS Cole and Limburg bombings escape from Yemeni prison
  4171. Suspect in gay bar attack dies after gunfight with police
  4172. 400 Survivors rescued from ferry disaster
  4173. New Zealand marks Waitangi Day, 2006
  4174. New South Wales to introduce 'parenting contracts'
  4175. Latham to face court on assault, stealing and malicious damage charges
  4176. Catholic priest murdered during prayer
  4177. Danish and Austrian embassies in Tehran attacked
  4178. Conservative Canadian government sworn in
  4179. Google removes German BMW from search results
  4180. New South Wales set to adopt harsher anti-cannabis laws
  4181. Mother seals fight gallantly for their pups
  4182. Danish mission in Beirut set ablaze
  4183. BHP Mine remains closed during death probe
  4184. Wikinews investigates Wikipedia usage by U.S. Senate staff members
  4185. Iran demands that IAEA end surveillance of its nuclear program
  4186. U.S. expels Venezuelan diplomat
  4187. Hamshahri newspaper plans cartoon response
  4188. 9/11 conspirator Moussaoui ejected from court
  4189. Norway-led peacekeeper base attacked in Afghanistan
  4190. User: Broadcasting (P3) broadcast story about Muhammed as pig
  4191. Journals tackle scientific fraud
  4192. Outrage in Mexico after Sheraton Hotel evicts Cuban officials
  4193. Six year old suspended for sexual harassment
  4194. Military presence increased in Melbourne for 2006 Commonwealth Games
  4195. Opposition attacks government over involvement in wheat kickbacks as Australian Parliament resumes sitting
  4196. Albuquerque Academy Chargers Win Final Game to Finish 13-1
  4197. RU486 debate enters Australian Senate
  4198. One of the "Lackawanna Six" may have been among Yemeni prison escapees
  4199. Jyllands-Posten reconsiders printing holocaust denial cartoons
  4200. Insurgency targeting of teachers causes south Thailand school closures
  4201. Bird Flu found in Africa
  4202. George Deutsch resigns NASA post after Texas A&M refutes his resume
  4203. US Senate offices evacuated
  4204. Home Office release statistics showing drop in UK's violent crime
  4205. Sweden reaffirms aims for oil-free economy
  4206. Bird flu spreading through Indonesia and China
  4207. Berlin court repeals preliminary injunction against Wikimedia Germany
  4208. Repeal of ministerial control of RU486 bill passes Australian Senate
  4209. Neil Entwistle, suspect in murder of wife and child, arrested in England
  4210. 700,000 march in Beirut; Hezbollah leader lambasts Bush and Rice
  4211. ESPN trades Al Michaels for "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit"
  4212. "World Can't Wait" protesters rally outside the White House
  4213. New Zealand Labour party spending in question
  4214. Australian governments to meet for first COAG meeting of 2006 today
  4215. Tomb discovered in Valley of the Kings
  4216. Irish win narrowly over Italy in RBS 6 opening match
  4217. Greek government's phones tapped for a year
  4218. User: to Danish Cartoons
  4219. 2006 Olympic Winter Games open in Italy
  4220. Thai ministry orders work halted on much-delayed Ongkharak reactor
  4221. Poll embarassment for Blair
  4222. French satirical weekly reprints caricatures
  4223. Curious death befalls collaborator days before movie release
  4224. University of Illinois student newspaper runs six Prophet Mohammed cartoons
  4225. User: the Bay of La Paz & Gulf of California
  4226. Neil Entwistle agrees to extradition
  4228. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon undergoes emergency surgery
  4229. Hospital morale vital during any outbreak: expert warns
  4230. Iran to abandon Nuclear Non Proliferation (NPT) if threatened to cut down on nuclear activities
  4231. Craigslist sued for hosting discriminatory housing ads
  4232. Lewis "Scooter" Libby testified that leak was authorized
  4233. Steve Fossett breaks record for longest nonstop flight, lands safely
  4234. Protest held against Muhammad caricatures in Paris
  4235. Australian governments to spend $1.1 billion on mental health
  4236. Michelle Kwan withdraws from Olympics
  4237. Sondhi may face legal action from Thai Rak Thai party
  4238. Oklahoma student paper publishes new controversial cartoon
  4239. Jaafari nominated Iraq PM
  4240. Newspaper alleges U.S. drawing up plans to attack Iran
  4241. US vice president shoots man in hunting accident
  4242. Record snowfall in Northeastern United States
  4243. Day 2 Results - Olympic Winter Games
  4244. Australian PM links cannabis use to mental illness
  4245. Melbourne police raid hydroponic cannabis growers
  4246. First of the Bali nine sentenced
  4247. The Independent questions Wikipedia's accuracy
  4248. Wikipedia suffers outage
  4249. Day 3 Results - Olympic Winter Games
  4250. Police embarrassed after car stolen from station
  4251. Pennsylvania man named in alleged terror plot
  4252. Bali Nine ringleaders sentenced to death
  4253. Study says people don't understand the emotional tone of emails, but think they do
  4254. Trainee police officer shot in Nottingham
  4255. GAO reveals $1.6 billion spent on public relations by the Bush administration in 2003-2005
  4256. Israeli group announces anti-semitic cartoons contest
  4257. Body found on a Kingwood Street in Houston
  4258. California police kill knife-wielding man
  4259. The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court sentences Omri Sharon
  4260. Man shot by US Vice President suffers mild heart attack
  4261. U.K. soldiers arrested over Iraqi abuse video
  4262. Warner Music sees large growth digital music revenue
  4263. Day 4 Results - Olympic Winter Games
  4264. Last three Bali Nine smugglers jailed for life
  4265. New photos of Abu Ghraib prison abuse
  4266. RU486 debate complicates with amendments posed in Australian House of Representatives
  4267. German Constitutional Court prohibits shooting down hijacked passenger planes
  4268. Evolution may occur faster than once thought, scientists claim
  4269. Day 5 Results - Olympic Winter Games
  4270. Iranian newspaper website attacked
  4271. Repeal of ministerial control of RU486 bill passes Australian House of Representatives
  4272. Photo essay: Valentine's Day at the U.S. Viet Nam War Memorial
  4273. Authenticity of new Abu Ghraib photos confirmed
  4274. Europe restricts poultry as bird flu spreads to eight European nations
  4275. France says Iran's nuclear program is a "military cover"
  4276. Tokelau voters reject self-rule
  4277. Thaksin escapes Constitutional Court scrutiny
  4278. Deion Sanders Announces Retirement
  4279. Olympic biathlon silver medal stripped due to doping
  4280. UN calls for Guantanamo shutdown
  4281. Switzerland: charges dropped in the Aubonne bridge affair
  4282. Fire Fighters Join "TR" Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
  4283. Hotel development proposal could displace Buffalo, NY business owners
  4284. Bird flu could kill between 1.4 and 140 million people - Australian researchers
  4285. McGovern calls for whistleblowing before alleged US attack on Iran
  4286. Australian bird flu vaccine trial results "promising"
  4287. Colombia’s Uribe orders the bombing of a Natural National Park
  4288. Day 6 Results - Olympic Winter Games
  4289. Graffiti game banned in Australia
  4290. U.S. looking for asylum for some Guantanamo prisoners
  4291. 85 rescued, thousands feared dead in Philippine landslide
  4292. British Parliament bans smoking in pubs, workplaces and clubs
  4293. Full extent of Abu Ghraib detainee abuse revealed
  4294. Cheney gets ovation, shooting victim apologizes to Cheney
  4295. Day 7 Results - Olympic Winter Games
  4296. Switzerland: Policemen acquitted in the Aubonne bridge affair
  4297. Japanese H-IIA rocket launches satellite into orbit
  4298. First bird flu cases registered In Maharashtra, India
  4299. 20 wounded in explosion at Philippine karaoke bar
  4300. British University academics vote for strike action
  4301. H5N1 confirmed in France
  4302. Avian Flu is confirmed in Egypt
  4303. American Bar Association denounced President Bush's warrantless domestic surveillance program
  4304. US pressure group proposes covert attack on Iran
  4305. User:Kokopoko/Article
  4306. Students find fossilised giant penguin
  4307. Eleven die in Libya over Muhammad cartoon T-shirt
  4308. CIA covert "rendition" operative blows her cover for frequent flyer miles
  4309. UN says polio eradicated in Egypt and Niger
  4310. United States to expand 'information operations' against terror
  4311. India Win Hutch Cup One Day series 4-1
  4312. Washington Post source outed by Slashdot reader
  4313. 2006 Algarve Cup Preparations
  4314. New Zealand medical student funding to be reviewed
  4315. Leader of 1992 pro-democracy uprising joins calls for Thaksin's resignation
  4316. Pittsburgh's Bettis to work as NBC studio analyst
  4317. SpaceX delays Falcon 1 launch again
  4318. Chinese party elders denounce media censorship
  4319. USA rejects UN Guantanamo report
  4320. Australia sends more troops to Afghanistan
  4321. Californian computer company lodges antitrust suit against Microsoft
  4322. Microsoft changes OEM license, forcing new purchases after motherboard upgrade
  4323. Maryland, US school close-mouthed on police incident
  4324. Thick fog blankets Houston area
  4325. Paul Bernardo admits to more rapes
  4326. Three Ohio men indicted for terrorist plot against U.S. military in Iraq
  4327. Senator Hatch lashes out at critics of domestic surveillance program
  4328. Narathiwat raid recovers stolen weapons
  4329. Mladic arrest operation 'under way'
  4330. Tibetans protest Google on Valentine's Day
  4331. RadioShack CEO resigns
  4332. Australian resort manager faces possible 10-year prison sentence in Indonesia
  4333. An interview with Jimbo Wales
  4334. An interview with Jimbo Wales/Color-free
  4335. Hope fades for families of trapped Mexican miners
  4336. Preparations for inaugural Bathurst International Motor Festival begin
  4337. Arsenal beat Real Madrid 1-0
  4338. Mozambique and Zimbabwe Struck by Earthquake
  4339. Baltimore police seek sex offender for failure to register
  4340. Alternative to controversial hotel proposed to Buffalo, N.Y. business owners and residents
  4341. Australian children suffering from iodine deficiency
  4342. UK and Aussie troops will not fight opium in Afghanistan
  4343. Michael Morales execution postponed indefinitely
  4344. Public smoking ban in Virginia snuffed out
  4345. MPAA launches seven lawsuits against torrent, ed2k and usenet sites
  4346. Al Askari Mosque bombed in Samarra, Iraq
  4347. President remains most popular politician in Romania
  4348. Arroyo declares state of emergency due to coup attempt in Philippines
  4349. Thai snap-election set for April 2, 2006
  4350. Australian treasurer makes "extremely divisive" comments
  4351. London Mayor Ken Livingstone faces month-long suspension over Nazi jibe
  4352. Earthquake Hits Ottawa, Canada
  4353. FBI confirms that ricin was not found at the University of Texas
  4354. Riots cease in Dublin against Unionist march
  4355. Dublin unionist march turns violent
  4356. Oxford march supports animal testing
  4357. Investigation wanted into the murders of Iraqi academics
  4358. U.S. appeals court to reconsider Hawaiians-only admission policy
  4359. First Australian convicted under new anti-terrorism laws
  4360. Anglican Church offers landmark compensation deal
  4361. Opposition may boycott Thai election; demonstrators want Thaksin out
  4362. Boston College defeats NC State in double overtime
  4363. 6 Teenagers die in car accident in Victoria, several others injured
  4364. Eva Hassett, VP of Savarino Construction Services Corp. answers questions on Buffalo, N.Y. hotel redesign
  4365. Australian government accused of neglecting regions
  4366. Australian Prime Minister blames asylum seekers for "Children Overboard" scandal
  4367. Australian government announces study of tax system
  4368. Five month old girl injured in "deliberate" house fire
  4369. Accidental explosion occurs in Israel
  4370. London Mayor Ken Livingstone to appeal over suspension
  4371. Reaction to Ken Livingstone suspension
  4372. POWER inquiry calls for radical power shift in British Democracy
  4373. Venezuela's goverment to restrict flights to the US
  4374. Thinktank recommends changes to Australian student fees
  4375. Da Vinci Code publisher Random House in court
  4376. Two zoo bears killed after biting four-year-old boy
  4377. Residents and business owners attend "private" meeting on Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal
  4378. English Wikipedia has over 1 Million Registered Users
  4379. Former AWB chairman paid almost $1,000,000 by AusAID
  4380. Cyclone Emma crosses West Australian coast
  4381. "Aggressive" Bird Flu found in Sweden
  4382. India and U.S.A. work toward nuclear fuel agreement
  4383. User: It Or Not Israel Must Deal With Hamas Now
  4384. English Wikipedia reaches one million articles
  4385. Sizzler salad bars shut after rat poison found in food
  4386. Random driver drug testing to become permanent in Victoria
  4387. Intelligence agencies warned about growing local insurgency in late 2003
  4388. Sydney woman charged in Perth heroin seizure
  4389. Brisbane woman charged with Sizzler poisoning
  4390. Possible first case of mad cow disease in Sweden
  4391. Saddam Hussein admits to requesting trials
  4392. Thaksin denies rumours of resignation
  4393. Duke upset by FSU
  4394. Corruption blamed for Papuan rainforest destruction
  4395. City Planning Board postpones decision on Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal
  4396. Amateur sex video stirs controversy on Internet
  4397. Comedian Linda Smith dies at 48
  4398. Photoessay: Fat Tuesday Easy in DC
  4399. Australia's Prime Minister Howard marks 10 years in power
  4400. Bush's Katrina statement contradicted by emerging evidence
  4401. Interview with Usenet search sites targeted by the MPAA
  4402. Mayor Ken Livingstone's suspension frozen pending appeal
  4403. Australian Greens senator Bob Brown marks 10 years in Parliament
  4404. Bus crash outside Cusco kills at least 13
  4405. to move search records out of China
  4406. Five dead in attack in Pakistan
  4407. Uruguay turns down Argentina’s request to halt construction of pulp mills
  4408. Officials in Mexico claim leaked Dirty War report isn't final copy
  4409. Kenyan TV and newspaper raided by masked police
  4410. South Africa to meet with Hamas representatives
  4411. Costa Rica falls to Iran in football friendly
  4412. Natural gas discovered in Chile according to President Ricardo Lagos
  4413. Colombia's National Liberation Army declares ceasefire for elections
  4414. Harry Browne, former US presidential candidate and best selling author dead at age 72
  4415. Taipei mayor Ma hopes local HIV midway home "patients out only"
  4416. Authorities impose vehicle ban on Baghdad
  4417. 2006 "Stolenwealth" Games to confront Commonwealth Games in Melbourne
  4418. Australia will not export uranium to India
  4419. Ian Thorpe starts to recover from chest pains
  4420. Band sticker causes bomb scare at Ohio University
  4421. Emergency at JDS Uniphase in San Jose, CA
  4422. 2006 New Zealand Maori Electoral Option
  4423. Ayya Vaikunda Avataram declared as a holiday for Tirunelveli district
  4424. Coca growth up in Bolivia, Peru, claims U.S. State Department
  4425. No hotel previously on site of proposed Buffalo, N.Y. hotel location
  4426. Black Box Voting finds anomalies in electronic voting logs of 2004 U.S. election
  4427. Diebold "whistleblower" faces criminal charges in California
  4428. Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrated by 450,000 people
  4429. Iranian refugee child granted $400,000 in compensation for "psychological harm"
  4430. Howard's 10 year party gatecrashed
  4431. Minnesota GOP's CD raises privacy concerns
  4432. Ayman al-Zawahri releases new video tape
  4433. Deported Australian granted visa after two years in Serbian limbo
  4434. H5N1 bird flu virus reaches Poland
  4435. South Dakota governor signs abortion ban into law
  4436. BBC global poll finds majority feel the US led Iraq invasion increased likelihood of terrorist attacks
  4437. Pakistan Govt Blocks Bloggers Ahead of Bush Visit
  4438. Transit strike affects 100,000 in Helsinki
  4439. 2006 Oscars handed out at Kodak Theatre
  4440. closes - "can not recover from recent events"
  4441. New Zealand online auction web site bought for NZ$700 million
  4442. Australian Prime Minister visits India
  4443. Thaksin rebuffs resignation calls while elite call for appointed PM
  4444. AT&T to buy BellSouth for $67 billion
  4445. U.S. Pentagon releases Guantanamo detainees' names
  4446. New Zealand's 2006 Census is held tonight
  4447. Book review controversy over Daniel Dennett's 'Breaking the Spell'
  4448. Porn star promotes Italian wine
  4449. Australian Senator Bob Brown calls for ban on junk food ads
  4450. Chávez accuses US of plotting separation of oil rich state
  4451. Hall of Fame baseball player Kirby Puckett dies of stroke
  4452. Australians need bigger toilets
  4453. Ukraine does not allow Transnistrian goods transit without Moldovan customs stamps
  4454. Dana Reeve, 44, wife of Christopher Reeve, dies of lung cancer
  4455. Three explosions in Varanasi, India
  4456. Multiple vehicles crash in West Palm Beach, FL
  4457. Big 12 names players, coach of the year
  4458. Ontario college teachers begin strike
  4459. House approves renewal of the Patriot Act
  4460. Study reveals 10% of telecommuters work nude
  4461. Largest mass extinction in 65 million years underway, scientists say
  4462. Small plane crashes on median of Interstate 75 in Michigan
  4463. Australian emergency services personnel exposed to asbestos
  4464. Sault professor sides with students during college strike
  4465. Gordon Parks, African American filmmaker, dies at 93
  4466. Events cancelled at Humber due to college strike
  4467. Police release photographs of those of interest in connection with Cronulla riots
  4468. Eighteen found dead in a bus in Iraq
  4469. Bonobo chimp threatened in Congo
  4470. Witness convicted of perjury in Best Bakery trial sentenced to one year
  4471. North Korea fires missiles during training exercise
  4472. Buffalo, NY magazine to publish Prophet Muhammad cartoons
  4473. Toronto to have socialized city-wide wi-fi access
  4474. Wikinews interviews Gary Fung from isoHunt
  4475. Agriculture's impact on human evolution clarified
  4476. UK vending machines begin selling sex toys
  4477. NFL owners agree to CBA extension, 30-2
  4478. Former teacher in France surrenders after holding 22 hostage in school
  4479. Bangkok blast injures two tourists
  4480. Wikipedia's Wales is considering a "stable" version
  4481. Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal delayed further
  4482. Three charged following release of Cronulla riot wanted photographs
  4483. USA leaving Abu Ghraib
  4484. Daisuke Enomoto will be the fourth space tourist at the ISS
  4485. Czech pub food eating experiment resulted in lost weight, lower cholesterol
  4486. Japanese Buddhist priest arrested for child prostitution
  4487. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter enters Martian orbit
  4488. Global measles deaths plunge by 48% over past six years
  4489. Gale Norton resigns as U.S. Secretary of the Interior
  4490. American hostage Tom Fox found dead in Iraq
  4491. 12000 Commonwealth Games tickets remain unsold
  4492. Former Yugoslavian president Slobodan Milosevic found dead in his cell
  4493. Agriculture Department investigating possible U.S. case of mad cow disease
  4494. 2006 Formula 1 season starts with GP of Bahrain
  4495. Bush nominates a new ambassador to Australia
  4496. United Kingdom hit by snow storms
  4497. Man takes baby and woman hostage in hospital
  4498. Czech woman wins the first Sudoku world championship
  4499. NASA spacecraft enters Mars orbit
  4500. Arrests for kite flying in Pakistan spring festival
  4501. Swedish olympic snowboarder dies during practice run
  4502. Manuel Zelaya sworn in as President of Honduras
  4503. U.S. found in violation of Native Americans rights
  4504. Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Australia for 15th visit
  4505. Chicago requires blind students to take driver's education
  4506. "Massive" oil spill in Alaska
  4507. 18 Motorcyclists killed during Bike Week
  4508. Google launches Google Mars
  4509. Thousands of Thai protesters prepare to march on Government House
  4510. U.S. Senate debates raising national debt ceiling
  4511. Chinese government approved Nanjing purchase of MG Rover
  4512. Mad Cow disease confirmed in U.S.
  4513. 800 British troops being pulled out of Iraq
  4514. 186,000 cases of chikungunya in Réunion
  4515. Wikipedia class action site vanishes, backers revealed
  4516. Geysers of water on one of Saturn's moons
  4517. Warmest Canadian winter on record
  4518. More arrests from Cronulla riots
  4519. Israelis storm Palestinian jail
  4520. Chinese Wikimania 2006 to be held in Hong Kong
  4521. Coldest month of March in Stockholm since 1942
  4522. Isaac Hayes quits South Park over Scientology episode
  4523. PFLP leader Ahmed Saadat captured by Israeli forces
  4524. Photoessay: The Idiotarod: When Good Shopping Carts Go Bad
  4525. New Zealand Commonwealth Games flag-bearer announced
  4526. Hawaiian dam bursts
  4527. Australian troops to provide front-line combat support in Iraq
  4528. China and Russia object to the Security Council statement on Iran
  4529. 2006 Commonwealth Games open in Melbourne
  4530. Car explodes in Paris, at least 1 person killed
  4531. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary called attention to Winny
  4532. Shin Corporation defamation suit fails
  4533. Afghan opium plantings expected to be up 40% from 2005
  4534. Tony Blair's education bill passes with support from opposition parties
  4535. Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal threatened by possible lawsuit
  4536. Australians may choose to change head of state beyond Queen Elizabeth II: Howard
  4537. United Nations General Assembly votes to establish UN Human Rights Council
  4538. Demonstrators protest Condoleezza Rice's trip to Australia
  4539. New Zealand boarding school closed due to gastro-enteritis outbreak
  4540. Civilians killed in U.S. raid near Balad
  4541. Remote New Zealand island evacuated as volcano erupts
  4542. First Gold for NZ: Commonwealth Games
  4543. New Zealand Department of Conservation leaves Raoul Island, minus one
  4544. Chinese bloggers pressure leads to kitten killer giveup
  4545. Prosecution to proceed with alternate witnesses in Moussaoui trial
  4546. No charges over election spending for New Zealand Labour party
  4547. Second Gold for NZ: Commonwealth Games
  4548. Australian DFAT director knew of trucking company involved in alleged Iraqi kickbacks
  4549. Putin promises to continue energy production increases
  4550. China enters the low-cost laptop competition
  4551. User:JorgeReyes/A Photo Journey through the Heart and Soul of Cuba
  4552. Thousands in San Francisco protest US wars
  4553. Train kills seven on TV show
  4554. Six Nations Cup
  4555. Macasana, India priest killed
  4556. Minority mars Paris CPE protest
  4557. Labor claims victory in two Australian state elections
  4558. More medals for NZ: Commonwealth Games
  4559. Second oil disaster in Estonia within two months
  4560. 100s of thousands take to the streets across France
  4561. PlayStation 3 delayed until November
  4562. Queensland braces for category 5 cyclone
  4563. Polling data on President Bush's approval rating indicates recent decline
  4564. Avian flu cause of Egyptian woman's death
  4565. Report Specifies 'Black Room' of Abuse in Iraq
  4566. Personal relationship between Bush and McCallum Questioned
  4567. Candace Parker double dunks, makes basketball history
  4568. Looted, possibly contaminated body parts transplanted into USA, Canadian patients
  4569. Federer wins Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells
  4570. Scotland wins Gold, Silver in 400m IM
  4571. Crowe, Holmes succeed in takeover of Rabbitohs
  4572. Lukashenko wins disputed Belarus elections
  4573. Cuba and Japan to play in WBC final
  4574. Keisha Castle-Hughes playing Virgin Mary
  4575. Landmine kills two in India
  4576. Citizens protest Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal
  4577. Utah father accused of using shock-collars to punish his children
  4578. User:Solve et Coagula/No Chernobyl in Iran!!!
  4579. Maria Menounos will present the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest
  4580. French National assembly to approve copyright bill
  4581. Alfonso Soriano refuses to play
  4582. User: is islamophobic
  4583. New Zealand Attorney-General resigns
  4584. UN inaugurates rapid-response fund for future disasters
  4585. Japan wins World Baseball Classic, 10-6
  4586. UN creates rapid-response fund for disasters
  4587. Queensland mops up after Cyclone Larry's billion dollar devastation
  4588. Ohio man kills teen who walked on his lawn
  4589. Protesters mark 3rd anniversary of Iraq invasion
  4590. Demonstrator in coma - serious allegations against the French police
  4591. Yellow Sheep River develops €123 Linux based computer
  4592. Small airplane crashes in Colombia
  4593. President Bush calls on Helen Thomas during press conference; question stirs debate
  4594. Time: 15 Iraqi civilians dead; U.S. Marines under investigation
  4595. Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal approved by Common Council
  4596. Canada bans "Where the Bloody Hell are you?" ad
  4597. Windows Vista delayed until January 2007
  4598. BC Queen of the North ferry sinks
  4599. Canada: B.C. Ferry Sinks All 121 Aboard Accounted For
  4600. EU bans 92 airlines, buries "flying coffins"
  4601. ETA declares permanent cease-fire
  4602. Duckworth wins contentious Democratic primary in IL-06
  4603. Two explosions in La Paz kill 2, injure 6
  4604. H.E. Suzanne Mubarak and H.R.H. Prince Charles open the British University in Egypt
  4605. Pandermalis announces 2007 Acropolis Museum opening
  4606. New book links Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield to BALCO
  4607. Police arrest hostage taker in Greek mental clinic
  4608. PAD petitions election commission for Thaksin's disqualification
  4609. Information from prisoner leads to freedom for 3 hostages
  4610. Representative accuses Bush of signing bill not passed by Congress
  4611. Correspondence of late Greek Orthodox leader of Americas to be published
  4612. 42 West Papuan asylum seekers get temporary Australian visas
  4613. Virologists discover why H5N1 doesn't spread easily between humans
  4614. Journal Nature study 'fatally flawed', says Britannica
  4615. Benedict XVI Elevates 15 to Cardinal
  4616. Explosion in French college
  4617. BNP lose council seat in Keighley
  4618. Lawsuit accuses Chicago priest of molesting 13-year-old boy
  4619. University suspends lecturer accused of racism
  4620. Bush declares immunity from Patriot Act oversight
  4621. Violence, arrests end Minsk, Belarus protests
  4622. U.S. court adds limit to police searches
  4623. Mishap destroys SpaceX Falcon 1 after maiden launch
  4624. Over five hundred hispanic students protest immigration laws in Los Angeles
  4625. FCC head Kevin Martin endorses telcos' tiered Internet plan
  4626. Cape Town charges Frontline Fellowship pastor with Halloween paintball assault
  4627. Council pres. removes Easter bunny from St. Paul, MN city hall
  4628. Police arrest roof-climbing graduate of high school in Hopkinton, Massachusetts
  4629. Hyshot tests hypersonic "scramjet" in Australia
  4630. Tens of thousands rally against Thailand's Prime Minister
  4631. Norman Kember returns home safely
  4632. Greece, Greeks celebrate Independence day
  4633. Buck Owens, country music icon, dies at 76
  4634. Riots greet French government's labor reform
  4635. Riot police arrest Belarusian opposition leader Kozulin
  4636. Canadian Idol comes to Ottawa
  4637. Canadian Press speculates on special forces role in Iraq
  4638. Pentagon: Russia provided information to Iraq
  4639. Protesters rally for a second time against Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal
  4640. Australia's new controversial workplace regulations come into effect this week
  4641. XVIII Commonwealth Games competition ends
  4642. European Union demands release of Belarusian opposition leader
  4643. Shiites claim coalition forces killed men in a mosque
  4644. Georgia mother loses child custody over humorous religion
  4645. Seattle shooting leaves seven dead
  4646. George Mason University upsets UConn, advances to Final Four
  4647. Crash kills Indy driver Paul Dana
  4648. Airbus A380 safety test injures 33
  4649. Prince closes XVIII Commonwealth Games
  4650. Sweden names Jan Eliasson new Foreign Minister
  4651. Creekstone Farms sues USDA for refusing to allow mad cow testing
  4652. Bomb blast near Mosul, Iraq kills at least 40
  4653. Greek court rules worship of ancient Greek deities is legal
  4654. Western Australia braces for another cyclone
  4655. UK PM addresses joint sitting of Australian Parliament
  4656. Australian artist Pro Hart dies
  4657. Long Beach, CA Redevelopment Agency ends talks for church
  4658. Australia grants temporary asylum to 12 Commonwealth Games athletes
  4659. UK petrol prices rise to five-month high
  4660. White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card resigns
  4661. 5.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Tokyo
  4662. Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal gets final approval by city Planning Board
  4663. Former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger dies at 88
  4664. Thousands rally in Columbus, Ohio, for undocumented immigrants' rights
  4665. Thai police forward anti-Thaksin PAD accusations to Corruption Commission
  4666. Exit polls suggest Kadima victory in Israeli elections
  4667. Beatles' Apple Corps sues Apple Computer
  4668. Thousands strike in UK over pensions
  4669. Rivers flood in central Europe
  4670. Turn up and don't vote, urge anti-Thaksin activists
  4671. UK public sector workers strike over pension rights
  4672. U.S.A. researchers report plagiarism in Putin's dissertation
  4673. Cyclone Glenda intensifies to category 5 storm
  4674. US Federal Reserve raises interest rates - energy prices could affect inflation
  4675. Blair challenges New Zealand to fight against global warming
  4676. Australian House of Representatives acknowledges Cyclone Larry efforts
  4677. Jian Seng ghost ship affair brings criticism of Australian government
  4678. Search for body fails on New Zealand's Raoul island
  4679. Darfur declares Swedish Foreign Minister unwelcome
  4680. UN Security Council calls on Iran to suspend uranium enrichment
  4681. New Zealand declares 2007 switch of energy efficiency strategy
  4682. Cyclone Glenda closes in on Western Australia
  4683. Nigeria arrests Charles Taylor for war crimes trial
  4684. Australian Federal Police raid home over unauthorised access to pay TV services
  4685. Son charged with eye-gouging attack on mother dies
  4686. EU warns Microsoft: forthcoming Vista risks antitrust breach
  4687. Australian MPs exchange fighting words over healthcare rebate
  4688. Captors release American journalist Jill Carroll
  4689. First Brazilian astronaut accompanies ISS replacements
  4690. Optus B1 outage leaves all New Zealand Sky TV digital subscribers without service
  4691. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) and officer tangle on the Hill
  4692. Luxembourg, India spar over Arcelor takeover bid
  4693. Tourist ferry sinks off Bahrain coast; at least 44 dead
  4694. U.S. actor Charlie Sheen questions 9/11 theories
  4695. Court rules rubber-stamping Thai election ballots not required
  4696. Judge sentences Ali to 30 years for Bush assassination plot
  4697. Canada Freezes Aid To Palestine
  4698. Rainy weather in Hawaii enters sixth week
  4699. Lethal earthquakes rock western Iran, 70 or more die
  4700. Faust seeks Murphy disqualification in PA Congressional primary
  4701. Condoleezza Rice visits the United Kingdom
  4702. Auto parts maker Delphi plans to cut 8,500 jobs; union contracts
  4703. Sewage spill fouls Waikiki Beach
  4704. Death toll of Bahrain tourist boat capsizing rises to 57
  4705. Iraq war vet claims atrocities by U.S. soldiers
  4706. NZ Sky TV customers to get refund for satellite failure
  4707. User:Brian New Zealand/Wikinews announces partnership with CNN
  4708. Auckland City Council acts to remove suspect chemicals in pre-school's soil
  4709. "The Simpsons Movie" hits theatres July 2007
  4710. Donald Trump plans £300m "golfing paradise" for rural Scotland
  4711. Sun releases T1 source code
  4712. Stanisław Lem dies at 84
  4713. President Bush to limit congressional oversight in PATRIOT amendment act
  4714. IAEA chief, Russia, China express concerns about threats against Iran
  4715. Flooding in Honolulu wreaks havoc
  4716. Thais head to the polls for snap election
  4717. Mayor of Dzerzhinskiy city near Moscow shot dead
  4718. Rice and Straw arrive unannounced in Baghdad
  4719. Blasts rock Thai polling stations
  4720. US helicopter crashes in Iraq; 2 unaccounted for
  4721. British military denies secret meeting regarding action against Iran
  4722. UK government links London 2005 attacks to the occupation of Iraq
  4723. Herb Sendek leaves NC State
  4724. Greek President attends inauguration of Greek Orthodox Church in Egypt
  4725. Photo Essay: Cherry Blossoms Bloom in DC
  4726. TV stations are watching the flood in Dresden
  4727. British report says the U.K. is preparing 'mass graves' for humans if Bird Flu mutates
  4728. Business Brief for April 3, 2006
  4729. Murder, rape of Albert Namatjira's great-granddaughter makes belated news
  4730. Queen approves New Zealand Governor-General's appointment
  4731. Australia and China enter into Uranium deal
  4732. C-5 Galaxy military cargo plane crashes at Dover Air Force Base
  4733. Iran tests torpedo, plans more tests
  4734. 18 dead after multiple twisters strike US Midwest
  4735. Alcatel and Lucent will merge
  4736. 5 dead in Pakistan bomb attack
  4737. Third of Thais vote 'none of the above'
  4738. Judge throws out petition case against Patrick Murphy in PA Congressional race
  4739. Tom DeLay will not seek re-election; to resign from Congress
  4740. Iran tests its second missile
  4741. Collyer brothers to bid for Everton F.C.?
  4742. Thailand's Prime Minister announces resignation
  4743. User:Brianmc/Editorial:Goodbye Mr Thaksin
  4744. Berlusconi in trouble over use of bad word
  4745. Flooding Danube threatens thousands
  4746. Waikiki beaches reopen after sewage spill
  4747. U.S. jury decision moves Moussaoui closer to execution
  4748. University of Florida wins NCAA basketball championship
  4749. Six Papuans reported camping on Australian island
  4750. Apple releases program to limit iPod volume
  4751. Australian PM announces $1.8 billion mental health plan
  4752. Cats could play significant role in transmitting bird flu to humans, say Dutch researchers
  4753. Homeland Security spokesman arrested for trying to seduce a minor
  4754. Apple unveils "Boot Camp" allowing Windows to work on Macs
  4755. Thaksin departure doesn't signal end to Thai political crisis
  4756. Guinea's PM fired by President
  4757. Interview with Glen Stollery of
  4758. Wikinews interviews Frugalware Linux founder
  4759. Swan in Fife, Scotland dies with H5N1 bird flu virus infection
  4760. Duke lacrosse season ends, coach resigns
  4761. German soccer player gets preliminary injunction against far-right party
  4762. Mckinney apologizes for confrontation with security guard
  4763. Jimmy Rollins' hitting baseball streak ends at 38
  4764. Massachusetts lawmakers enact plan for universal health coverage
  4765. Indian police break up hunger strike over dam project
  4766. Libby says Bush authorized NIE leaks
  4767. Ship sinks off Djibouti, killing at least 109
  4768. Dozens die in Iraq bombing, al-Sadr blames occupation forces
  4769. Blair, Ahern unveil plan for Northern Ireland devolution
  4770. User:Brianmc/Thai election crisis
  4771. Semapedia introduced to Africa: Powered by "Made in Ghana" technology
  4772. Men pose as police on Australian freeway, commit assault and robbery
  4773. Electronic Frontier Foundation files motion to stop AT&T from forwarding Internet traffic to NSA
  4774. Australian provisional driver caught doing more than twice the speed limit
  4775. Honolulu man dies after fall into sewage-contaminated harbor
  4776. British FBI-style agency launched
  4777. News briefs:April 9, 2006
  4778. Tennessee hit with second wave of tornadoes; 12 dead
  4779. Row ensues as CalMac starts Sunday ferry crossing service to Lewis and Harris
  4780. Former Colombian intelligence official claims Colombia had a plan to kill Chavez
  4781. State Bank of India employee strike settled
  4782. First results from Italian election
  4783. Detroit woman dies after child's 911 calls are neglected
  4784. Farmhouse raided as investigation into Ontario massacre continues
  4785. News briefs:April 10, 2006
  4786. Defense systems of Air Force One exposed on the Internet
  4787. France to replace controversial youth worker law
  4788. Seven south Thailand constituencies face one horse race
  4789. NASA plans to send probe into Moon's surface
  4790. Voyager 1 signal received by radio amateurs
  4791. Phil Mickelson wins Masters
  4792. User:Chopbrown/Iran and Nuclear Proliferation: Narrow Interests or Common Good?
  4793. Coroner's inquest rules two British men were intentionally shot by Israeli soldiers
  4794. NY Post columnist suspended over extortion allegation
  4795. Protest outside Cole inquiry
  4796. Buckingham Palace releases trivia about Queen Elizabeth II
  4797. Prodi claims victory in Italian election; Berlusconi refuses to concede
  4798. Israeli PM Ariel Sharon declared 'permanently incapacitated'
  4799. Five charged in Ontario killings
  4800. Straw and Bush respond to Iran situation
  4801. Australia's deputy PM faces Iraqi kickback inquiry
  4802. State Farm Insurance allegedly destroying papers
  4803. Rapper Proof (D12) shot and killed outside Detroit nightclub
  4804. Former Iranian president Rafsanjani states Iran is enriching uranium
  4805. Australian foreign minister tells inquiry it was the UN's job to investigate Iraq kickback claims
  4806. Australian PM to face Cole inquiry
  4807. Bomb threat that diverted Ryanair jetliner reportedly a hoax
  4808. Islamic web forum releases videotape of Ayman al-Zawahiri
  4809. Grover Norquist attempts to trademark 'K Street Project'
  4810. Amber Alert canceled in Toronto
  4811. Canada tests cow for mad cow disease
  4812. Australian PM faces inquiry into Iraqi kickbacks
  4813. Explosion rocks Jama Masjid in India
  4814. Forecast cloudy for COSMIC launch
  4815. Egyptian official states Al-Qaeda explosives expert killed in airstrike
  4816. Bear in Tennessee kills six-year-old girl
  4817. Salon: Rumsfeld allowed Guantanamo abuse
  4818. New Apple software lets Microsoft Windows boot on Macs
  4819. U.S. claims of Iraqi bioweapons labs contradicted in classified Pentagon report filed on 27 May 2003
  4820. Flight 93 cockpit recorder played in Moussaoui trial
  4821. Police confirm lagoon bodies are boys missing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  4822. Iran President warns Israeli government is heading towards annihilation
  4823. Mumps outbreak strikes Iowa, midwest United States
  4824. 10-year-old Oklahoma girl found murdered
  4825. Australian cheerleaders told to cover up
  4826. Australia could help discourage nuclear weapon proliferation: Opposition
  4827. Britain could face electricity blackouts
  4828. Police in Aruba make an arrest in Natalee Holloway case
  4829. Antalya to host children from 40 countries
  4830. 10,000 refuse to pay U.S. taxes to protest Iraq war
  4831. Ecumenical Hellenism program's representatives visited U.S.A.
  4832. Suspect in Oklahoma girl's murder blogged about depression, "dangerously weird" fantasies
  4833. Greenpeace founder supports nuclear energy
  4834. Canada confirms fifth case of Mad Cow Disease
  4835. Explosion in Tel Aviv injures at least 40, kills at least 8
  4836. Rail accident in northern Greece
  4837. Sondhi may face arrest over lèse majesté allegations
  4838. British National Party to tempt voters in May local elections
  4839. Still no action in standoff in Ontario town
  4840. US allegedly committed acts of violence in Iran using ex-members of MEK during past year
  4841. Dead body found in suitcase floating in Auckland harbour
  4842. Man attacks, kills mental patient
  4843. Missing nun found dead
  4844. Greenpeace report says Chernobyl death toll has been underestimated
  4845. Illinois Ex-Gov. Ryan found guilty of corruption charges
  4846. Four Korean women accuse JMS leader Jeong Myeong-seok of rape
  4847. Sudan reports first bird flu case
  4848. President Bush receives anti-free speech award
  4849. Accused have denied guilt in suitcase murder case
  4850. Vodafone launches new video news service for mobile phones, New Zealand
  4851. New Zealand, Australia fly in extra personnel to help quell Solomon Island riots
  4852. George Galloway exposes News of the World 'fake sheikh'
  4853. India sends special envoy to Nepal
  4854. White House press secretary McClellan resigns; advisor Rove reassigned
  4855. UK Political Parties discuss green issues in run up to local elections
  4856. Native protesters repel police raid in Caledonia, Ontario
  4857. Mayan mob lynch couple in Guatemala
  4858. Nepal's King Gyanendra cracks down on protests; 3 dead
  4859. Oil prices surge over $75 a barrel to a record high
  4860. Kucinich asks Bush about alleged US support for armed insurgency in Iran
  4861. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II turns 80
  4862. 7.7 magnitude earthquake strikes Kamchatka peninsula
  4863. Employees of Mumbai's bus service BEST announce indefinite strike
  4864. King of Nepal to restore democracy
  4865. Nigeria announces clearing of Paris Club debt
  4866. Condoleezza Rice will visit Greece and Turkey
  4867. Pakistan says senior al-Qaeda official killed in shootout
  4868. PBS show asserts greenhouse gases, atmospheric pollutants dimming future
  4869. Woman arrested for heckling Chinese President Hu at White House
  4870. BJP leader Pramod Mahajan shot at in Mumbai
  4871. Jawad al-Maliki named Iraqi prime minister
  4872. US Congress drafting bill that may affect Internet freedoms
  4873. South Thailand election reruns hit by violence
  4874. Nagin, Landrieu advance to runoff in New Orleans mayoral election
  4875. Michael Schumacher breaks Formula One record for most poles
  4876. Aljazeera airs new audiotape by Osama bin Laden
  4877. Swazi King says political parties are no longer banned
  4878. Linux distributors agree on standard for desktop software
  4879. By-elections fail to provide way out of Thai political crisis
  4880. Tennis player Rafael Nadal crowned "King of Clay"
  4881. Indian Supreme Court verdict:AMU to remain a minority institution
  4882. 112 year old joke fools political activists and the Associated Press
  4883. Oil prices drive new investment in clean technology
  4884. Explosions rock Egyptian resort town of Dahab
  4885. Microsoft and EU face off in Luxembourg court
  4886. World leaders condemn deadly explosions in Egypt
  4887. ANZAC Day marked throughout NZ, AU
  4888. Russian commander: Tu-160s penetrate US airspace undetected
  4889. Emergency declared in Peru as Mt. Ubinas threatens to erupt
  4890. Lawsuit sends Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal to New York Supreme Court
  4891. Cyclone Monica misses Darwin
  4892. Clashes in Athens during Condoleezza Rice's visit to Greece
  4893. Cyclone Monica degraded
  4894. Alabama postal workers and customers become ill, suspicious substance found
  4895. Study claims recreational ecstasy use and depression unrelated
  4896. Sri Lankan Army Chief critically injured in LTTE suicide bombing
  4897. Security alert shuts down West London
  4898. Two suicide bombers attack peacekeeping base in Egypt
  4899. Tony Snow named new White House press secretary
  4900. Others named in lawsuit against Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal
  4901. Germans and Arabs establish a search engine that competes with Google
  4902. US Federal Reserve ceases to publish M3 index
  4903. Maoists in Nepal declare three month ceasefire
  4904. Australia to introduce universal health and welfare smartcard
  4905. Israeli report: Iran acquired missiles capable of striking Europe
  4906. "Voxtel" company will be transformed into "Orange"
  4907. Members of Granny Peace Brigade acquitted
  4908. Family devastated by body mix-up
  4909. Nintendo Revolution name revealed
  4910. Full-mast flag generates controversy at Parliament Hill
  4911. Iran nuclear impasse continues
  4912. Pakistani militants behead suspected US informant
  4913. Criticism over Qingzang Railway as opening nears
  4914. News briefs:April 28, 2006
  4915. Opposition leader Alaksandar Milinkievič jailed in Belarus
  4916. City of Buffalo, N.Y. fighting lawsuit against hotel proposal
  4917. Peace activist claims Iran keen to compromise on nuclear issue, Cheney, Rumsfeld allegedly block negotiations
  4918. U.S. Web host target of denial-of-service attack
  4919. U.S. members of congress arrested over Sudan protest
  4920. News briefs:April 29, 2006
  4921. IAEA Iran report leaked
  4922. Ayman al-Zawahiri appears in new videotape
  4923. British Home Secretary faces pressure to resign over foreign offender release crisis
  4924. Maoists in India kill 13 and free 25 hostages
  4925. Taliban abducts Indian engineer
  4926. Spanish-language version of U.S. anthem stirs controversy
  4927. Shuttle will launch in July: NASA
  4928. Zarqawi shows face in new video
  4929. Sniper's tower attacked in Ramadi
  4930. Mexico on the verge of decriminalizing possession of small amounts of drugs
  4931. Mujahideen Shura Council claims responsibility for various attacks in Iraq
  4932. Comedians lampoon Bush at White House Correspondents' Dinner
  4933. Hawaii legislature reaches agreement to suspend gasoline price cap
  4934. Kidnapped Indian engineer killed by Taliban
  4935. Australian civil rights activists protest terror suspects' internment
  4936. Trapped Australian miners found alive
  4937. Ten people injured as elderly driver hits crowd at Australian show
  4938. Economist John Kenneth Galbraith dies
  4939. London hosts anti-racism concert ahead of local elections
  4940. London Planetarium closes to make way for celebrity-themed show
  4941. Militants kill 22 villagers in Kashmir
  4942. Some Australian government welfare recipients will be forced to pay their bills
  4943. First pictures from the Israeli photo/spy satellite Eros B
  4944. Bolivian troops told to seize natural gas fields
  4945. May Day march takes place in London
  4946. Drug, alcohol, tobacco abuse rising among California teens
  4947. Legislators in US states call for the impeachment of President Bush
  4948. Blue Security anti-spam community target of large-scale spam attack
  4949. U.S. government to improve recruitment for civil service jobs
  4950. Blogspot ban lifted in Pakistan
  4951. Inter-Balkan Summit to take place in Thessalonika, Greece
  4952. Flight from Armenian capital Yerevan crashes near Sochi
  4953. Transit chaos in Bogota, Colombia
  4954. Wikinews interviews Ethan Zuckerman
  4955. New Zealand Government to unbundle local loop
  4956. Armenian president offers condolences over Black Sea air crash
  4957. BJP leader Pramod Mahajan dies in Mumbai
  4958. Communal tension erupts in Vadodara, India
  4959. 8.0 magnitude earthquake occurs near Tonga
  4960. News briefs:May 3, 2006
  4961. Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods, dies at age 74
  4962. Filmmaker releases trailer for open source feature film
  4963. Soft drink companies to stop high school soda sales
  4964. Zacarias Moussaoui to serve life in prison
  4965. Rescue attempts continue for Tasmanian miners
  4966. Voting day for local elections in England
  4967. Picasso's painting sold for $95.2 million
  4968. Former Victorian Premier considers political comeback
  4969. Prime Ministers of Greece and Turkey meet in Thessalonika
  4970. States challenge to Australian Work Choices Act begins
  4971. Lava flows from Mount Merapi
  4972. Celebrations for the time 01:02:03, 04/05/06
  4973. News briefs:May 4, 2006
  4974. The Sultan's Elephant arrives in London
  4975. Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy involved in car accident near U.S. Capitol
  4976. Conservatives make gains in English local elections
  4977. Kennett rules out political comeback
  4978. Australian government announces $52.5 million financial assistance package for Ford
  4979. Charles Clarke loses Home Secretary position in Cabinet reshuffle, UK
  4980. Riots in Mexico
  4981. Indian music composer Naushad Ali dies
  4982. Darfur rebel leader signs peace plan
  4983. Cindy Sheehan urges Canada to welcome U.S. deserters
  4984. News briefs:May 5, 2006
  4985. U.S.; China has provided military aid and training to Venezuela
  4986. Porter Goss resigns as director of the CIA
  4987. Michelle Wie makes cut in Korean men's golf tournament
  4988. 4 year old Indian boy runs 40 miles in 7 hours
  4989. Warehouse burns in Helsinki, Finland
  4990. Polls open for the 2006 Parliamentary Elections, Singapore
  4991. Cruise liner off England coast catches fire
  4992. Car hits five-year-old Australian girl
  4993. Getafe CF coach Schuster criticises preliminary Spanish World Cup pick
  4994. 10 American soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Afghanistan
  4995. Anarchists, police clash in central Athens during anti-war rally
  4996. Tornadoes cause millions in damages in Waco, Texas
  4997. Human Rights Watch implicates 600+ in war prisoner abuse
  4998. Iraqis celebrate deaths of British troops
  4999. PAP returned to power in 2006 Parliamentary Elections, Singapore
  5000. Australian veteran Nine Network reporter dies
  5001. Sudan will welcome UN Peacekeepers in Darfur
  5002. Iran says it may withdraw from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  5003. The Sultan's Elephant entertains London
  5004. 1 dead, 13 injured in Dublin bus pursuit
  5005. Michael Schumacher wins the European Grand Prix
  5006. March against new French copyright law
  5007. UK Government report into UFOs released
  5008. Rescue of Tasmanian miners delayed
  5009. Anti-censorship developers targeting China's "Great Firewall"
  5010. Soft drink foes cheer victory, lament remaining junk foods in schools
  5011. Sex-for-aid spreads in war-torn Liberia
  5012. U.S. President George W. Bush nominates Gen. Michael Hayden as director of CIA
  5013. Thailand election was invalid, rules court
  5014. Union criticizes East London Line 'privatisation'
  5015. Theo Walcott is the big surprise in Eriksson's preliminary World Cup squad
  5016. News briefs:May 8, 2006
  5017. Apple Corps loses court case against Apple Computer
  5018. Ahmadinejad sends letter to George W. Bush
  5019. Tasmanian miners rescued
  5020. Varanasi bombings suspect shot in Kashmir
  5021. Bush announces food aid to Darfur, AU faces fund crisis
  5022. Australian Budget for 2006-2007 released
  5023. Third Australian miner laid to rest
  5024. British Foreign Secretary: no plans for Iran
  5025. Australian "3 CDMA" customers have 90 days to move to 3G
  5026. News briefs:May 9, 2006
  5027. High school seniors take last-chance exit test while judge prepares to strike it down
  5028. Buncefield oil depot tank 'was overflowing'
  5029. China enters UN human rights council
  5030. Concrete supplier indicted in Boston 'Big Dig' scandal
  5031. Last American survivor of the Titanic disaster dies
  5032. Possibility of new graphic health warnings on NZ cigarette packs
  5033. Southern Australian munitions factory explodes
  5034. Britney Spears announces she is pregnant again
  5035. Australia will help in East Timor if requested: Downer
  5036. Explosives stolen from California mine
  5037. UK hacker faces extradition to US
  5038. Judge delays exit exam decision until Friday
  5039. UK Attorney General says Guantanamo should close
  5040. ICANN rejects .xxx top-level domain name proposal
  5041. Fight Continues, 100 dead in Somalia
  5042. Legislative Assembly election results declared in 5 Indian States
  5043. Marxists retain West Bengal, regain Kerala
  5044. Australian Parliament hears reply to Budget
  5045. AEK Athens fans damage ferry-boat in Greece
  5046. Explosives stolen from a California mine, partially returned
  5047. Palestinians get interim aid
  5048. Giorgio Napolitano elected Italian president
  5049. USA Today reports NSA obtained call logs from communications companies
  5050. Australian emergency telephone service lost in Southern NSW, ACT
  5051. Israeli gasoline supplier to Palestinians cuts supply
  5052. Calls for corporate tax reform in Australia goes unheeded
  5053. Oil pipeline explodes in Nigeria; 200 feared dead
  5054. Jihadis still work online
  5055. Exiled Chagos islanders win right to return home
  5056. News briefs:May 12, 2006
  5057. Judge suspends California High School Exit Exam requirement
  5058. Full text of Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush made available online
  5059. Native Hawaiian sovereignty bill to be debated in U.S. Senate in June
  5060. Merapi roars, compulsory evacuation ordered
  5061. News briefs:May 13, 2006
  5062. Liverpool win an exciting FA Cup final
  5063. More SKY TV problems, NZ
  5064. ISO adopts Open Document Format
  5065. Mohamed ElBaradei: Highly enriched uranium found in Iran is "of little significance"
  5066. Fitzgerald to announce new evidence against Libby
  5067. Bulls clinch position in Super 14 rugby semi-finals
  5068. US continues to deny Red Cross access to all detainees
  5069. Word 2007 will include blogging tools
  5070. Australian govt announces proposals for copyright update, allows private recording and transfer between media
  5071. Prison riot breaks out in Haiti
  5072. Alonso wins Spanish GP: fans are rejoicing
  5073. News briefs:May 14, 2006
  5074. Greek soccer champions celebrate title win with Maradona
  5075. Wave of attacks strike policemen in Brazil
  5076. Australian senator to oppose petrol deregulation
  5077. Satellite phone subsidy to be extended in Australia
  5078. Australian Mitchell Dean wins Honolulu Triathlon
  5079. Saddam Hussein's trial resumes, ex-Iraqi President formally charged
  5080. Michigan woman kidnapped in 1976 found alive in Arizona
  5081. Mass evictions from Oakland's public housing
  5082. News briefs:May 15, 2006
  5083. Honolulu police shoot gunman in standoff
  5084. U.S. restores full diplomatic relations with Libya
  5085. Australian man caught driving with no licence twice in one day
  5086. Trawler sinks in Foveaux Strait, three generations killed
  5087. India postpones test-firing of Agni-III ballistic missile
  5088. New Zealand Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet employee named as Telecom mole
  5089. UN releases 2006 list of "10 stories the world should hear more about"
  5090. Flooding ravages Northeastern United States
  5091. Australia won't take back spent uranium
  5092. Man mistakenly interviewed live on BBC News 24
  5093. BellSouth denies phone records were handed over to the NSA
  5094. Ex-Indian diplomat's passport revoked
  5095. Bi-directional Censorship from the Great Firewall of China
  5096. Ayaan Hirsi Ali leaves Dutch Parliament
  5097. Settlement returns billions to California schools funding
  5098. 7.4 magnitude hits Pacific near New Zealand
  5099. Spanish Socialist Workers' Party proposes human rights bill for great apes
  5100. Wuerl appointed Washington, D.C.'s new bishop
  5101. News briefs:May 16, 2006
  5102. Department of Defense releases 9/11 video of plane hitting Pentagon
  5103. Culture of violence reported in central Australian Aboriginal communties
  5104. Apple releases Macbook
  5105. Hawaii to spend $4.9M on coqui frog eradication
  5106. Pacific tests tsunami warning systems
  5107. Rescued Australian miners sign multi-million dollar media deal
  5108. Half of Australian defence force's munitions of no use
  5109. Mundine beats Green in super-middleweight WBA eliminator
  5110. News briefs:May 17, 2006
  5111. Verizon says customer phone records were not handed over to the NSA
  5112. College ice hockey could follow NHL and add second referee
  5113. US stocks plummet
  5114. NZ Finance Minister introduces 2006 budget
  5115. FBI searching Michigan farm for clues in disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
  5116. Australian opposition expected to release workplace plan
  5117. Canada extends Afghanistan military role for two more years
  5118. Dee Caffari on last stretch of round-the-world sailing challenge
  5119. Indian markets plummet: Sensex loses 826 points, Nifty down 246
  5120. Australian rugby league club to have extra police at all NSW games
  5121. New Italian government proposes withdrawal of troops from Iraq
  5122. Cholera outbreak hits Angola
  5123. Nepal Parliament passes resolution to curb King's power
  5124. Record typhoon Chanchu batters south China
  5125. News briefs:May 18, 2006
  5126. Nelson, NZ, man trying to sell leg online
  5127. UPS plans $1 billion expansion, 5,000 new jobs at KY air hub
  5128. Two Australian car ferry operators caught drunk on the job
  5129. State schools chief to appeal California High School Exit Exam ban to state high court
  5130. Hawaii governor Lingle lobbies GOP for Akaka Bill passage
  5131. OpenSync Interview - syncing on the free desktop
  5132. Wellington Hurricanes in Super 14 rugby final
  5133. UN: Guantanamo Bay should be closed
  5134. Elephants Dream: Free content 3D film released to the Internet
  5135. News briefs:May 19, 2006
  5136. US General in Iraq Claims Employment can Undermine Insurgency
  5137. Indonesia hit by 6.1 magnitude earthquake
  5138. RAGGS debuts on Australia's Seven Network
  5139. Apes and birds are able to plan ahead: psychologists
  5140. Space shuttle Discovery safely arrives at launch pad
  5141. Rep. Hunter calls for hearings about alleged "cold-blooded killings" of civilians by U.S. Marines
  5142. Crusaders to meet Hurricanes in Super 14 final
  5143. Riot at Guantanamo Bay detention camp
  5144. Australian PM pushes for "full-blooded" nuclear energy debate
  5145. 'Da Vinci Code' opens in theaters, sparks controversy
  5146. Two Christchurch, New Zealand, hospitals have a virus outbreak
  5147. China completes "mammoth" Three Gorges Dam hydro-electricity project
  5148. Sydney off-ramp to charge $1.20 for 200m drive
  5149. Australian Democrats in "continuous downward spiral": Founder
  5150. US Navy sailors jailed in Australia on drug smuggling charges
  5151. Iraq swears in first full-term government
  5152. 5 killed in Kentucky coal mine explosion
  5153. Explosion blasts Palestinian intelligence service HQ
  5154. Munster win 2006 Heineken Cup
  5155. News briefs:May 20, 2006
  5156. User:Shaji.k/V.S.Achuthanandan - The Virtue of Persistence
  5157. Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro injured in Preakness, does not finish race
  5158. Controversy over translation of Norwegian national anthem
  5159. Missing girl from British Columbia found safe
  5160. Pair extradited and charged over Granville, Sydney shootings
  5161. Snowy Hydro Scheme to go public
  5162. Ray Nagin re-elected New Orleans mayor
  5163. Finnish metal band win 51st Eurovision Song Contest
  5164. Violence escalates in Afghanistan
  5165. 300 Vietnamese fishermen rescued after record China typhoon
  5166. 'Naked Guy' Andrew Martinez dies
  5167. Militants target rally in Srinagar
  5168. Iran stands defiant on Uranium enrichment
  5169. Professionals and students continue strike in New Delhi
  5170. Trojan Nuclear Power Plant cooling tower demolished
  5171. Interview with Ton Roosendaal about Elephants Dream and free content movies
  5172. News briefs:May 21, 2006
  5173. Possible Anthrax scare in Norway
  5174. Five dead in Louisiana church shooting
  5175. Sweden wins World Ice Hockey Championships
  5176. Downer welcomes Australian nuclear energy debate
  5177. Mark Rocket first New Zealander to book Virgin space flight
  5178. NSW govt to rebuild high school with private funding
  5179. PM John Howard's nuclear push causes alarm
  5180. One of Saddam Hussein's defense lawyers thrown out of court
  5181. Chief of World Health Organization dies
  5182. Researchers say Ozone Hole "likely to contract, may disappear"
  5183. Steel major Arcelor ready to reconsider Mittal's offer
  5184. News briefs:May 22, 2006
  5185. Seven year old boy swims from Alcatraz to San Francisco
  5186. Britain expects troops out of Iraq within next 4 years
  5187. Montenegro secedes from Serbia
  5188. Ian Paisley rejects Sinn Fein nomination
  5189. Australian treasurer enters nuclear debate
  5190. Malaysian Home Ministry ban approved documentary
  5191. Drug crackdown in Northern NSW nets two suppliers
  5192. Mother charged with manslaughter
  5193. Global warming underestimated, say scientists
  5194. Hurricane forecasters: Up to 10 hurricanes in Atlantic
  5195. Australian PM to be snubbed by up to six Irish MPs
  5196. Howard government confirms "secret nuclear power committee"
  5197. Israeli forces capture Hamas commander
  5198. Turkish and Greek fighter planes collide in mid air
  5199. Australia saves three billion plastic bags from circulation
  5200. Former U.S. senator Lloyd Bentsen dies at 85
  5201. Human to human transmission of the H5N1 Avian Flu may have infected seven Indonesian family members
  5202. Audiotape of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden surfaces on Internet
  5203. Police retrieve body of American tourist on hunting holiday in New Zealand
  5204. East Timor descends into further violence: Downer
  5205. The Australia Institute identifies ideal sites for nuclear power stations
  5206. Sir Edmund Hillary angry with mountaineers who left British climber to die
  5207. British sailor resumes around-the-world voyage after stop in Hawaii
  5208. Major fire breaks out at Istanbul airport
  5209. News briefs:May 24, 2006
  5210. Fishermen make "very rare" find in Siberia
  5211. California Supreme Court revives High School Exit Exam
  5212. British plane catches fire in Afghanistan
  5213. Multinational force sent to East Timor
  5214. Australian Government under pressure to reveal nuclear sites
  5215. Howard's revival of nuclear debate "surprising": Political expert
  5216. Zogby poll finds 45% want new 9/11 investigation
  5217. Family narrowly escapes fiery death in Christchurch, New Zealand
  5218. Pakistani immigrant convicted of N.Y. subway plot
  5219. Malaysian culture minister pans documentary
  5220. Fighting in Dili continues ahead of multinational deployment
  5221. Indo-Pakistan talks on Siachen end in deadlock
  5222. U.S. appeals court upholds Honolulu aerial ad ban
  5223. Trains grind to a halt in Northeast US
  5224. Enron executives Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling found guilty
  5225. News briefs:May 25, 2006
  5226. Taylor Hicks crowned American Idol winner
  5227. Appeals Court asked for quick decision in California High School Exit Exam case
  5228. Amnesty Report 2006: disadvantaged pay price of war on terror
  5229. BitTorrent index sues MPAA
  5230. Australian troops land in East Timor
  5231. Melbourne - Adelaide train services disrupted into next week following fatal crash
  5232. Hundred million dollar New Zealand drug bust
  5233. U.S. Senate passes immigration reform bill
  5234. Science minister visits Australia's newest nuclear reactor, receives nuclear power report
  5235. Indian Communists protest US involvement in country's internal affairs
  5236. Shots fired on Capitol Hill
  5237. US marines may face death penalty for "massacre" of civilians in Iraq
  5238. Sculptor to teach animation maquettes at VAB Creative Studio
  5239. Symantec AntiVirus vulnerability found
  5240. News briefs:May 26, 2006
  5241. New toll proposal on U.S. Interstate 95 nearing passage
  5242. Nepal declared a secular state; sparks Hindu protest
  5243. Ahern, Blair to lead Northern Ireland talks
  5244. No diplomas for now; California Exit Exam appeal must wait
  5245. Peacekeepers take control in East Timor
  5246. Gang violence continues in East Timor
  5247. Tamiflu maker on alert after bird flu deaths in Indonesia
  5248. Crusaders win Super 14 final in eerie mist
  5249. Cricket: West Indies win ODI series, beat India 3-1
  5250. Makers of Tamiflu asked to stockpile the bird flu drug
  5251. News briefs:May 27, 2006
  5252. Pope Benedict XVI visits Poland
  5253. Sale Sharks defeat Leicester Tigers to win Guinness Premiership
  5254. Earthquake kills thousands in Indonesia
  5255. Keep your eyes peeled for cosmic debris: Andrew Westphal about Stardust@home
  5256. Student faces expulsion over blog post
  5257. Israeli Air Force attacks militant bases in Lebanon
  5258. Queensland Liberal and National parties move towards becoming a single party
  5259. Activists in Tunisia thrashed by police
  5260. Two boys dead after their father throws them off hotel balcony
  5261. Interview with LibriVox founder Hugh McGuire
  5262. Fernando Alonso wins Monaco Grand Prix
  5263. More earthquakes shake the South Pacific
  5264. Authorities detonate bomb left on doorstep in Florida
  5265. News briefs:May 28, 2006
  5266. Libertarians flock to New Hampshire for annual festival
  5267. Opposition should push for Australian federal electoral reform: Whitlam
  5268. Violence in East Timor causes United Nations evacuation
  5269. NSW school maintenance a "disgrace": Opposition
  5270. Tauranga man charged with the robbery of a bank
  5271. Malaysia bans film "The Last Communist"
  5272. Australian woman dies in backburning operation near Bathurst
  5273. Boeing delivers final 717 to AirTran, ending Douglas era
  5274. Indian Supreme Court issues notice to government over quota issue
  5275. Fan resurrects sitcom
  5276. Iraq roadside bomb kills four, including two journalists
  5277. Former chaplain at Guantanamo tells about abuse and underage prisoners
  5278. Australian PM doesn't support Queensland party amalgamation
  5279. New Zealand to get new postal codes
  5280. U.S. Military truck crash kills civilians; Kabul riots
  5281. Dutch pedophiles set to go political
  5282. Operation Marham:India rushes aid to Indonesia
  5283. East Timor: President Gusmão takes emergency powers to quell unrest
  5284. News briefs:May 30, 2006
  5285. Bomb blasts near Greek Minister's house
  5286. Iraq to investigate alleged massacre in Haditha
  5287. Man shot in Rotorua, New Zealand
  5288. Third GayFest begins in Bucharest
  5289. French 'iPod bill' seeks digital music player interoperability
  5290. Yangtze river in China polluted
  5291. States Challenge IR laws in High Court
  5292. Racist scuffle on Anti-OBE Teachers' forum
  5293. The Pirate Bay and Piratbyrån raided
  5294. Thousands protest tuition in Gießen, Germany
  5295. Tourist bus attacked by militants in Kashmir
  5296. Rutte elected leader of the VVD
  5297. OIE: China, Indonesia and Africa "under-reporting" human and animal Bird Flu cases
  5298. News briefs:May 31, 2006
  5299. Scientists discover prehistoric cave with unknown lifeforms
  5300. Taiwan MP shoves proposal in mouth
  5301. In the land of the open source elves: Interview with "Battle for Wesnoth" creator David White
  5302. Toronto transit workers strike illegally
  5303. John W. Snow resigns as United States secretary of the treasury
  5304. Chemical Explosion in Billingham
  5305. Satellite images show destruction of Zimbabwe community
  5306. Reported Bigfoot sighting in Clarence, New York a hoax
  5307. U.S. offers direct talks on nuclear issue; Iran dismisses as 'propaganda'
  5308. Australian House of Representatives has "no rules": Gillard
  5309. Ubuntu releases 6.06 LTS version of popular Linux distribution
  5310. Military helicopter crashes into TV tower in Georgia, U.S. killing four
  5311. Firefighters battle fire at Los Angeles International Airport
  5312. Three terrorists gunned down by police in India
  5313. News briefs:June 1, 2006
  5314. Fatal coal mine accident in western Turkey
  5315. Judge orders U.S. Department of Justice officials to testify
  5316. Two Iraqi women, one pregnant, killed by US soldiers
  5317. US accused of sinking The Pirate Bay
  5318. Federal and NSW governments withdraw Snowy Hydro shares
  5319. Katharine Close, 13, wins Scripps National Spelling Bee
  5320. New Zealand's Taupo Airport worst in the world
  5321. Consensus reached on incentive package for Iran
  5322. World conference of expatriate Greeks to take place in Athens
  5323. "Metric tonne" of date rape drug was bound for US
  5324. 90 days of hard labor for Abu Ghraib dog handler
  5325. News briefs:June 2, 2006
  5326. Hackers hit Swedish police website
  5327. Late Indian politician's son in critical condition after suspected drug overdose
  5328. British police shoot man in anti-terrorism raid
  5329. Federal Air Marshal's cover blown
  5330. Preliminary hearing against Buffalo, N.Y. hotel proposal delayed
  5331. Oil workers kidnapped off of Nigerian oil rig
  5332. Senior Liberal wants centralised control over water resources
  5333. National Rugby Competition to kick off in Australia
  5334. 17 arrested in Canadian counter-terrorism operation
  5335. Australia in the midst of a "baby boom"
  5336. New Zealand Greens party has new co-leader
  5337. The Pirate Bay back online
  5338. Shock in Greece as teenagers confess to murdering 11-year old missing boy